Angelic Ascent and Demonic Descent - Keys to becoming a living God

Importance Of Working With Both Demonic And Angelic Forces.

If your goal is becoming a living God, reaching the greatest potential you can.
Then the fact of the matter is, you need to utilize both darkness and light.
The infernal and celestial, the angelic and demonic.

Lucifer Sheds Light On This Matter.

Lucifer explained to me, the greatest journey is rising to the heavens and becoming a actual angel.

Then descending into hell to become a demon, then rising back to this realm to be both the angelic and demonic nexus incarnate in the temple of man.

What does becoming a angel mean.

Becoming a angel means becoming a incarnation of light, celestial power and a being of the emerald spectrum.

This is important to ascend, claim your throne in the heavens at any costs.

What does becoming a demon mean.

Becoming a demon means becoming a incarnation of darkness, infernal hellfire and a being of rebellion.

This too is important, claim your throne in the hell realms at any cost.

Your Fall.

When you rise through the heavens and spread your wings of light, you’ll be among real true angels.

These angels are Keepers of order, light and celestial knowledge. However there in the heavens they will try and keep you in their ranks you must rebel against even your own kind.

Absorb the powers of heaven and the light of the angels, spread your glorious wings and fall from ‘grace’.

Cast into hell.

You may fall through the realms of light, into the abyss, the gaping darkness of all the realms.
Once cast through this you’ll descend into the infernal empire.

Fall upon the brimstone ground, your light will hide within you when in this environment.
Now you will be among the demons and devils, they will support you in your rebellion.

Cast into the hellmouth, burn in the lake of fire and rise in the infernal darkness.
Rebuilt as the demon you are, as you rise back to this earth realm.

You’ll awaken as something else.

What are you now ?.

Your soul is now a being of light and darkness, infernal and celestial.
You’ll keep order in your life but will exercise your forces of chaos when you feel nessercary.

Wings of light are spread, body made of hell fire, aura of both shadows and emerald light.
Once condensed back into your human body you’ll enter another stage in your evolution.

The New Stage Of Your Evolution

Now you are the dragon.

Your right wing is the tree of life, harnessing all the angelic power and knowledge at your disposal.

Your left wing is the tree of death, harnessing the demonic power and knowledge at your disposal too.

The dragons eye awakens as the vortex of both order and chaos.

Becoming the dragon, is becoming the all, the eternal, not bound by light nor dark.

Ascend and descend, rise as the dragons burn to ashes and ascend and descend again.
This is the forever process of your ascent whether you realise it or not.



This resonates with me like a MF :ok_hand:


ooohh the motherfucking synchronities dude!
he said those things upon me!lucifer satan and lots of spirits are pointing me to these!

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No offence but One can become a LIVING GOD by not working even with any one of this camp. There are may other camps. And even One can attain the state without working with anybody but only working with one’s own Energy. Advanced Energy work can also do the job. There are many paths, and atheistic ones ( Like energy work ) are better, in my opinion


How is all of this performed? Just specific Rituals and meditations over time? This almost sounds like what is going on behind closed curtains during your ascent