Immortality: the 4th godlike power

What makes you think nobody has? Look at what @Mulberry posted for example… It’s not like sorcerers who have figured out immortality are going to get on Fox News and explain step by step how they achieved their state of immortality. :wink:

I don’t see how it would be beneficial to keep something like this a secret either but I digress.
Nobody has because we’re still talking about it in “what if” terms where some elusive group is the exception.

It takes a lot of effort to overcome programming and hindering beliefs. Many of us have had to destroy the JCI crap to move forward. I just don’t like seeing these limiting beliefs being spread as “facts”.

I get the whole programming stuff sure, but you also don’t want to give new magicians false hopes either just because it sounds cool.

And this isn’t to just to you, but I just hate this attitude like we’re boundless and living in the wild west now because of magic. There are things bigger and greater than all of us that are still happening no matter how skilled you are or become. New magicians should know this. Humility is important.

That info was in the video I posted? It’s not beneficial - to us.
You have to realise, not everybody is decent and thinks like you, there are those that literally see other people as mere objects to use, such that them taking power is that last thing they’d want - it actually makes them angry because they’re afraid of it. They’re called psychopaths and malignant narcissists. So, it’s beneficial to hide this for those who think they are in power, don’t want to risk that in any way, and wold actually like the world population enslaved - which it is - not awakened let alone ascended, and ideally reduced to more manageable numbers.

Not really sure who you think said that? I’ve never seen anyone say such a thing and I thing you may have taken something out of context… Can you elaborate?

There’s a lot of rules we agree to keeping when we incarnate. They make some aspects of life simple and define the parameters of how we live here. Rules can be broken, some rules aren’t really there we just think they are. Some rules have never need tested. The lobster example is one,or Galapagos Tortoises that live to 500 maybe - those prove longevity in animals is biologically possible, the rule is not inherent to having flesh, so, why can’t humans do that? (Rhetorical question.)

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That info was in the video I posted? It’s not beneficial - to us.

Well of course it wouldn’t be beneficial if it’s the real thing. However, I think that’s a far too convenient reason as to why it’s a secret. Those supposedly immortal people might not even be human.

Not really sure who you think said that? I’ve never seen anyone say such a thing and I thing you may have taken something out of context… Can you elaborate?

That is a general attitude sometimes in the magical community, as if the very fabrics of the universe can be simplified down to programming and therefore we can tamper with things.

Rules can be broken, some rules aren’t really there we just think they are. Some rules have never need tested. The lobster example is one,or Galapagos Tortoises that live to 500 maybe - those prove longevity in animals is biologically possible, the rule is not inherent to having flesh, so, why can’t humans do that? (Rhetorical question.)

I agree. I never said immortality was impossible. I only said that it will take more than magic to achieve immortality because of having to work around the limitations of this realm.

So again, it’s not that it’s impossible, or that the rules can’t be broken; there’s just limitations that makes it impossible to achieve immortality using magic alone.

It is beneficial to those who have reached such a state. You may find this hard to believe, but the governments and powers that be are not all about human empowerment. There is a real battle raging on, and the fact is that information on such things are hard to come by by design. Think back just 15 years ago. How hard was it to find occult knowledge? How crazy would it have sounded if someone told you back then that so many paths to magical ascension would be available to the masses? We are winning this battle, but it is far from over. If you achieved being a real werewolf for example, would you shift in public?

You said to keep this cordial, so I’ll refrain from replying to this bit the way I really want to. Let me just say that there is nothing cool about this struggle of ours to reach our goals in one lifetime. I’ll leave it at that.

Not sure where you are getting this from. Nowhere did I suggest we can do whatever we want, however we want, just because we can. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Even just believing that we have unlimited potential meets resistance from our peers such as yourself. As I said before, this is a battle, but it’s not the wild west. There is a whole system of control in place reinforced by witting and unwitting participants.

Yes, there are always bigger and more powerful beings than us no matter where we get to in this lifetime or beyond. That does not mean we have limitations on what we can accomplish in this lifetime.

In what way do you feel I am not being as humble as you would like?

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Oh I missed this. I don’t think newbies get any false hopes they don’t make themselves. Nobody promises anything without backing it up with - “but you must do the work”. Every newbie post asking for a magic bullet or spell begging is met with info, links, and telling them they have to do their own inner work, build and develop themselves, and do it consistently. It’s a lot of hard work and nobody hides that fact.

By the time they’ve started doing that, they can figure out themselves where they think they can take it depending on how much they want to put in. Or die trying, “we can’t all and some of us don’t” [A.A. Milne].


@Mulberry @veneficus Honestly you’re both right, but I’m not wrong either. And we all actually agree.

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That happens a lot anyway through, and we cope. :thinking:

Bureaucratic nightmare would be my main concern, “trable and pass yourself off as your own child” is harder to pull off these days. #EndEternaphobia


Yeah, the “Fake ID” scenario.

Police: It says on the ID that you’re 60 years old, mamm.
Lady: I am.
Police: You look like you’re 27. You better not be lying to me. Using your grandmother’s ID is not funny.
Lady: Sir, that is me. Have you heard of the reverse aging treatment?
Police: If that is the case, your doctor should have contacted the DMV.
Otherwise, you are lying.
Lady: My doctor’s letter is in the bag. Can I take it out and show it to you?
Police: Sure. Slowly and in full view. No sudden moves.

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At least someone see’s through the Veil.

Keep up the good work, Bro.




Franz Bardon is known as a legit no-bs magician from the days of Hitler.

He has 3 main books.

One of them is called Initiation into Hermetics, and the second is called The Practice of Magical Evocation.

In his second book, his lists literally hundreds of spirits with various powers and abilities that they can teach the magician, but you have to get to at LEAST step 8 in his initiation book first because what they teach apparently builds on the elemental and akashic mastery(the force of the creator that controls everything created) you gained from his first book.

MANY of those spirits teach the abilities of astral(what most are talking about is only possible) as well as physical immortality, along with rejuvenation and looking young even into supposed “old age”.

Not to mention teleportation of not just the astral, but physical body as well, walking on water, controlling plants, animals, people, spirits, spontaneous healing from otherwise fatal wounds, flight etc,. etc,.

All of this by using the universal principles and LAWS setup by what he calls Divine Providence (his term for God)

Bardon is not known to blow smoke up peoples asses, and was well respected at that time and still to this day by many magicians.

The main problem is many magicians supposedly don’t even get to step 8 in one lifetime, because the lessons and exercises get progressively more difficult and it is the most comprehensive system on magick that I’ve ever seen in my study of the subject of magickal training of the senses and mind.

However, even getting thru the earlier steps in his system can get you a lot of bang for your buck in terms of magical/astral abilities.

Why not see for yourself?


Honestly, my scope on magic and what’s possible has broadened a bit since I last posted those responses. I’ve experienced some crazy shit that should not have been possible.

I’m still very skeptical; although, I’m almost to the point where I feel like anything is possible, except immortality–and few other things. At least, not for humans.


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I think the same as you, I more or less want the ability to control what happens to me after this world. The choice to stay as an energetic god or find a few body that I can have my past memories in. Basically finding myself at the point where being physical or energy is just what I’m feeling at that moment.

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Want to live forever; eternal life…Is there any magical technique that could make that happen? I doubt it but it would an interesting idea if it were possible.

The difference now is tech is improving so quickly, you might not live forever but extend your life span by 20 years. One way to extend life would be to use biotechnologies and medicine to keep renewing, rejuvenating your body. This seems much more possible than god like powers.

Immortallity is beyond Magick. Because “magic” is anti-natural to start with, is a tool for the Enlightened.

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Anyone ever hear of the Chinese glowing body phenomenon. Where a Chinese man shrunk his body to the size of a doll after being enlightened?

I think it’s unlikely, not impossible. Even though the planet Earth is already inhabited, imagine if it had more immortals than it already has. I can imagine one or two ways of acquiring this, since magic can replicate any result in nature and, pro or bad, there are biologically immortal living beings, which are known to scientists and biologists, etc. … But I’m not sure if it would work.

Science one day may enable us to have better and longer life, and certainly will. Indeed already compared to thousand years ago; science certainly took a long way. In that respect biotechnologies , anti aging, gh hormones, or elonging telomeres by extreme hunger sustained by drugs/lasers ,so on and on; and even maybe one day we will be able to transfer our consciousness to the machines but having said all; yet I still believe that magick has its own way. Probably it’s not something to find easily or even found still it could not be digested at once; but I am sure at a certain level magick has an answer to that very old desire.

Btw, have you ever watched a movie called “A dark song” I may recommend it.

It’s a movie at the end - a nice one- and you may find something about that science -magick question.:slight_smile:


Interesting, magic has many benefits and may even enhance certain aspects of your life, depending on what you are seeking and how you use magic and ritual. I have not seen A Dark Song but i will check it out.

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