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I speak about here and now, not imaginative after life bullshit.

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I weren’t talking about afterlife BS. I’m also talking about the here and now, just not in a physical sense. Plus, it helps to open your mind up a little here. :wink:

Delusion. But if it floats your boat :slight_smile: Go for it.

I think you rock the delusional image very well. Tell me, how do you know what I told you is delusional? Please, show me the evidence that you are correct and the likes of me are not. And then we’ll see who is delusional.

Btw, no-one has ever gotten far by disrespecting me. I don’t give a shit that you differ in opinion on the topic of afterlife or immortality, etc, but don’t disrespect me, because really you disrespect yourself by doing so.


I don’t disrespect your heart. I disrespect your beliefs, don’t confuse, we are in a forum chatting, constructing and deconstructing to find the middle sense in all this chaos.

Hail Satan!

You have no reason to disrespect my beliefs, since they are nothing to do with you, and no, you didn’t just disrespect my beliefs. I picked up on your vibe very easily there.

You don’t even have a clue as to what I spoke of. You thought I was talking about some sort of afterlife. Wrong.

I was referring to the eternal part of us that stems from Source energy. It exists in the present moment. In the here and now. You might call it your higher self, your inner being, or whatever. If you want to deny that part of you, go ahead. It doesn’t bother me.

Before you try to think up a suitable way to disrespect what I’ve said, don’t bother. You had no reason to talk down to me the way you did, since what I said doesn’t affect you, unless you choose to let it.

Disrespect is disrespect. There was a better way to let me know you disagreed and to start a debate with me if that really was your agenda.

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I don’t respect others beliefs to be clear about that.

As a human being i have no problem with other human beings. If you think this is a vendetta is your own doing.



I don’t think it’s a vendetta. You’re just someone who stepped over the line with me, and I think you know that. :wink:


No worries we are just exposing opinions. This is not personal, don’t make it personal. Because i sense beyond the 24th dimension.

Blessings from your own heart.

Asmodeus blessings!

#1 Everything is personal. It’s the way things are. :wink:

Don’t go that path :slight_smile: Transcend!

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Look, tech can only take us so far in terms of living longer. The key is to keep tending to your vibration. It’s vibration which causes our cells, etc to either thrive, or not.

Abraham Hicks spoke of this in their videos.

Not only that, I would think that one would get terribly bored if they lived, and lived, and lived, and lived, and lived… it would feel almost like a curse.

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I my opinion, i have no problem on continuing living hundreds of years. I think that the beliefs of getting bored is just that, a brainwash from society, a dormant state still.

Everything you’ve said doesn’t even add up in real terms. My suggestion, which you can take or leave - purge yourself of these beliefs you’ve accumulated, study the Abraham Hicks teachings and apply them every day until you get the hang of it, then pick a spirit to learn from. You’ll ascend much faster and more easily that way.

At least I’m being real.

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You talk with someone who has no need of reading. I expose all this for fun mainly, those who are sincere will know what the hack i’m talking about. I know all the spirits in existance. The “I” is just a saying, the source knows IT.
I use arrogance and i know this.

@anon95547948 Please reread our rules regarding preaching/arguing dogma as if it was true for everyone, which it never is. We get you have an opinion, you don’t need to go on and on about it. I have therefore flagged some of your posts as inappropriate.

Personally - and I only speak for myself - I’m with silverfirefly; I’ve been bored for years. Earths not all that and a bag of chips. I see it as a project my higher self chose to partake in. My part in this little project will end and I will go do something different.

Transcendance is just getting back to base - think bigger.

No worries, i’m not here to please everyone. At the end of the day people take it personally because is like this. We have different opinions and apparently as you said, you flagged me, well, just means there is no free speech, isn’t it? And immortallity is bliss.

Lol. TBH You sound too young and naive to have any claim on immortality. Come back when you’re 150.

a) you already said it, so why do you imply you’re being silenced?
b) Free speech is the right to speak about the government, and has nothing to do with online forums.

Get educated. (Hint: read real books)

Spams same view over and over again
Gets told “ok already, get heard you the first time”
Complains about free speech

You are funny. :slight_smile:

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