Immortality: the 4th godlike power

Sure E.A.Koetting has discussed the 3 godlike powers in great detail, but what about immortality?

Supposedly the gods (daimons/demons) are immortal.
So how do we achieve this?

Perhaps the Sorcery of Methuselah might shed light on this. If they were called Prophets, it’s only because they were into occult knowledge and practice.

What’s the point of acquiring all these powers if old age and death will eventually stop it all. Fuck that.



I’m currently on the path. Having achieved rejuvenation and taking years from my back.
I was able to heal my own myopia, hip and knee problems.
Now i follow my own techniques i’ve discovered with breath to achieve a lean/fit body with only meditation and yoga, without physical workouts, only walks.




I believe that our souls are immortal but that we are (generally) bound to reincarnate over and over again.

Attaining the three God-like powers in a lifetime (or 2), would actually free us, in my opinion, from reincarnation.

Just look at Quan Yin who became a God and was able to decide whether or not to reincarnate. I believe it works the same way.

Basically we gain our godly powers and become living gods. Then, when we die, we are able to stop the cycle of our reincarnation. We would live as what we think Gods live like in the spiritual realms.

Just my two cents on this subject.


So yes, physical immortality is possible or atleast 10 times the life span of the average. Im my opinion death is a consequence of following the earth’s vibration. As planet earth is virtually immortal, there is life and birth on it, in the same way our bodies are built. After we achieve an optimal harmony inside on the cycle of death and life using kundalini energy, don’t forget that in the bone marow we all have stem cells, is up to us to find the hacks and liberate from the cycle of death wich is given up in society.

Hail Satan!


We’re already immortal - just not in a physical sense. I don’t believe it’s possible to be physically immortal.


According to Hermetic order and Franz Bardon teachings there are 4 godlike traits-allknowing,allpowerful,merciful and immortal.
As you can see…4 traits…4 elements…4 directions etc etc list goes on and on


Indeed, in the same way that besides divination-evocation-soul travel there are pathworking and spellcasting (and perhaps these two may have corresponding godlike powers), I wondered about a fourth GP.
Anyway, by detachment from the body or metaphysical knowledge (initiatic experience) of it, spiritual immortality may be attained. Perhaps it’s a condition already true, but this isn’t for sure. There are various paths: yoga, sufism, taoism etc.
Physical immortality: sometimes I thought that if I continually repeated some practices (for example the Arut perum jothi mantra) since I knew of them, by now probably I would be already physical immortal, or crazy :grin: in fact I’ve read that it’s more a question of preparing the future generations than individually gaining this immortality now. That is, either there’s a risk of pursuing it anxiously or to stop, doubting that it’s feasible. Indeed, some time is required in order to somewhat transformate lbs. of muscles, bones, veins… Other 2 mantras are the Vajra Guru one and “Om namo Bhagavate”, a god who may be invoked is Lord Murugan, about texts the Tirumantiram, Vajrayogini and Guhyasamaja tantras.

Why would you want to keep the same body all the time anyway?

“Death is but a door.” What interests me is to regain control of my memories and consciousness so I can know who I am between and in life, though, I’m not that enamoured of the physical, I’ll probably stay in energy form after this is done.


If you can stay 35 forever that would be an enjoyable form of reincarnation except foe seeing you friends and family die. That is the tragedy expressed in Highlander.

I would chose to first be able to reincarnate with my full memory, education and magick. School would be the only hell in that reincarnation. Make sure you are home schooled.

After that age slower, control your body, energy and immunities.


Very true.

Achieving the likeness of immortality from living many lives is not the same as embarking on a path working to truly live forever on this plane, (which is not possible with magic alone anyway).

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of questions on the forum relating to realm-specific topics (time travel or manipulation, now immortality)–and as much as I hate to say it–magic has its limitations when it comes to dealing with the nature of realities. It’s not limitations like you think I mean, but this is the only way to articulate this so indulge me. You don’t imbue the characteristics of one reality into the other hoping it sticks. It won’t. There’s laws, and we’ll only be left with cheap imitations at least for now.

With that being said, I think that’s the end-goal of magic, in essence, the merging of the two worlds (finite & infinite). True immortality would take both magic and “technology” working together, as would time travel. That’s likely where humanity is headed.

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Biological immortality is already a thing. Google lobsters. If a lobster can live forever barring disease or being killed, is it really that much of a stretch to assume we as sorcerers/magicians can achieve the same thing with our human bodies? I see a lot of magicians assuming that there are “laws” that can’t be broken in this “reality”. I’d say the ability to communicate with non-physical entities would qualify as breaking a law of nature and yet we are capable of it. Why limit ourselves with these kinds of beliefs?


There are certain claims that there are a unit of groomed people above the world leaders, political and corporate, and three of those are over 1000 years old. This podcast talks about them:

I assume this is why Soros looks like Palpatine :rofl:

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If a lobster can live forever barring disease or being killed, is it really that much of a stretch to assume we as sorcerers/magicians can achieve the same thing with our human bodies?

We’re not lobsters. Magic has been around a really long time. Don’t you think somebody would’ve figured it out by now? Let’s keep this cordial.

I see a lot of magicians assuming that there are “laws” that can’t be broken in this “reality”. I’d say the ability to communicate with non-physical entities would qualify as breaking a law of nature and yet we are capable of it. Why limit ourselves with these kinds of beliefs?

Nobody can break natural physical laws. I don’t care how bad ass of a magician you think you are. This is a fact.

That doesn’t qualify because nothing in nature bars people from communicating with spirits. However, we both know that’s not the same thing as immortality or manipulating time.

It’s not “limiting ourselves”, jeez. You have to at least acknowledge limitations first before overcoming them.

What makes you think nobody has? Look at what @Mulberry posted for example… It’s not like sorcerers who have figured out immortality are going to get on Fox News and explain step by step how they achieved their state of immortality. :wink:

Telekinesis, and many other things are readily seen even on youtube these days. If you look at what monks can do, they train their bodies to do things many would think are impossible. That’s a fact.

If you truly believe that, I’m just confused as to where you believe this line is drawn in the sand. So nature doesn’t bar us from talking to spirits from another plane of existence, but it does keep us from immortality? As far as the time thing goes, I’ve actually been visited by my future self, so I have my own subjective proof that’s a real thing.

I’m not trying to bash you, but it is important to see our limiting beliefs for what they are because they are literally the only limits to what we can achieve with magic. Nothing stops you from communicating with spirits. We both agree on that. But there are people who believe that’s impossible, and thus it will be unless they change their beliefs. Same principle applies for the things that you right now believe are impossible to achieve. We overcome these limitations by destroying the limiting beliefs.

I hope you don’t think I’m picking on you personally. I just see these limiting beliefs all the time. Proclamations that we can’t do X no matter what. It’s stifling and dangerous to newer magicians who are still learning what magic is and isn’t. It takes a lot of effort to overcome programming and hindering beliefs. Many of us have had to destroy the JCI crap to move forward. I just don’t like seeing these limiting beliefs being spread as “facts”.


I will add, that I think part of the way they do it is they can afford very, very clean living conditions.
Most of us are exposed to low levels of various poisons and disruptive energies all day, every day, in our food and environment. It adds up and we get diseased, like fish trapped in a dirty tank. That’s not even talking about over-consumption of high-toxin fast food.

Azazel thinks the normal lifespan of humans today could be 300 without magikal aid, and be hearty during that time, if we didn’t poison ourselves.


This doesn’t surprise me at all. Living abroad and eating fresher foods was amazing. Coming back to the States and noticing how much crap I have to ingest just because I’m not rich enough to have organic foods and non processed foods is depressing. Control over our environment and food intake I think would definitely be the first step to achieving immortality.