Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As

where can I find more info on ‘the dark initiator’? I’ve seen EXACTLY that figure, in my dreams.

Azazel was the one demon that I was afraid of and I eventually petitioned him for a magickal mentor. I had an inner vision where he offered to mentor me. He has been a quiet voice in my mind ever since.



The Dark innitator is a title or rather an aspect of Lucifer. This aspect of Lucifer is recorded within Asenath Mason’s book - Rites of Lucifer. Here’s an image of that entity found on Google drawn by Asenath as far as I am aware:

Its likely public domain but still liscensed work, so if I somehow break the rules feel free to remove this reply @DarkestKnight , But this should be fine. But to be clear find the Info in that book as I don’t want to missrepresent her world and the entity.


Zagan (Ars Goetia #61)
Here is how Zagan appeared. He hadn’t much to say but I did hear his voice. He’s a very powerful vampiric spirit but this more concerns improving situations using clever methods. (rearranging assets or exploiting things/energy for opportunity) – a master negotiator and predatory strategist.

This is exactly how he appeared along with the red aura, except without the suit, although it fits his demeanor. A deal maker and strategic adviser. His voice sounded like this character too. (Calypso “Twisted Metal: 2012”)


Sure, will do. Thanks for sharing!

Saw a very similar image I saw of Michael a few posts back on this thread. Wanted to share. Recently I’ve seen these three, never before have Angel’s came to say hello …:woman_shrugging:and also another surprise visitor.






And a few of my guardians why not🖤


Naamah. I had a mental image, there was a lake at night and she was standing on a wooden boat dock.


If it could be something one could see it might look like this image I created.


Hey, This is exactly how I saw Azazel also, I was trying to find something online that showed him like this, I set up an astral meeting place for my self and Azazel and he showed up like this hovering above me, he then gave me a personal sigil to call him.