Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As



These images I post here will label a entity and then I match images with the spirit which show the various forms of which they have manifested to me.

I encourage you all to share with us your spirits and images which suit how they have manifested to you.

  1. Lucifer.



These are just some of Lucifer’s as I’ve seen him manifest in many forms.

  1. Azazel.



  1. Ahriman.


4. Zohak.

  1. Lilith.

She also switches from Black hair to red hair.

  1. Naamah.


  1. Met Kalfu.


These are just a few I picked at random so name your spirit and match up a picture which matches one of their appearances.

Angel/Demon/Earth Spirit Art
Describe voices of entities here

If you don’t mind me doing so @Micah @Mapachtli @Silent @Goku @DarkestKnight


Damn, I would really like to post mine, but I can’t seem to find anything with a resemblance :smiley:


I’ll give it a shot, anyway :smiley: So, this is my impression of Marquis Leraje:

(Original art by sedone, found it on deviantart. This art belongs to its original owner)
We sometimes meet in my dreams and his usual attire is this (add a smug smirk)

The first time I saw him in my dreams he came to me as a beautiful blonde lady with deep brown eyes and dressed like a greek goddess. For some reason she resembled Cordelia Goode from AHS:Coven

(Edit: the VERY first time I saw him he was a hooden figure. Since we all know how someone with a full on hood looks like, I’ll exclude this out of my narrative)


It’s such a pain in the ass to find pictures that depicts their beauty but I’ll try to find some later


Furfur just come to Mr like a normal stag with big huge antlers sometimes he stands up right or on all fours I have yet to see Dantalion


That is how I recall Lilith the first time. Face and hair anyway, the rest of her was in a hot spring of some sorts filled with either blood or really murky water. I suspect blood but I got knocked out of the vision before I was able to get really close.


Wow, you got Lilith while she was bathing, no wonder why you got knocked out! :rofl::joy:


Ok, I have an easy one, that’s how Lucifer appeared to me the one and only time I called him


No I’m not kidding LOL


I Evoked Mephistopheles and The Demonic Lords and they appeared like this:


But in a much more badass way


i don’t always get images, but here are some that stuck clearly with me
Lucifer is a blonde man in a white suit, very “glowy” , had to settle for this rather mundane image but its pretty close… he is always emitting light tho so hard to make out features, but always comes across immaculately dapper and rather on beat with his patter

Azazel, a kind of Elven type, quite serious (not as serious as King Paimon, who is invariably “the disapproving teacher”

Belial, kind of raw, a bit beastial

Abbadon… huge jaws, salivating… i think it was ment to intimidate, perhaps he was busy, or wanted to make a point


Now that you posted that it jogged my memory of Lucifer as well. I had asked him to come to me one night and as I was sleeping I got halfway awoken by a massive ringing in my ear then a background that looked almost exactly like that popped up, just blindingly bright. Then a man walks up dressed in a black suit, waves at me then leaves. Kind of exactly like the stereotypical hollywood devil coming to make a deal lol.


And here’s Lilith

And Kali

And Kal Niranjaan


I’m loving these guys awesome.


That’s exactly how I’ve seen them too…
I love the pictures you picked out for Lucifer as well… I’ve been focusing on him as of late.

Have you worked the lovecraftian pantheon? @C.Kendall


I haven’t worked with the Lovecraft current at all, nor will i. Just one of my things that crosses the line I have personal reasons.


That’s understandable.




Great stuff I’ve seen similar Manifestation of morrigan.


I’ve seen her in a black armor too but I can’t find anything thats not a far cry from it unfortunately.


I saw her in black armour with mud under her eyes like war makeup and a raven or crow on her shoulder.