Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As


I just remember seeing choppy light hair and intense eyes.


Damn why lillith so hot though

this i saw yesturday after breathwork , not flashing so much as on the pic, less flashing , short time ago i called him above his sigil

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Duchess Bune


Duke Bathin

Marquis Orias (visualised him as the Scorpion King)


Duchess Bim


Weirdly enough, Lord Lucifuge appeared many times by the image displayed for him when you search his name on Google.

Like this, but he was standing up and looked very formal, posh & slender-looking, but in an aesthetically pleasing way:

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And Moloch appeared to me with a face like the image below but with more teeth and crazy wide-open eyes staring right at me


his teeth kinda looked like this:


Lord Lucifer or as I like to call him, Father Lucifer, appeared to me as a dashing blond man with perfect skin, a sculpted straight nose & the most calm, soothing energy imaginable:

Lucifer’s hair looked like this:

But his face & his nose looked like this:


I sketched a little bit on some index cards - sorry, proportions may be off
Goddess Isis/Aset holding a jug of water (which was how I saw her that time I needed an emergency healing, and she so graciously helped)

And the Iboga spirit- right after the trip started, saw this green haired spirit that looked kinda like

I dunno why I thought about and doodled this the other day and decided why not share?
This was the time I was very desperate to stop using heroin and went to Mexico to take Ibogaine. For me, it was like months of intensive therapy packed into a few hours. The people working there said that the plant is very intelligent and only shows you what you’re ready for - which is not to say that it’s “easy”, I underestimated myself a bit. She’s a wise, compassionate, yet very tough spirit.


I dont have a photo , but for me Belial appears as a very white man ( dead white ? ) , bald , with black eyes .

That s exactly what i ve got . I don t see a lot of photos about him with this form .

90% sure it was Agrat, and she had an appearance like (back in Feb):

She had/has very striking yellow serpentine eyes, and had snakes for hair.


Iv’e been reading books on Visionary Magick where you contact a spirit through essentially playing a mental movie in your head.

I contacted the Shem angel Vehuel and this is what I saw on that stormy mountain.

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This is going to sound insane, but I’ve seen Lord Lucifer as both a beautiful man with blonde hair and blue eyes and he’s also appeared to me as a little white Maltese dog in a puppy cut. When he appeared to me as a dog, there were other dogs in cages and the doors of the cages suddenly opened and the dogs ran away free. I usually see him as the blonde haired, blue eyed man, though. The dog form appears very infrequently. I think that this may be showing his sense of humor, because once the dog had on little Devil horns and a cloak. Like he’s going: “Look, it’s ‘The Devil’, lol.”

Most of what I’ve seen as far as spirit forms go make sense, but the Maltese dog thing was kind of out there.


I’ve recently gotten really into pathworking as it’s not only easy but it’s fun and I’ve interacted with some angelic beings!

I’ve been using Jareth Tempest’s books and they are becoming some of my favorite grimoires.

I’ve contacted Samael and he appeared to be like this in my mind.


A tank

I initially visited him because I felt like I had a vendetta against a former friend of mine but he told me to think it over and I came to the conclusion that this was an inner issue that couldn’t be resolved by revenge. The vendetta was always one-sided anyway. I told him I’m sorry if I wasted his time and he said it wasn’t an issue and we talked some more and we came up with some stuff he could do like help my mom because the grimoire says he can “Attack Illness” and my mom’s pretty sickly.

On a slightly amusing note, I pathworked Yisrael last night and probably because of his path working in a beach setting came to me looking like a lifeguard.


Robed, and hooded, no face was shown only darkness and very sith like

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As she appeared in evocation and visions. Funny enough, she reminds me a lot of Eris, from the Sinbad movie. The bright red eyes, black hair, with perfect ghostly skin. There are other forms but this is the more frequent “lunar-Jupiter” form.




Samyaza. This is as close as I have found for a picture of how I saw it, if you imagine turning this picture 90 degrees so it’s upright and fully formed like a mannequin. It appeared as a motionless shape with colours that streamed around it, neon like.




images (3)




I see a strong resemblance to Asenath Mason in the top image. I often picture Lilith and Asenath Mason interchangeably.


In one of my recent meditations , Belial showed up like this , but without the wolf .