I'm not human, and I don't know what to do about it

I have reason to believe that I’m half demon, or something like that. I know it sounds stupid but hear me out.

I have this weird quirk where I’m able to “see” peoples emotions, like if someone is feeling happy than they would have a yellow glow around them or something, or when someone is angry than what looks like black flames would be surrounding them. Up until recently I thought everyone could see these things, but now I know that is not the case (I brought it up to my friend and he looked at me like I was crazy). Normally my reaction would be “Cool, I have superpowers!” or something like that, but the really odd part is that I could see the emotions of people I couldn’t see, if that makes any sense. Like I would just see a random mass of black fire just floating there for no reason. And the REALLY odd part about the really odd part is that the random auras (yes that’s what I’m calling them now) are starting to communicate with me with what I can only assume to be telepathy. They keep saying things like “Come with me, you don’t belong here” or “Come on, don’t keep your dad waiting” (I never really knew my father, so this is both confusing and terrifying) and stuff like that. Eventually I decided to respond to one of them by asking it was it actually was, and it simply said “Demon”. That was it. I continued ignoring them as usual since then.

I eventually connected the dots and came to the conclusion that my father is (probably) a demon and he’s sending other supposed demons to bring me to him for whatever reason. And assuming my father IS in fact a demon, that would make me half demon.

To be honest, I’m only posting this because I’m scared. Not just Because of the whole demons chasing me thing, but also the fact that if my friends found out, they would probably be afraid to even talk to me ever again. I don’t know what to do, and they’ve been getting more aggressive lately. I would appreciate any advice con how to deal with this.

Weather you believe me or not, thanks for hearing me out. If you know ANYTHING at all that could help me, even just a little bit, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Thank you.


Idk if that’d help you in anyway but let me tell you I’d be very happy to do not be human, lol.:sunglasses:

Jokes asides, if what you said is true it’s understandable to be afraid. But I think you should just embrace whatever comes. If it resonate with your true nature. What do you think about the idea of “not being human” ? Do you feel like it’s a path you would be comfortable walking on ? Are you only afraid because of your friends ? Because of being too different, and then lonely ?

Well, it seems that every time, strange things (like just what you described) happens to people for a very reason. And they were mean to happen. So the sooner you embrace these events, the better it’d be for you.

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Maybe, but lets say letting my guard down it what they’re waiting for. I’m not sure its safe to take that chance

You aren’t alone. You really aren’t. As far back as I can remember I have always been on the outside, looking in. Never fitting in, this site has provided a refuge in the time since I came across it only a matter of weeks ago.


Good to know i’m not the only one.

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Demand their names. There are zodiac angels that are a kind if mirror of goetia, minus kings and such. Archangels are easy. Pm me your email address and I will send a document that has daily archangel prayers.
If you’re hip to demons, I would call on Orobas.


There are elementals. If you’ve seen and heard that, then you might have an easier time contacting them.
Start with Ghob and Paralda, sigils should be here on the site.

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If you can recall memories of before you felt this change, and merge those memories on top of each other, it may open a door for you.


Actually it wasn’t really a change. I’ve seen these things my whole life as far as I can remember. Up until recently I thought it was a normal thing everyone could see. I’m concerned about it now because my friend acted like there was something wrong with me when I brought it up to him.


Reading what you wrote has brought back some memories for me and things are starting to fit together. I would like to see a few of the more experienced members weigh in with their thoughts as well. This only all clicked today. When my mum was pregnant with me they couldn’t find a heartbeat and they actually thought I was dead near to term. Then my heartbeat became so strong they were having trouble finding my mums pulse because mine was overriding it. I experienced periods of time where I had no memory of things but I had done stuff which got me into trouble (so unfair). This continued into my first years of school. I also experience moments where what I do is not possible for me normally but when I do it it feels like watching a movie shot in first person, I do it but I’m just watching. It feels different. Like making a basket in basketball from over halfway which doesn’t even touch the rim when I have trouble with 3 pointers. Taking an interception in football which means a jump of a couple of metres when I don’t jump that high. Small things but out of the ordinary. Which brought responses of “How did YOU do THAT??” from people who witnessed. Plenty of other examples too. My only response was “I don’t know”. I wonder now whether it is some latent ability within me, part demon etc. or is it an entity which has possessed me and has been protecting me my whole life, possibly because of being part something and part human?


A lot of people who find their way here can do that, you’re not alone. It’s usually what draws people to m,agick in the first place, being able to sense more than “normal.”

Chill out, learn magick, call up som e known demons, not randoms who contact you, and get some answers.

Everything else risks driving you crazy or feeding into unproductive mental confusion.

2 links worth reading - the first, the kitty box thing, is mainly useful for navigating day-to-day life:

2nd on why you’re not even alone in this:

Also, please check your messages, green icon, top right - you have mail. :smiley:


I believe we all are part demon I embrace it so should you and if you ever feel lonely remember your not.


Seeing emotions means you’re an empath. It’s a tough life but you can use that to your advantage. You can also help people, if you choose.

If your father’s core is that of a demon, that does not make you a demon, half or otherwise. It’s not passed by physical DNA.

You can choose to identify with a demonic energy and be a “demon” in that sense. But you don’t have to. It’s your choice, bruh. Either way, it doesn’t make you a Bad Person, for what it’s worth. The world, the cosmos, are made of Balance. Without balance, there is chaos, and everything spins wildly out of control. The world needs its demons.

It feels like you are drawn to the demonic energy whether you want to be or not. Given the empath abilities, it may be worth exploring a bit more. Don’t be afraid and remember that it doesn’t mean you’re evil. It just means you’re “dark”, which isn’t a bad thing.

All the love,

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Welcome to the club get comfy :wink:


If I’m going be honest perhaps rather than assuming you are An actual Daemon perhaps you simply have a very strong connection to Daemonic spirits in general if so you should work on this.

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your not alone by any means. Not at all.

I’m demon as well, and I’ve been surrounded by other human / demons my entire life. Soon as eye contact is made there’s a fire sensation through my entire body, and I’m in a trance for a few seconds. I love it and don’t fear it at all I find comfort in it actually lol


You know those who have their third eye open and communicate that easily with this kind of skills are mainly satanists souls that worked with Satan and chose the liberal god and rather then the god of the rules Energy sucker and hypocrisy , Think about it even the people that went to heaven will want to get back to life even tho they are link to their religion some life time they will fuck up and then they will regret letting this entities removing their knowledge and keep being so ignorance and working with this entities, I think this entities are your guardian angels from Father Satan perhaps you want to ask them questions about your past life relation to him maybe you will have some flashbacks either or dreams, Let me tell you something when you’re working with Satan you’re a very powerful bean what ever you like it or not and yes in some sense you’re devoloping to grow.

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Can you send me via private message ? I want to try some :slight_smile:

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Now that I think of it I wonder what I am…:thinking:
I know why I’m in a human body since Humans generate a fuck ton of energy
that can propel our evolution by a lot.
All I know is that I have always had a strong connection to the Angelic and Divine planes.
But at the same time, I also have a strong connection to the Daemonic and Infernal planes.
And that I’ve lived all my human incarnations as a Magician sometimes RHP
sometimes LHP other times both

The only thing a Daemon (Belial) has told me something regarding me personally on the level of the soul is that I’ve got the Potential to Destroy and Create worlds if I try hard enough and that I’m better of Evolving into a Devil rather then a God like some people.

Then again everyone has that potential no? I’m not sure :thinking:

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