Musings: Karma, Lotteries, Schrödinger’s Cat

Some random thoughts, not an attempt at “instructionals” or “the way things are” – just playing with ideas. :slight_smile:


If this is an idea that’s seated itself and won’t let go, consider this – the simplest notion of karma is that what you do to others returns to you.

In its original form, it’s morally neutral, which is why a renunciate seeking to escape the cycle of rebirths ceases even active good works after a certain point – they only create more “good” karma, and therefore, more attachments. He exists with only compassion and detached affection, but never seeking out ways to be active, interactive, and therefore weaving more attachment further down the line.

And the payback model of karma finds a fellow in the Christian idea of the Golden Rule – do unto others, as you’d have them do unto you. I like that one myself, because I think it’s a good guideline for everyday-world interactions.

But not everything we do is focused on the everyday world, and we all try to step a little back of and behind the scenes, so to speak, to alter reality.

The black magician who wishes to curse, manipulate, and otherwise improve the external personalities in their life – and who’s also diligently following a commitment to self-improvement, to eliminating the parts of their personality and behaviours that they judge unworthy or problematic, is basically enacting this type of karma upon themselves already, and therefore balancing the books.

See how this fits for you, and if there’s anything useful sparked by it.

Lotteries, Horse-Races, Games Of Chance:

It’s often proposed that these things can’t be accurately predicted because the future branches out into multiple possible outcomes. But the past remains stable, static, for the observer, since attention and (this is important) observation of the effects from any given cause remain unidirectional.

(If the past didn’t remain stable - if causes didn’t nail down effects, solidly and in a uni-directional and linear manner, in our own realities, then a flawed and incorrect divination of results on - for example - a 5 or 7-ball lotto draw could still result in a win, if the person somehow intended it strongly enough. That alone is one to ponder on, though a bit outside my current scope!)

But to get back to what I’m discussing today:

You could test this on gambling outcomes by calling up the results from an event that’s already happened but which you don’t yet know (i.e., haven’t observed) on your browser (horse race, lotto draw, etc) – but block the part of the screen showing the results with opaque card. Perhaps even print that screen out while hiding the sheet/s of paper with the result on under another piece of strategically-placed card.

This places you “in the corridor” for the cause > effect flow of those specific results.

Then, attempt, using your usual methods, to divine the results that have already happened – your excitement if your predictions prove accurate should provide enough emotional juice for this to be effective.

If you’re still unable to accurately divine results which have not just already happened, but which are present in your reality right now with only a piece of card between them and the Observer (you) then the problem isn’t a many-worlds/multiple outcomes issue, tied to linear spacetime perception, and is something else.

Possibly something far easier to overcome? I don’t know, but this experiment just occurred to me and it seems worth sharing since those are major goals for some people.

Word of caution – what you’re doing is akin to time travel, and both scientific theories and fiction novels warn against telling someone something they couldn’t otherwise have known.

For this reason don’t discuss and don’t plan to discuss it if this theory works well for you and creates a breakthrough.

It’s anomalous information and may result in the abruption of your possible results from the mass-observed linear timeline – in other words, if you intend to tell before trying it, it probably won’t work for you, and that’s set in the chain of events from the moment you intend to tell someone.

Schrödingers Compartments (aka “Kitty Boxes”):

If you do magick long enough, eventually spirits will tell you something so utterly fucking bizarre, about yourself, your place in the universe, the people in your life, or the nature of reality, than to run around sharing that information would render you plainly, to the rest of society, a raving lunatic.

This is especially common if the bulk of your work’s done in the astral, where epic battles, grandiose titles or claims, and massive archetypal events are normal occurences

Because the methods I trained in were based on travelling in the astral realms, I’ve seen people lose it, badly, over this type of stuff – taking it on board and then trying to convince others, or escalating it in their own minds into less and less probable scenarios, until they create a major alienation from the rest of society (including friends, family, and partners) because they’ve allowed it to fill their waking thoughts and also insist upon it being recognised by everyone else.

We more or less all get this kind of info at some point, and I’ve created an idea I call Schrödinger’s Compartments – after the famous thought experiment with the cat.

In that experiment, the observers don’t know whether the cat’s alive or dead until they open the box to observe it – my Compartments idea is based on taking this kind of wacky information, and sealing it, so to speak, in a mental compartment, where its veracity and relevence are not allowed to contaminate everyday life.

Unless you have a definite and pressing reason to observe and maybe act upon that information, whether or not it’s true/untrue (is the cat alive, or dead) is irrelevant – and obviously, when any part of you recognises you’re going to sound like a crazy person, there’s no reason to share it or (worse yet) start expecting other people to believe it, even act on it.

Schrödinger’s Compartments also mean you’re not tasked with trying to fathom the truthfulness (symbolic, metaphorical, or otherwise) of any given piece of bizarro-world information, and can simply file it away, in an intentionally indeterminate state, whilst carrying on with life.

You open that compartment only when there’s a genuine magickal need to do so, and take the actions appropriate to it, and then seal it away again in this indeterminate state where whether or not it’s “true” is completely irrelevant to the bulk of your life.

Again, this might not suit everyone, but if you’ve been told recently that you’re the King Of Mars or something, and realise that events throughout your life kinda do confirm that, you’re going to need some way to square that stuff with your normal life, and this is my concept of how to do that.


Different viewpoints/mental constructs, expansions upon these, or other constructive input welcome! :slight_smile:


Damn its too late now and my bad english makes it hard to fully get that. But i will look into this tomorrow and edit here then

I’ve read about this theory in a few books on tarot etc. The issue that I have with it though, is, if this were indeed the case, surely it would apply to absolutely everything, and not just exclusively to games like lotto? And yet we do know that it is possible to accurately predict future events/ outcomes to situations through mediums like tarot and other tools of divination. Even if the many-worlds/outcomes theory is indeed true- I still believe that through divination we are somehow tuning in to this particular ‘stream’ of reality, and therefore able to make predictions about anything in the first place.

If that makes any sense lol?

I also find things about it that don’t quite fit - which is why I proposed testing whether it’s this that causes the discrepancy, or something else.

Of course proving, that there are additional/othere problems with what I’m going to call “post-event divination” wouldn’t disprove definitively that there’s are also to some kind of “future’s split, and you can’t choose the line” effect on “pre-event divination.”

But nonetheless, I think ruling it out by 100% accurately divining an existing effect/result is worth trying, and given that a lot of magickal theory feels like nailing a jelly to a wall, proving that it’s not the SOLE factor in preventing accurate prediction for this kind of stuff is worth trying.

I don’t have all the answers, but suffice to say I don’t think the “many worlds” thing alone is some inviolable kind of glass ceiling hit by magicians.

There seems to be more, and I encourage people to think about this in terms of time-travel theories (Novikov self-consistency principle, grandfather paradox, bootstrap paradox etc) because I think the answer to this lies outside the “Rub Magickal Oil A. on Magickal Image B. to get result” kind of thing… and I also think that, within that kind of lateral thinking, lies the answer for much more ascent.

Take hot-air ballons as an example: even cavemen knew that heat rises, they placed their roast mammoth, rabbit, or former tribal chief ABOVE the fire, and not below it - and chimneys, holes in tents and yurts etc., have been placed upwards for a long time.

But it took the Montgolfier Brothers to harness this, and use it to grant a power prevoiusly believed divine, and denied to man (hello Icarus) - flight.

IMO these powers that already exist, such as those listed in the Kybalion, when looked at anew will be the keystone of humanity’s ascent - the steam engine and later the aerofoil are all extensions of existing physical laws known for millenia, and harnessed to give us new power. Anyway that’s my current theory. :slight_smile:

Deep stuff this, and very interesting :slight_smile: I’m going to have to re-read your reply tomorrow as my hungover brain can’t quite comprehend everything at the moment lol!

Yes I see what you’re saying about testing- that makes sense. Another possible test could be to try to predict the results of a game similar to lotto (ie a game of chance) but one which the magickian feels completely neutral about. I believe that with games like lotto, the vast majority of people simply do not believe, deep down, that they could ever win, and this would then affect the divination. So by testing this on a game which you feel indifferent to (the prize might not interest you etc.) might be a good idea.

One of my favorite online experiments has always been this RetroPsychoKinesis Bell Curve Experiment, probably because I’m really good at it.

The numbers which determine the movement have been pre-generated, so you’re influencing THE PAST!

I have good success visualizing a door stopper of sorts. Wedging my foot or something in the bottom corner of the line so that it has no choice but to move in the direction I want. You can go several screens over, think the most I got was 5.

Compartmentalization isn’t enough. You can’t isolate everything. You need to take care where you place stuff, what’s in proximity to what. When I hear the words “The Great Work”, that what i consider mine to be.

Lady Eva, I just finished some infographics you might appreciate. Here’s a link to the first one, parts two and three can be found in the portfolio.

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