I'm gonna get you! and its gonna be baneful! 😆

Your warning is valid, Im just saying psychedelics or other plant medicines are a big part of many shamanic practices. Depends on your methods and your angle. I can count the amount of times I have done magic mushrooms on one hand, but each time was a perspective altering and deeply changing spiritual experience.


I get ya. I’m not opposed to their use during shamanic type ritual.


Individual choices are great and those that curse will. Life, death, w/e is a learning experience. And experiencing vs not experiencing if you want to means you’re really suppressing w/e you want in your choices. So, for that that want to curse should do what they will. If there are consequences, then they’ll find out. Curses work and can be as little as an actually word to a thought and they don’t all have repercussions in the negative for the curser. I unintentionally did one in high school in my youth. Be it my will or a spirit listening and making it happens matters little as it happened and the asshole suffered and I didn’t. (shrug)



That’s the reason most people are on this forum. That’s why most people start dabbling with magick. Power, control, and fucking bitches up. So, why not? I’m sure you have done it too.

People live and learn. That is part of the evolution of the “self”.

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I dont think the OP meant not to use magic to those ends. He was making a sarcastic statement about people throwing out curses over trivial/minor occurrences that happen to us daily in our adult life. I could be wrong but that’s the way I interpreted it. It was all in fun just to get a thread started.


The issue is if someone retaliates, and it all escalates even more.

It never takes long for outsiders to get drawn in, whether through grief over a loved one, or because a lot of people will curse those around the target to try and cause them maximum pain.

So, you start drawing in innocent people, and that’s when shit can get out of hand.

Eventually you reach a point where the collateral damage is so high, the grudges feel SO entrenched and SO justified, that unless something changes, the only way it would end is for one “side” to be totally annhilated.

All because someone was slightly annoying. It’s pathetic. :man_shrugging:

And that goes double given how many forum members are just kids, and still not psychologically mature in the clinical, measurable, sense of their brains are still forming, nor have they ever had any real responsibilities in their own lives, no loved ones to protect of their own, and no sense of duty to anything beyond feeling good in the moment.

That’s why trying to find out what’s behind any irksome situation is worth doing, and trying to make the most of your own self before letting silly insecurities like the ones @AdamThoth skewered get in the way. If someone feels inadequate, do the things it would take to feel adequate, instead of smashing the world which mirrors this back to you.

Sometimes you’re still going to have to use force, because it’s the only thing which can compel some people or beings to cease their destructive or toxic ways, but ideally, only when other solutions have failed. That’s my basic approach, and I stand by it. :man_shrugging:

No-one sane wants to live in a warzone, which is why refugees are a thing, instead of people flocking in their thousands for the chance to live excitingly among the ruins and chaos, and live by “kill or be killed” on a daily basis.

(That said, this is more along lines of being a debate topic, as ever the right to post about curses is protected by forum rules, and protected against moralising, something I mention with mod hat on just so newer members are clear where the lines are drawn. :+1: )


Glad someone said it. The amount of immaturity and lack of respect for magick in general just makes me sad after awhile. I debated on making a topic similar to this, but decided against it because the energy it would take to give attention to those individuals is just too much to put out at the moment for me personally.

I don’t see them as worth our time.
I feel their very threads should be ignored or at the very least given a “link back” thread and left to their own devices after the fact. However it’s handled, isn’t really my prerogative.

My point is — thanks for doing what I was too salty and bitter to do. The truth needs to be heard…but its unfortunate those that this thread is about likely won’t get it or care.


Of course lashing out isn’t the only way people can screw their own lives up, and become a laughing stock, there are other fruitful ways I often see in play on here, and on the wider internet:


So far, so good right?

With that in mind, I present a top-secret tutorial for taking that to the next level. :smiling_imp:


Well, its been many years since I cursed… I’m getting old. I don’t curse these days (or try not to and certainly not intentionally). I just can’t really concern myself with what others do. I could offer sage advice and the pitfall that could happen but in the end free will is what it is. Some issues are pretty deep like a murder, a rape, or torture. I’m not going to say “forgive and forget + turn the other cheek as even animals attack each other and insects and what not.” Sometimes others need to be kicked hard to lay off harming people. Some people are vile and never really learn so vengeance against such nasty individuals seems more justified or needed as doing nothing against extremely vile people is enabling. Sometimes, the lesser of two evils is the only path.


I had my own moments to curse people for just silly stuff but after giving it a thought i questioned myself why would i even use my energy for a dumb reason


That’s not the only alternative to cursing though, and I think our current post-Christian, new-age flavoured society has blurred that line and created a fallacious false dilemma.

The way many people curently fetishize peace at any cost has made it very difficult for people to find a middle ground between being a total edgelord of destruction, “they looked at me wrong so I caused their entire street to blow up and all the people there to burn to death lol,” versus the pacifist route, which amounts (as you say) to becoming an enabler and facilitator of those who want to harm you and/or whatever you value, by taking the weak route of refusing to resist them, and even trying to rationalise or downplay their actions.

But there are many other, better, routes out of conflicts-of-interest than just mega-death or total surrender, such as negotiation, comprehending what’s truly being sought, trying to find common ground… the art of the deal, so to speak. :wink:

Everything which is differentiated from Source energy wants something, desire is the polarity we live within, whether it’s desire for “noble” things like knowledge, or “base” things like vast wealth and admiration.

Finding out what someone really wants might give you a route to resolve things which is neither escalating war nor passive victimhood. And if that doesn’t work, at least you’ll know you tried.


Are you making fun of everyone saying they want to curse or do you want to curse people.
Because the latter is not your style friend

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I’m having a shitty night so thank you for making me laugh


Makes me think of the chain of pain (though probably has a different name) where a bad thing chains to the person who does something to another to another to another. (ie… boss’s husband stubs his toe, he yells at his wife, she ends up later yelling at top personnel, he over disciplines a member of staff, she yells at her friend, he goes home and yells at the wife, she takes it out on the kid, he kicks the dog, the dog bites the cat, the cat scratches the sister, she slaps her friend, etc).

Though the chain of pain sounds like a wrestling move… "


Well said. Thats precisely my thing: cursing has its place, but it shouldn’t be done over every petty grievance or bump in the road, which seems all too common. Its a lack of life experience I guess.

If nothing else I would just steer clear of those sorts, save myself the time of getting caught up in those nasty vibes. They can live out their negative vibes on their own time, and I wouldnt be surprised if that energy pushes away people in such a persons regular life.


teaches me maths?

Why do you use “president”? It reminds me about mr president (which is a game) and about Rump (not Trump :joy:).

I like the photo :sunglasses:

Because that is his title. He is a President. Like “King Paimon,” “Prince Sitri” or “Earl Raum.”


President is his demonic rank. There are kings, earls counts dukes presidents princes and knights etc.


Why not both though?