I'm gonna get you! and its gonna be baneful! 😆

I see a lot of people wanting to do baneful, curses, hexes and doing them for all kinds of random reasons. Such as I got this red haired guy in my class and I can’t stand his freckled fucking face! :rage::angry:
Or some asshole is wrong on the internet :triumph::angry: I’m gonna get em! Or my roommate keeps leaving her makeup all over the bathroom sink! I’m gonna hex that fucking cunt ! :rage:
And I started dating someone but now they don’t want to date me anymore because I have a crappy personality and can’t hold down a job, oh boy I want to make them come crawling back so I can reject them… How do I do that?
I cursed someone and they didn’t really deserve it and I’m just immature and entitled why isn’t my spell working?! :fearful::weary::disappointed:
:angry: somebody pissed me off and I’m going to Fuck up their life rather than work on myself and my own success just because, well, I procrastinate and I’d rather waste my time.

All I have to say is Nice! Real Nice! :smirk:


:laughing::laughing::laughing: I like your level of creativity




To hell with him!

He is wrong in life, too!

Time to smash her fucking head into the fucking sink

They will learn to love my lack of qualities AND personality, how fucking dare they??

Fuck yes.

Wait. That post was ironic?
How dare you?


To be fair, I can understand waiting to use whatever means of power you have to promote a change when you feel powerless, hurt and angry. Power feels damn good, especially when compared to swallowing anger. But there is a pitfall that can happen if you run entirely with those emotions instead of taking some time to really weigh things out, whether by meditation or divination. You end up becoming a slave to your own impulses, which is counterproductive when you desire to become a sovereign being.

And I will not pretend I have always been like that. There are plenty of face palm moments when i look back at some of my journal entries and have to ask myself what the hell i was thinking at the time.


I just wanted to drop in and say I love you Oddnan. This topic was epic but this comment made my day!


This all of this! You Nailed it!


This explains why my life sucks, guilty lol.


In a civilization with a worldview which spurns occultists as charlatan predators upon superstition and ignorance, who the fuck else is going to take an interest in this shit?

Anyone seeking legitimate answers to anything on a board like this is up shit creek with absolutely no other recourse to turn to and/or has just experienced sum shit which defies mortal comprehension.

Chances are they want payback on someone. Shocker, right?

Bigger shocker still, they go hyper aggro and spill their guts about the pain they want payback for and spellbeg for nine months solid when they get into a site where they read anecdotes of success getting it.


Anyone here who would like to help me at my maths test which I have tomorrow? :grin:


I found that it is much more productive to put the energy into making your life better. I’ve thought about throwing a curse or two at someone but never did after thinking about it for a minute. Unless someone is a direct threat to you I don’t see the point in wasting the time and energy on them to curse them. Most assholes are the architects of their own destruction.


A history, true, my friend a very great witch say a guy come to my office yes office, offering a lot of money, $2000 euros, she say if he was sure, she say u emotiona l state mind, goal not are rgt now, u should do a cleaning etc, it be, $800,he say no. My friend get mad and told him here free for you. And the money get to animal shelters, etc but no taken tat, he leave, 4 months later he comeback enemies happy hes a mess, she told him i told you u have to clean yourself and then, do the curse wen u mind is fine, then he comeback ,and say did the curse enemies going mad, like losing their minds he use a spirt to make them talk. And forget all. Advice clean yourself, be in a strong mental state, and good things happen


Lolol! Nailed it.

On the plus side they don’t realise what a nice bunch we are, because they look like red shirts to me.


This was my favorite.

And to be honest, that’s probably the biggest issue. I mean… why in hell would someone prioritize fucking others instead of improving themselves?

Come on, I hate a lot of people too, there is this brother in law (half brother in law? does that exists?) I fucking hate with good reasons but instead of put a death hex on him (his going to die sooner or later anyway) I would rather get something free for myself. Or this girl who broke up with me overnight because she met someone else and I could spent hours researching for a weight-gain spell (since that was her nightmare) but I would rather do general research (I found Brand’s of power this way, he says there are some for emergency that can be used if you’re in danger of immediate danger). That’s more productive.

Still, I do get why there are good reasons to hex someone. Is just that those good reasons do not appear in the forum as often as the petty ones.

Aaaaanddd… @A_Pariah remember me to get you a box of alfajores. You deserve it!



Oh Indeed, indeed, indeed. A thousand times indeed! Trying to justify and rationalize all the little horrific things we think and do to others is just as big a waste of time as writing a thread mocking and complaining about it, and just as absurd.

Both predispose approval is sought and called for from others, so tell me @AdamThoth who’s ego needed a boost today to make them feel better about being themself from this hmm? Serious question BTW…Maybe.

Now in the neverending quest to help others with improvement i must point out yet again people on this forum whined for months for a mute option but now that they have it, somehow they keep forgetting it’s there, a curious case of amnesia no doubt. :thinking:

So in future if anyone sees things on here they find obtuse yet don’t break the rules i recommend using it, and if the overwhelming desire rises in thy breast to notify all on how your just so, so much better then them, so much wiser, purer. Than I HIGHLY recommend playing this song.

Might help put things in their proper perspective and certainly, hopefully remind them of their role on this particular issue.

With that being said, by all means please carry on with the meaningless pedantic righteous circlejerk. :+1::smiley:


Put a curse on his ass now. :imp:


in my very limited mind I like to see myself as the hero and the person in total control over my impulses but also as the harbinger of eternal misery to that little shit who stole my already paid parking lot for the seventh time in a row. So I will do exactly this:

as long as it serves my self image.




:laughing: well couldn’t be me, my ego is already as inflated as a new year’s day parade balloon floating down time square and just as full of hot air :laughing:
I made this post for the laughs. And achieved the goal I would say :wink:


I don’t think the issue is with their procrastinating, work ethic or personality per se but it most certainly is about a lack of self-knowledge.