Ideas for Talismans

A question for a project I think I want to start on. If you could have any one Relic, Ritual Tool or Talisman what would it be? You are free to take inspiration from whatever grimoires you choose to. I think EA’s Haitian Voudoun Training Course is a good guideline of the sort of thing I am looking for. Go wild. Let loose with your wildest dreams. I need some ideas for what I should try and make.

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Yo maybe you wanna study orgonite technology before building you talisman

Orgonite is a mix of organic material (like stones, crystal, gems) and inorganic materiel like gold, copper, silver and other metals

Orgonite creates an energy called orgone. This energy have many names like: chi, prana, scalar wawes, 5 element, life force, sexual energy, orgone etc

And actually in star wars this energy is the same as “the force”

If you decide to build your talisman the orgonite way make sure the stones and metals are in powder form (bigger surface area) and put it together with epoxy resin in a mold form

Let the force be with you!

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Only one?

A simple 8lb sledge on a long handle. I’ve been wanting a new athame for ages, and that one just screams at me to consecrate.

And it would make a fantastic touchstone and talisman


A phurba has interesting properties


In all honesty I think swords are very powerful ritual objects because of the connotations of power and utility they offer. If I had the space for a fairly functional ritual sword or similar tool I’d get one. On a talisman a swordlike symbol can offer aggressive protection or store energy that can be easily directed through a point. Crosses are used in a similar manner but an inverted crucifix has a more threatening, swordlike shape. And the regular crucifix was a torture tool anyway.
(Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that Good Christians idolize thier savior’s weapon of death as holy?)


Is Christianity a kind of death cult? Perhaps.

But I am a believer who still practices magick.

Now, for the “perfect talisman”. I’ll stick with a traditional pendant or medallion. Something that helps grant wishes and strengthen astral senses.

That’s about all.

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I agree with you. Sword is pretty good choice. I as well am working on my own sword. I am storing energy in it. I only need to add and fuse crystals or stones now that would help me balance this energy , and help sword absorb the energy that i am offering and putting into it in easier manner. When that is done, it will be plenty of energy stored into it and when each piece of stone will be connected to both me,my energy, and my stone. It will be wonderful. I have future plans as well regarding it.


Depends on your system of methods that you are using for working, and on your goal which you wish to accomplish. But if i am to pick one , i think i would go with symbol of Chaos.

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@CasperK I think I will go with something more traditional: blood. Orgonite certainly isn’t the only source of that energy or energy in general for that matter. Fundamentally speaking this power isn’t really even of this world.

Also, if a servitor or a group of servitors can be bound to the talisman to serve a purpose or several purposes. A general, all-purpose talisman for instance.

What do you all think about talisman that connect Sun sigils and correspondences with Mars sigils and correspondences? Like, on one side of talisman have Sun sigils, and on other side Mars. Someone made something similar?