I was incredibly successful

ah okay. Well word to the wise…if you’re looking to cast a love spell, and part of the love spell involves collecting graveyard dirt…that’s probably a sign that you should rethink casting the spell :smile: When i first read this, it sounded like you used the intranuil spirits to attract this girl…because that spell involves summoning dead people to torture the mind of the target with thoughts of being with you…and so im thinking that this spell probably does something similar


Could you post the spell you used, I’m just curious.

Wow ! Where did you get that spell from?

1.do you think,vanilla essence would also work,if i dont find the oil?
2.What do you do with all the ingredients once completed the chanting?
3.I am a girl…so i dont have semen,also tell me please how to proceed regarding that
4.What is the azazels flame chant?
Thanks a ton!

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Replace semen with blood from your cycle and you’ll have who you desire HOOK LINE AND SINKER


thanks but can u please answer to my questions 1 , 2 and 4 ?I need info.thanks

Hi, can you write this process in step by step for newbie?
I am so curious on how you get grayard dirt?
Thanks :pray:

Hey I know alot of people already asked you u this but can you write out the process pleas? thank you <3

Can you give me step by step process?