I need major help Coronavirus

Hello ok so… apparently I’ve came into a agreement with baal or asherah unknowingly. I don’t know how to undo mind magick I’ve been casting spells just by thinking, I’ve hurt people unknowingly. I’m not a God so apparently they are using to influence and destroy humanity, I had no idea about this I need it reversed I’m looking for a highly racked person to help me reverse this. I have a family and my city is in danger I also have the evil eyes, it definitely has something to do with the asherah the queen of heaven. I joined a circle a clearly I’ve been used for there greed, everyone is talking like ms dressing like me and even popping up with my business ideas. Also felt something in my left hand moving, definitely some jinn magic as well, I don’t know how to tell them I don’t want to be part of them and I swear it was all unknowingly I was tricked into coming into agreement. People are dying and need people who willing to not just save me my family or city or career but humanity, please I did not want these powers or wanted to be a fallen angel please

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Until you’ve explained your experience in you intro, I’m going to assume you’re new to magik

It’s very unlikely that you’re doing any of this. You have to put effort and thoughtfully-guided intention into really hurting people via magik. It’s possible to curse people by thinking really badly of them, but it’s not that easy to do. If it was, I really don’t think there would be 7.5 billion of us.

I think you need to slow down and unpack each issue one by one. There’s no reason to assume they’re all related just yet, or that they’re related to you personally.

You are not responsible for people getting Corvid-19, and if you were a carrier, that wasn’t magik, that’s biology.

First questions first - Why do you think Ba’al or the goddess Asherah are involved, and why do you think those entities are randomly baneful?


I was supposed to be a regular corporate job, I went on business trip to Reno Nevada, I was about to leave my flight got delayed. I was on a plane I seen a the bathroom signal turn green and red a Male and female sign, i swear I thought this dude was asking to date me but was scared and didn’t know how to ask. I also thought something would happen if I didn’t answer, they would have bell partys every time 2 for 3 sales it was called ringing the bell. Literally did I know the more sales I made the spirits I got the dude name was OBE as in out of body experiences. I don’t know if I been killed everything I think,like, and love has been tainted. The sent out the census act known in most cultures is when someone has the evil eye, I cant look at anyone without them getting sick, or hurt I swear it’s not intentionally. My birth year is popping up and baal is married to asherah I think she has my body, they call her the queen of heaven she also passes law, the dove. I have a son as well I know I’m in great trouble, even my business has extorted people are wearing rings on there index fingers every to protect them from the evil eye. They say its til death but I don’t believe it I know it can be undone somehow, I never wanted the power

Coronavirus? Are you saying you created it through magic?

You don’t have any power that you’ve explained so far. You’re winding yourself up over nothing. This is called ‘paranioa’ and you should talk to a therapist.

And you didn’t answer the question.You really need to stop and think.

Asherah is a high level goddess, these entities rarely posses anyone,and not without invitation as far as I know… why do you think she is possessing you?

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I agree that this seems like your mind is running away with you and making worse case scenarios, and honestly they will seem very real because that’s how life works.

I’m not sure studying more magick is going to help you, will you consider talking to someone you trust in your offline life. like a doctor or a tutor if you did college, someone that has a sound head on their shoulders, about this?

I’m worried about you, these things happening are from far deeper causes and not something you did by mistake. :dove:


No, she says she went on a business trip and may have transmitted it.

So did I. There’s no proof unless she tested positive after, which I doubt. :woman_shrugging: And it doesn’t matter as those people might have got it elsewhere anyway. That’s how pandemics work, so… no she isn’t responsible.

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I didn’t create it I was tricked into doing so unknowingly the job would have me in places where it’s mostly black and Spanish people. It was their plan all along, I think I’ve sacrificed as well, I think was a circle and because I knew something wasn’t right and stayed around they placed curses and hexs on I remember saying the name olay alot, I knew witches were Around and could not prove it. I can’t even listen to music without being demonized or look at anyone,it’ll become number 1 the most selling thing out all I know is I’m a slave and I need this zhit reversed cause I’m not getting paid someone else is profiting off my dreams and imagination

Okay I did some digging through my notes; this is basically a way to reverse the evil eye if you think you gave it by mistake. They will scale up to whatever your power is, so there’s no risk of these not working, they will scale to fit you just like people’s feet grow with them, from baby size to adulthood.

First, this needs to be done no more than once a day, and not every day, if you don’t feel like it that’s your energy telling you the stars are aligned wrong, or your energy field is out of synch.

Get a piece of paper or a document on a computer and quickly list the top three things you think you did the evil eye on, or hexed, or otherwise harmed, in ANY order, because the first three that come will be the right ones to choose. You can always do more another day.

Visualise the person, place, of situation, with your eyes closed.


  • I Bless You

  • I Love You

  • I Appreciate You

  • I’m Sorry

  • Thank You.

This is called BLAST (Bless, Love, Appreciate, Sorry, Thank) and it’s a powerful method with the virtue of being fully embedded in the global mind, for dispelling unwanted negativity, and it works especially well to neutralise unwitting bad energy you sent to someone else.

Can you do this?

You can write the words down, read them aloud or in your mind, you don’t need to struggle hard to see the person or situation all through, just do it at the start and then after you’ve spoken them.

If you let me know how this works, in a few days, I will try and walk you through something else, but this is the best way to kind of ground that energy that you raised.

And I meant what I said about speaking to someone you trust in offline life, because our minds can become echo chambers sometimes and really get quite hard to see which way’s up.


Okay, I don’t want to shit on you and I don’t speak for others, but I’d have to get more information before I could help you in any way. I mean no offense but the way you articulate things is sort of chaotic.

So let’s start at the beginning. From what I could glean above, you joined some sort of magical group? Tell us about that.

One important thing to remember in all this (at least in my experience) is that just because you may dabble, it doesn’t mean every single thing that occurs is related to magic. When you can rule out the mundane and all you have left is the magical explanation, then yes, it most likely is.

Coronavirus has affected millions of people worldwide. One event in China has had a ripple effect across the globe. Is it magic? Perhaps it’s what’s called “lesser magic”. Not only are people getting sick and dying from it, but people are losing jobs, the economy that people depend on is collapsing, and the worst is yet to come when the pandemic is over.

As for the “black and Spanish people” comment, again, I will stress that the virus affects millions of people across the world and it doesn’t discriminate based upon petty human social politics or constructs.


I don’t practice magic they did rituals on me unknowingly, I’m not crazy I’ve never played with magic I just know it’s not regular magic at all, this is elite corporate runs the world. I can’t look at anyone or think of anyone without them having to be seen or they get hurt, I can’t think without it happening I’ve never played or did magic ever in my life. My whole life has been out of balance since October, I keep seeing the infinity sign and it’s as if people will know my thoughts if I’m around them. I can think something rude and it’s as if they know, am I blind witch idk but never asked for it. I said I wanted a metro shower it’s in the news a metro shower is coming, wtf they did Idk i want to be a regular human that’s all

Your writing style I can get around but it was jumbled and incoherent in some sense.

I’m confused. Are you hold against your will by this group, “the corporate” or your mind?

It’s best to ask direct questions because I was assumed you were used for your ability to curse. You are self aware. You realise you’ll be a product of your environment. You may possess an ability but can only go so far as to imagination and self burden. It’s a deep, long road.

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I remember something about working my LOA law of averages, they are primarily based in uk so I’m assuming it’s chaotic magick and mind magick, they would get mad when I didn’t hang with the some about vaule or cost. I had a leader so I’m assuming it was a occult and remember him saying “You know your going to hell right”?? How can I go to hell if I was unaware???

What magic have you done you contradicting a bit now.

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In my experience any entity that works with people have to have some type of permission… UNLESS they are rogue. Even then most of this is screaming thoughtforms to me. HOWEVER, Lady_Eva gave you great advice.

I truly believe to get help from a doctor or therapist. These messages are so jumbled they make no sense.

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This who topic is confusing me. Do you think you cause the virus? If so you didn’t. That was caused by a power stronger then me or you.

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By “elite corporate” do you mean the Illuminati?

Spirtually I am how do they know my thoughts??? They would be mad every time I left or didn’t spend time with them

You’re not making a lot of sense here hun, have you been eating and sleeping properly recently?