I need major help Coronavirus

None I guess it’s with my mind idk how to stop it all know is it’s not regular, I’m going to need some who really knows their magick.

Did you read the stuff I posted?

This is worrying me you seem so lost into your own thoughts that I cannot even discern what you are even trying to say.


I don’t at cast like a normal person. But I know I am always in control and aware of my Magick.


Nobody can help you unless you start making sense. If what you are saying is true, why not try to help yourself first?


I guess me continually going and taking off my seat belt was the permission. Once again I didn’t know it was magic until after I noticed my thoughts were not mine any more and everything started to happen, I started looking at information and it started to make sense.b

I work in the medical field and hun I am truly concerned. This sounds like you are having some type of paranoia and really need to get medical advice from a therapist or a doctor.


Please don’t be rude because you have more knowledge on the spirtual realm and magic, I’ve been dealing with this for 8 months now and I know for a fact a hoodoo priestess is not going to just fix this. None this was intentionally or something I planned, astral projecting isn’t for everyone and I agreed to something I wasn’t clear of, because I’ve been negative and worried those are the things I’ve been bringing into existence. Magick isn’t for everyone or for people to play with, people do set out traps for people unknowingly. Am I for sure the pandemic happened because of me I’m not sure,have I been astral projecting for months yes I have. Sorry for talking in circles, it’s been hard for me to focus. I’m not crazy I’ve never been diagnosed with anything my whole entire life ever.

When did you last get some sleep?

I understand but you can come into agreement with spirits unknowingly and witches and warlocks can set out things for you to fulfill for them. It’s possible I’m not for sure about the virus but as in mind magick being part of a bubble and astral projecting and allowing spirits to enter I’m not crazy. It was witch school and I have it reversed

Thank you eva just by you telling me to repeat those words has helped get some focus and grounding. Yesterday but they inciated me in sleep and have been feeding me its hard to sleep no lie

You truly can’t. Magick is about consent. Free will makes sure if this. Unless it is a parasite. Have you been to a cemetery or maybe found something in. The ground or hidden in a house or even at store? Playing with spirit boards unprotected can even cause this. But to be as deep as you are you had to have consent. I am born witch, but my Magick growth didn’t start until I gave consent. I have always had visions and see spirits but as far as spell casting that didn’t start until I decided to follow the path that was calling to me. I got stronger every time I consented to working with human or demon alike. You can not be forced to be a witch.

As for this mind Magick. This is a way I cast. I can cast as a normal person too, but I am strong enough and have a firm grip of who I am as me now and my past lives.

If you think you are casting you had to make a decision at the minimum to “become a witch.” I could have been a at any point of your life.

To be this controlled is just not possible without consent. You have a lot of strong witches and magicians trying to help you. You just need to listen to us. We have decades of experience with all types of Magick and want to help you but you need to

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I still stand by getting professional help please. This really really reminded me of former people I worked with that had some type of undiagnosed condition.


Because I keep seeing her symbols everywhere, I might be confused as in :arrow_down_small:,:taurus:,⚕,:recycle:. Numbers 4:44, 23,32,96,69. I’ve never been into symbols or anything just keeps popping up

Can you become a witch by looking at things??? Or is it a parasite??? It was a witch school not a regular job that’s what I’m saying

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I didn’t know it was witch school that’s what I saying I’ honey it wasn’t a regular job, I’m a blind witch a don’t want to be.

That would be consent my dear. If you went there know that. And stayed there. That’s your consent.

Im 100% confused. One minute you say no magick, no experience now it went from job to a witch school?

Somethings very off. But @Angelb1083 is right.


Parasites can do anything. For example I had one make me truly angry and hate the love of my life to the point that I was pretty much verbally abusive to him trying to get rid of him. I honestly don’t remember everything I did or said now that it is gone.

Rude? I didn’t realize stating the truth was rude. By that logic, you’ve been rude multiple times in this thread. You’ve branded everybody as “crazy” for practising magic, for instance.

I’m not sure where you gathered that I have “more knowledge” on the spiritual realm and magic, when I’m a noob? I’ve tapped into forces I do not understand, and I’ve astral projected, but I’m certainly not a full blown expert on the subject. I’m here to learn and expand my knowledge, so they one day I can communicate with deities and increase my power.

You have two options here. Take control of your life and combat this perceived “control” with magic.

You’ve said you want an “ordinary” life, though. So my next advice would be to seek mental help, get on some pills, anti-psychotics will block your connection with magic and you will be back in what I call the world of sleep.

Other than that, there’s nothing more I can say. I’m done here. Good luck.