I look for help to be able to evoke goetic spirits. some structured ritual?

Does anyone know the structure of a ritual to evoke goetic spirits? or could you tell me where I can investigate? Thanks in advance.


For the approach many of us use, try this:

He describes the principles very clearly in that. :+1:


:point_up: That lecture is really really good.

My favorite method to suggest is void gazing. Sit in a dark dark place and stare down a hallway or at an open door. Try to do it in a quiet place too. It’s basic sensory deprevation but the open physical space of the door and the open-eyed trance work well on me.

You can blink and shift your body around. Breathe however you want and let your mind wander. See if you can scare yourself really bad. I bet you can if you keep trying. You should probably banish the room or take a bubble bath with some sage burning or whetever sets you right after that.

The fear creates a response in your subconcious. If you try to convince yourself that a dog sized spider is hanging upside down above your head and you manage to freak yourself out, that’s a lot like evocation.


I have a black sand and white sage ritual I do with my group.
It opens a portal that one can use to as invitation for commune.
I do use a sigil and blood let upon those beings I wish to commune with.
It is one we did this evening and it is actually very effective.
I did it with Belial and had these results.
First time and very powerful experience


In the third picture down you can see where he intentionally manipulated for a yes answer. The very question was will you work with me Belial and show me your hidden knowledge.
It’s been an amazing journey every since.
If you’d like the ritual notes, for me, sharing is never a problem!:slight_smile:just message me and I’d be happy to share!!


We have a list of tutorials written by members, if you want to post it publicly we can add it to that list? :smiley:

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Tutorials? Like as
In video tutorials or written ones?:slight_smile:

That link I posted is a list of written tutorials done by members.

This for example is one of my own:

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Ok that sounds like something I’d like to do!! Thank you for the invitation to contribute:)
I am going to be posting this ritual as well on my channel tomorrow.
I love to commune and share my journey with the Ancients:)


You’re welcome, the forum is all about members doing things for other members, as you probably saw in the welcome PM I sent you, I am a volunteer mod and that directory, anyone on here who has a written post on here with a tutorial can add their link to it, even if there is something similar on there because different approaches speak to different people. :smiley:


what is the steo by step guide of doing this method

You could always look to my major Goetic operation for ideas on how you could do things.

It’s not really for everyone, but there are some methods posted in it. I Finished Binding the 72 of the Ars Goetia!

I am currently developing this spell to share over in that section that Lady Eva suggested, however the short form is this.
Gather for yourself
-Black sand
-White sage
-Candles arranged on your altar (quarter candles and contemplation candle the color of Ancient you desire to commune with)
-The sigil or symbol of the specific spirit you wish to call upon or the variation is to have an empty black bowl of water or black scry on your table if you intend to invite any spirits to commune.

Cast your circle and protections in place
Call upon the elements to your table
Then as you ignite the sage upon the flame you speak
“ Sand of Black
Sage of white
Restore our vision
Renew our site.”
Repeat three times
Then begin to focus your intent and energy and envision that your energy is a door or gate opening within the rising smoke
Begin your mantra or enn and say it with the utmost emphasis as you extend your energy . Say it as many times as you feel you need to until you sense the presence (tingling ears ringing rushes of energy sudden stillness or even sudden flickering or spiraling of the smoke and candles)
You will notice then the atmosphere changes and you may seen the smoke begin to react to the presence of the spirits.
If you intent to have the session be open for all spirits, be aware you may be communing with just about any eschelon or type of being including spirits of those ascended. Test the spirits always and weigh for yourself if the spirit speaks truthfully or not.
Once you are finished with your commune, repeat the words once
And then say
“ This is a time that is not time
A place that is noplace
A moment that stood still
Return to that time and place and moment of your origin and depart from me peacefully until I call again”
BURY the burning sage in the black sand there by snuffing it out.
Remember, all these things are symbols and methods of this construct to commune and learn from.
The intent and focus of your energy is the key to truly opening a portal for commune.
I have an abbreviated version on my channel of this that I did for visual purposes before my own commune last night.


Just watched your video :heart: it!

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sorry, I had not read that the ritual had already been shared. Thank you.