When should i try an evocation?

So as i practice, i get better at what im suppose to do. Ive been journaling my experience and it seems the stronger the intent, the better the magic feels. And once the spell is cast its like the intent leaves me thru the spell and into the world.

Ive only done invocations to commune with demons, but i want to try an evocation for dantalion cuz hes the one ive been working with the longest & feel the most comfortable with.

How do you go about evoking? Do i need a circle of salt or something or is that unnecessary? Do i chant the enn til i feel the energy build up and then ask the spirit to appear before me?

Ive also read on reddit that evocation is considered rude to the spirits. I just want to start evoking to build a better bond with the spirits and to improve my magical prowess

Thanks to everyone in advance!

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Nice! Sounds like you’re going great, that’s exactly how it works :smiley:

You can use the tutorials here to try it out, or you can follow the methods from a book.

Here’s a simple and easy to use evocation ritual that is close to what I do, and I use sigils not enns:

No it’s not rude at all, they rather like it usually, as the physical realm is interesting and fun for them. They would like to be able to manifest in it on demand and walk the Earth, but it takes a lot of energy so we help.

As far as I know, the idea that “evocation is rude” is an opinion taken by followers of the religious current called Demonolatry, who worship “demons”. Enns are from demonolatry. Which is why most entities don’t have enns. Me, I’m allergic to religion and see worship as anti ascension, disempowering and disrespectful to yourself, so I don’t use enns because they feel kind of… eh, tainted? to me. But that’s just me, if they work for you then that’s great. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. :smiley:


I dont really wanna worship demons either i just wanna have a working relationship with them.

I took a look at that thread & i think ill try it!

As far as protections go, LBRP & elemental circle calling on 4 elemental kings is all i know. Any advice there would be appreciated

Traditionally there are the circle and triangle, some feel that they are likewise rude but actually it’s possible a “scientific” interpretation such as the circle symbolizing a sphere and thus the magician would stand at the center of the universe; the triangle, instead of a figure where the spirit is forced into, corresponds to the 3 physical dimensions.
But sometimes the circle, instead of being drawn or formed, is only visualized or indeed even omitted (which may be done also for the triangle). After this digression, a possible approach to evocation is based on sigil gazing: looking at the sigil of an entity until it “opens”.
The evocator spends some time to familiarize with a spirit or an entire grimoire/magical system, then enters trance, gaze at the sigil, repeat a conjuration in order to have the entity appear in the smoke of incense or a scrying device, gives welcome and state the request or ask for information, thanks and politely dismiss, finally thoughts about the ritual and its goal are put aside.

Well all your question will be answered in,

  1. Evoking eternity by E. A Koetting
  2. Demons of Magick by Gordon winterfield
  3. Ars nobilis by Brother Cernunos (I am sorry but i don’t know how to type his name properly)

If you are afraid to see demons faces,

  1. Goetia path working by Corwin Hangrove
  2. Angel and demons (i forgot the author)
    With that you will get proper knowledge on how to evoke spirits, and all the misconception will be cleared.
    if you want more titles say and i will keep going :innocent:

I dont think i am afraid, more curious but there is slight anxiety from never seeing a demon before.

I have gordon winterfields book. Plus ive invoked a lot in the last few weeks im familiar with the energy and personality of the spirit i think hell be okay with an evocation and maybe even flattered that i chose him for my first one lol

Do i have to use the invocation psalm in gordons book or is there another way?

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