I have no idea what i did and it scares me please help

So after i showered i stood in front of a mirror fully naked… I called on lilith for assistance in a spell… Mind you i am very very new at this … I have zero experience and no idea at all on how to summon/invoke… But at 3 am… A woman’s voice woke me up… I think i need to do a house cleansing ritual… All of my rage is eating me alive… And now im hearing voices


welcome to the occult this is what happens you called on Lilith and she answered


Lady Eva’s 1st Law of Magick: “When you do weird shit, expect weird shit to start happening.”

This was JUST a phenomenon, you are fine, you are simply seeing reality being a little less real than before. It’s like when they update something in Windows software and other things break as a result, you’re playing with the “code” of reality.

Take a few deep breaths, calm yourself, eat something or read a calming book.


the occult can drive you mad I’ve heard voices felt someone watching me got responses from ouija boards feel like the spirits are standing behind me always whispering into my ear feel like reality is a false projection become disconnected with family and life etc


I’ve questioned my sanity thought about going to a mental hospital felt like I was becoming psycho etc there is more to just this reality you open the doors and nothing is the same again


my tarot cards fell out while i was reading this they mostly speak to me in three cards here what they are telling me.

you are scared because you are alone you need to learn how to banish look up the lbrp or another one remember to banish anytime you feel afraid but sometimes that isnt always the best option.

you have a gift that most people have to work hard to get you have clairaudince some have to work for years to get it to the point to hear spirits without trying. you have your pathway open the world is yours do not fear it connect with it.


@Lady_Eva How was i able to do it though… I didn’t do any sigils and stuff… I just faced the mirror and said what came to mind… I dont even remember what i said exactly


that’s how it works magick is power mind power at that


spirits will always hear you when you call. some just dont understand that.


Is that also the reason why it suddenly rains when i do a spell?


it can be i think i remmeber seeing someone else having the same experince when doing something

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Sigils are a relatively modern thing, people crying out to a god or goddess, local nature spirit, etc., to help are ancient, they probably happened for our pre-human ancestors (if you believe in straight-up evolution) because all mammals when in distress will seek help from something more powerful that gives aid and relief of suffering - we learn it as babies.

Boobs are the reason we have magick and religion at all, if we evolved from spiders this would be a totally different discussion.


I had to google what clairaudience is… Yeah… I do hear a lot of buzzing sounds a lot… I just thought it was somerhing medical

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nope you just have to learn to tune into the buzzing to understand what they are trying to tell you,


I never gave you permission to provide a pithy summation of my life.



Nah, sounds like you’re on the right track. Why not follow it and see where it goes?

Which is madder: when you’re woken at 5am by the doorbell ringing, only to realise your bell doesn’t sound like that and also, the noise came from the ceiling - to actually get up and check the front door, (just in case but knowing that’s not it), or, roll over going ‘sorry guys I’m not a morning person’ and go back to sleep even though someone possibly important wants to talk to you?


I would actually end up checking the front door just to be sure it’s not for me​:joy::joy::joy:


@Mulberry… I guess the next time she wakes me up again i’ll try not to freak out and listen to what she has to say


It’s scary at first but when I am scared I use this saying to remind me that it is all a part of the experience and to help change the years of dogma and programming. “Daemons were Gods before they were Demons” think of it like you would angels, jesus (as I was a christian so I would use these, please insert your own views or mod it as needed) or a new person, you would most likely not be scared by them. Daemons were at one point a God or Goddess before humans disagreed with each other and started killing each other and made them Demons. I am still new to this and I have only now gotten to the point of not letting this kinda fear rule me (tho I will undoubtedly still get scared as I continue on my journey) and just letting things happen to see what happens and being happy when weird shit occurs as that means that something is working. :slight_smile: I know this is not the be all end all it and others could do a better job of explaining with their experience but it is what helped me. Also reading all of the amazing stories others have shared has helped me to realize that Daemons can be a friend, family, lover, partner, mentor and the thing that turns your life around so long as you are willing to put in the work. It is amazing really. :slight_smile:


Thnak you for that… At least now i know i wasn’t imagining it… I was just suprised that it knew my name… And it was a voice i’ve never heard before