I have a question about " Lucifer And The Hidden Demons " by Theodore Rose

Hello, I am just wondering if anyone here has had success with the book " Lucifer And The Hidden Demons " by Theodore Rose and what are your experiences with it and thoughts on the book.


Have you tried doing a search? There are multiple threads about people’s experiences with this book that might be useful.


Oh Sorry… I’m still figuring out the interface of the site and all its functions since I’m new here. Also this is the first forum I have ever joined so I’m not used to how forums are laid out.

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No worries, man. Since you aren’t familiar, the magnifying glass in the upper right is the forum’s search function. Just click on it, and type in your terms when you want to look for something.


Thank you so much for understanding and helping out I really appreciate it

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The pathworkings in the book are simple and much more powerful than you might think.

If you already have a job or a source of income, some of the pathworkings to the demons responsible for money, will allow even more money to flow to you, it can be a little slower if you’re unemployed though.

All in all, the pathworkings are effective and the demons deliver!

Highly recommended


It’s the fact that the rituals are so “ABC simple” that I haven’t used it ( yet ). I also understand that, since you are going to the demons rather than calling them to you, protective measures aren’t necessary. That sounds a bit dicey to me but, if you’ve had success with it I shall give it a try. Do you notice if the pathworkings give better results than evocation, or is it about the same?

Evocation is weak comparing to invocation. Bane workings include evocations and that’s why some people are desperately looking for witches to hire. Talking about the book the workings based on invocation and visualisation work excellently.

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I also use no props ( robes, incense, daggers, etc… ), doing everything on a spiritual level with a ton of visualization, a deep understanding of what I’m saying and doing and why, infusing the words I speak with the proper qualities, using the force of my will, intent, focus, desires, sincerity ( and sincerity seems to be a big deal to demons and I don’t blame them ) and emotions, pushing all of that as much as I can into the ritual. The demons show up and respond quite readily.

As far as casters and rituals for hire, I think it’s BS and people claiming to offer such services are rip off artists IMO. In my own experience, the demons want the person desiring the results to contact them their own selves and not thru others. As far as “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons”, I remember that it says to first go to Lucifer, imagining yourself in a rock-strewn desert. Then asking Lucifer to let you speak to a “middle man” demon, and asking him to let you speak to the demon you are going to petition. After the petition is made and you and the demon are in agreement, thank it for listening to you and doing whatever it is you ask for you then reverse the steps, thanking each demon for letting you speak to the next, finally arriving back to the rock-strewn desert and thanking Lucifer. Is that about right? Do your desired results come more quickly? I ask because I have yet to buy a copy for the reasons I stated earlier. Thank you for your response :slight_smile: \m/


Hmmm… actually thanks comes when the petition is fulfilled. The visualisations needed as pathworking i do it a little different like past, present and future and bless the entities involved. That’s why is good to have a witchy calendar to write the workings down and later see how much time it was needed to manifest or not and why… Strange things you dreamed, or stuff what happened during the ritual or after are omens and there are even patterns and paradigms related to it.

I really enjoy the pathworking, have found it entirely safe. The Demons have a variety different energies or personalities, I found. Astaroth, for example, always feels really heavy to me when I am there, and I was a bit freaked out at first. But now that energy feels familiar and I really enjoy recognizing it.

As far as the efficacy goes:

My cat was very ill last summer and was being treated in emergency when I pathworked to Lucifer and asked protect and heal my cat, to not let him suffer. Kitty made it through, but his recover took a long time. He just had a checkup last week (8 months later) and his heart murmur is completely gone, he is no longer dehydrated or blocked in his intestine, and his kidneys are working fine again. I’m so grateful.

I’m not sure if it’s related but I was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago, and my last two tests came up negative so I’m in remission.

I actually pathwork just to visit, thank the demon for any and all assistance (even that which I don’t see or sense) and request counsel or wisdom. I haven’t used LHD for many concrete things, mostly informal consultation and conversation with the demon kings and dukes. If I need something specific from the Demon Servents, I usually keep those requests more formal.

These were the first demons I worked with and I found them to be gentle and helpful.


I understand that the simplicity of the book itself, makes one doubtful, however the path-workings serve as an evocation in and of itself.

With both evocations and pathworkings, I sense the presence of the demons, for example at the beginning of March, when I first used the book, I felt a strong gust of wind and a powerful presence behind me, it was actually stronger than traditional evocations.

All in all, I’d say it’s actually a little bit stronger with the pathworkings, because you’re kind of going to where that demon would actually reside and knowing that in that exact moment that you do the pathworkings in the book, that they are there, with you.


Ok so i can call every day different purpose,? Since i dnt want to annoy lucifer,? Any ideas thanks.

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Oh jeez I’m back at it again.

You can do a ritual from this book every day if you really want to. The demons won’t be annoyed.

Here’s what I do. Think about what you want. Maybe write down your thoughts in your journal. Then look over the powers and see which demons have powers that can help you get what you want. Then do one ritual each day, asking the demons for their wisdom and assistance.

Lucifer has never been annoyed with me for summoning him.

I suggest you make your request to the demons just like their power is described in the book. Let’s say you want to summon Maggid, to encourage others to bestow gifts upon you. First, you summon Lucifer and ask that he allow you to summon Asmodi and Maggid. Then you summon Asmodi, and ask that Asmodi allow you to summon Maggid. Then, after you summon Maggid, you ask that Maggid allow others to bestow gifts upon you. Maggid may then communicate with you, sending you thoughts or images or feelings, but even if you don’t feel much, you then thank the demon, thank Lucifer, imagine the rock-strewn desert where you began, and then get up and get on with your day, knowing that the magick is done.


So, my story of LHD.

I am a goof, so please understand I didn’t mean any harm.
I did the Lucifer Pathworking, and met Lucifer. First thing I ask is, “Are you really Lucifer?”
He rolls his eyes.
I’m like “shit, alright I am gonna come back because I didn’t do this right.”
Second time I invoke, I am on a bus. I ask him if he is offended that I used to call myself Lucifer.
He rolls his eyes, and begins to talk, and the bus hits a pot hole and I wake up. Shit…
Third time, I go to Invoke, and he’s not there at all.
I wasted Lucifer’s time. Lawd.

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@Niantiel69 Could you help me please? There is last part of King Lucifer’s pathwork, I can’t understand it properly and translate it into my language, could you clarify it for me?

@Snuck18 Is the part you don’t understand the tree? Or some other part?

Add: If the tree then it would be similar to this googled picture but different color. Silver instead of red (or like stainless steel appliance color if the word silver doesn’t translate well).

Regular tree bark silver (shiny pale grey) coming out of it instead of red and the tree in the ground not floating in a white empty space like this picture


And drops is like :droplet: but silver (steel like color).

If it’s something else though!that’s giving you trouble I don’t think I’ll be able to help you figure it out.