I give up

Hi guys.So am feeling extremely down today.Ive tried everything possible to have my ex husband finally agree to settle and leave me and the children alone. I wish someone could help me .Am tired of living at my folks house . I would do anything to get this done.
I feel so bad for my children.


What is it exactly? Folks house? What do you mean? What do you want help for? Sorry for my intrusiveness

Parents. OP is living with their parents.

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Found out terrible things about my ex husband . example he had another family in another country and he was also a pedofile. Left him and reported him. He’s very rich so he paid the cops to detain me for days and paid judge too. Have been beaten and humiliated. Took my kids and came to live with my parents, far away from him. He took everything.Cleaned out bank accounts, took the house, everything. It’s almost two years and nothing has changed. I just want him to settle for the kids and just leave us alone.He is a high profile person so he doesn’t want all this to get out.I tried going to press but the judge he paid gave me a gag order.We live in constant fear

Did you do the things @Dralukmun suggested here?

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summon Archangel Michael, he is good with protection and justice, alternatively, you can ask Belial or Lucifer for help

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I have been trying to work on getting a place first and move from my parents but as long as he’s around my parents house is the safest for now. I just want him to stop doing all he’s doing to us and once I’ve got the divorce and moved to my own place I would do a spell to probably make him crazy or maybe more extreme. There is zero privacy at my parents house, zero .

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I’ve tried all this the best I can. The past 2 weeks I’ve been praying and trying to connect with Saint expedite but nothing is happening. Don’t know what’s wrong.

have you tried evocation of Archangel Michael or Lucifer or Belial? you can either 3 to help you, Lucifer and Michael with protection and attack, Belial if you need protection too, but mostly for attack i think

Since I can’t have an altar, I pretty much draw their sigil, chant the enn and say what I’d like help with. But for Archangel Michael I mostly call out his name and state my wish . Maybe am doing something wrong.

you need to do this untill the evocation is successfull

you can also evoke him
look for his sigil on here

One problem you’re going to have is getting in the way of the working. Especially with emotionally charged things. If someone else were to do this for you, you can still get in the way of it. Just something to be aware of.

Hi Sam, hope you find this helpful:

Vine - to break his will, your ex husband who works with others (very effective when somebody will work with lawyers, pay off a judge etc.)

Seer - will bring swift resolution to your situation

Ipos- to make yourself convincing, so next time you talk to the judge they will be charmed

Valefar- make your secretive ex husband confess that he is a pedophile unintentionally

Vassago- you can investigate what your ex husband hides from you, and bring awareness of what may come in relation to him

Agares- to assist you with communication next time you talk with judges and lawyers etc.

Bael- make your ex husband lose interest in you

Amducias - make your ex husband lose his will

Cimeries - remove your fears

Haures - bring justice upon your ex husband, he’ll suffer from emotional distress (and mental suffering)

Andromalius- bind him for extorting you

Dantalion - change his thoughts into settling and leaving you alone

Orias- change his mind without any words being spoken to him

Alloces- bind him so he can do no harm to you even though he may wish so

Furcas- make him feel guilty for his wicked actions

Shax - make his future plans go away from the correct path

Sabnock - make him exhausted

Forcalor - make him doubt himself

Marchosias- make him sense that you will always become victorious in all of the matters

Gaap - make him unable to concentrate

Forneus- to make your ex husband see the best in you

Astaroth - will give you an insight and practical solutions that you can apply to complex problems

Berith- give you the inner strength that you need

Aim- gives you courage when your situation becomes overwhelming

Paimon - cause confusion to your ex husband

Barbatos- make those in power respect you and notice you


How do you know when the evocation is successful?

fuck up his crown chakra that will ruin his reputation among other shit.

have a demon forcefully possess him to fuck him up from within

make his penis not work anymore give him an no sleep curse where he cannot sleep at all

Doesn’t this need a pro?

Why are you replying just to troll? What is wrong with you.

Try this:

It might seem minor but the internal shift will also fuel your magick. I really speak from experience here.

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