I feel like I'm failing like giving up

Damn I don’t know what to do I feel as if nothing is moving. I’ve done so many invocations/evocations to Lucifer but nothing third eye is open during rituals, I need him n love him but feel as if he doesn’t hear me or perhaps angry at me I don’t know but like every human u need a sign to continue something just to show that something is working all I need is one opportunity with him just one n I’ll form a strong bond with him but if anyone who is close to him can please ask for me what am I doing wrong or is he angry at so I can apologize I’ll do anything I just need him to show the way but now I feel like I’m alone even my requests r silent

He is listening trust me, it sounds to me like he’s testing you, don’t give up and don’t sell yourself short. You don’t need to apologize, you need to believe in yourself, self-doubt will drive the magician mad, like in your case. I suggest re-trying and going head first with all you got and use that energy of yours. :grin:


Ive been facing the same situation my friend, im trying my best but there seems to be no sign of any changes, but dont give up he knows that you are trying sometimes he likes to test us. Dont worry and never give up he will respond in a way, keep trying

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I haven’t gone the Lucifer route, but yesterday I had what felt like an absolute failure. No response, no sensations, nothing. I wrote the whole thing off. I was somewhere between “this is bunk” and “what did I do wrong.”

Hours later, it was the most subtle thing in the world. I wasn’t thinking about, wasn’t looking for it, but I suddenly had the same sensation you would get if your best friend had just walked in. I had the urge to hug something but there was nothing there to hug. Lol

In a few minutes the sensation left. It wasn’t so overwhelming that it removed all doubt. It wasn’t life-changing. But it was JUST enough to let me know I wasn’t alone. Like exactly enough.

Remove your doubt, open yourself, and be patient. Your doubt and worry can block the signals. Stay open and keep at it. Test or not, you’ll get your answer if you’re steadfast.

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I’m in the exact same situation, 8 months ago when I started I was getting all the success, got a calling from Lucifer started working with him and solved a big issue in my life but for the past 2 months not only with him but all my other magick is failing :frowning: every night I ask for guidance in dreams but nothing , tried sleeping with Sigil under pillow still nothing . I used to get dizzy and feel his energy just by reading or talking about him , but now I sit in rituals long time and feel nothing ! Makes me wonder if demons also leave us like humans when their role in our life is over ?

Maybe these can help from the Temple of Ascending Flame
The Ascending Flame
The Foundation of Draconian Magic
The Course
The Invocatino of Lucifer

The Temple of Ascending Flame Materials

Thee are other authors and books on Lucifer so maybe just reading them, tracing is sigil or doing some art with it, listening to his enn or writing it (I say writing instead of typing as you can do both but writing has always seemed to have more power to me.

Lucifer Enn:
Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

And a whole lot more.


Thanks I’ll continue to persist probably he is testing I mean there are things he has answered before it’s just I’m at a time of my life where I need him most if nothing happens I would failed a lot like have u ever been in a time where you looking at your success but you can’t get it I just feel maybe I’m going at this wrong I just love Lucifer or felt drawn to him but when I started this the thing first I saw in my dreams was Satan’s rose so… just thought maybe Lucifer might not appear


Also check out any of the threads on Lucifer her as well. I just reread his one:

Dont give up. Go harder,research more,sudy LUCIFERS MYTHOLOGY,learn his history. I pray to LUCIFER during the day for help and i thank him for listening. I gave up 2 or 3yss ago amd continued my babtist faith. But im back with more detirmination and dedication than ever.i know what it feels like loosing confidence but u have to let go of all your your doubts, as C Kendall says YOU HAVE TO LET GO .Im 3momths in but ive been researching,studying and practicing and after alot of hard work and screwing up i was granted with some sucess.BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF,Instead of thinking your failing think in a way that say u just havnt had success yet but know success is coming,take failure out of your path. Lucifer can here u


@Evokdby666 can you tell me where you got some good information on Lucifer? And Lilith if you have that handy. Is there a revered reference on here?

Yes there is a post on here ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LUCIFER and also look under user name C.Kendall.He has helped many on this site. In the past 3 to 4 months ive learned many sites on line will give false info as wrong planets,colors etc, but ive gained so much
from this site and Lucifers guidance.I cant help but to be cautious in giving advice being 3 to 4months in,but im compelled by LUCIFER to help in certian areas where people ask about hiim,his will flows thru me after being blessed by his presence and saturated in his energy. I Must stress using
the upmost respect with LUCIFER as the word and only word he left me with was RESPECT.When i performed STAR OF LUCIFER my room was a mess. I had not showered and was wearing a blue shirt. I was scolded but in a good way. Since then ive seen his face floating in my room at bedtime as a fiery red dragon wacthing me as if to let me know that even though i was scolded that he is still with me on good terms . Im a struggling single parent finiancially so my ability to purchase books is a no go but Lucifer guides and helps me.THANKS LUCIFER and may his guidance help you


Found and bookmarked. Thank you kindly.

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You are welcome. May i ask do have anything u can share that may i or someone may benefit from.

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seems like your very desperate . demons don’t like that remember? it’s rules against magick working.

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I’ve been at this a week, @Evokdby666. I’m not so sure how relevant my experience is here but I’m happy to share what I can. I mostly quote what I learn from others. However, my approach may be helpful with the small successes I HAVE had.

Not to say one way is better than another and I believe all paths are unique. That being said, I can say what’s worked for me on this journey.

  1. Nothing is perfect and you don’t have be either. There seems to be a lot of play between “gospel” and application. Accept that every situation is unique and in the absence of information forge ahead.

  2. Be confident but flexible. If you’re following the steps and continuing to grow, you’re on the right track, regardless of feelings. Which brings me to…

  3. Your feelings, like anything else, can lie to you. Especially untrained. This is why meditation is Paramount. Sensing things outside of our normal reality requires the absence of input; both in our body and mind. If you’re expecting a certain response, you’ll probably convince yourself you got it. Or, if it doesn’t happen, it can mean that you’ll start to despair. Get out of your head and allow the void of sensory input to be imbued with outside sources.

  4. Fear means nothing if it doesn’t dictate your actions. I’ve been terrified a couple of times through this process and it changed exactly nothing for me. It should be the same for you. Absence of fear is awesome and advantageous but not necessary if you stay stone cold calm.

Again, I don’t have enough background to advise based on experience. But from what I’ve read, the encouragement of this forum, and the small experience I have had, I know I’m on the right track.


I Admitt i was scolded and left with the word respect,but the thought,word was felt to me as a good positive message. His energy stil lingures,but desperate i am not,but i learned to do things in the proper way,to slow up,until ive fully grasped what Lucifer meant by respect. I live in a babtist home and have to do the best i can in secrecy,but i know i have room for improvement and should have cleaned my room.bathed and dressed appropriote for him

No offense but when I see u emphasize the word “need him, need to connect” , it comes off as desperate. Think of him a demon that can be of service to u. Not some being that u desire. Like u asking favors from people in real life. Your requesting help . It can be seen as business transactions. Emotion onto your magick request, not onto the therapist lucifer


In your introduction you received good advice from a lot of people yesterday. You also speak of the many signs that you have received and sensations you felt. What are you expecting?

If you are not able to understand whats being communicated, you will need further study and life experience. You don’t just wake up one day and decide to be a concert pianist and then quit the next day because you didn’t master motzart.

Whats your goals for magick in general?

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Practically every thing you meantion is what he meant you need to do the appropriate things to get better results it’s like when you invite someone over as a guest your gonna do every thing you can to help them feel comfortable in your home treat them like guest and make sure they are comfortable before continuing with your rite it helps and builds a better relationship with them


Actually your right and wrong from what I experience they like it when you treat them like normal but not with desporality behind it they are demons in all right powerful but it helps to build your relationships with them some don’t mind it others do

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