Newbie asking how to go about things

OK just wanted quickly summarize some things ( just editing it’s not quick)
So I’m 17 and three years ago I was a what you can say a dedicated christian to the point that it was pointed out that I have to be a pastor when older but I will talk about so called Christ but never feel a connection nor feel like I belong there, I’ll talk about him but do different things behind the closest in actual fact I’m a musician love rapping and singing lot of people love my music but can’t expose it cause its against the law of being a Christian at least born again so slowly but surely I was drawn away from Christianity

So as I was this ( holy kid ) thoughts of worshipping the Lucifer and be a illuminati will pop up in my mind and I’ll abruptly dismiss them cause I thought the devil wants me to fall last year was the worst because I just started to not give a fuck and listen to rap music and started writing my own tracks secretly and so on but still on stage I’ll preach then this year came with a bombshell

Went to a new school and I said to myself that I’ll be who I want to be and I started being myself go to school known as a rapper back home pastor ( crazy life trust me ) I met a older boy who loved rapping as well and he showed me a place to record and I did five tracks but kept them to myself only shared with my friends then he hanged with a another boy he introduced me to and that boy later told us he’s a satanist scared as hell I went home and tried to avoid them but then felt myself drawn to him when he talked about Satan, satanic meditations chakras astral projection and all that we started to be good friends smoked together and so on

Until my mom caught us together once and kicked my ass cause he was that clear smoker without asking him and my mom knew he was a satanist but then after that separation I started doing the satanic meditations and listening to satanic binaurals felt so close to that then had a dream where I was watching TV suddenly the TV turned black and a rose came and it was written Satan’s rose and I felt that it was saying I was Satan’s rose in the dream scared that I’ll see more went upstairs to knock at mom’s door but walking slowly paralyzed as well then I woke up and laughed happy I was Satan’s rose then continued doing more meditations and so on

Again this year got kicked of school (it’s a long story but my third year not finishing school first I was in the hospital cause I was raped the school said come back next year , the other one cause again hospital cause had a failed circumcision and school said come back next year then this year was crazy everything was fine but teachers hated me for some reason I dont how Lucifer works since I Started loving Lucifer I had awesome popularity at school everyone calling me king Kong and respect was there that I started dating a hot girl in the school and thats how the deputy principal who hated me the most conspired and said I was sleeping with the girl every after school the girl is still there while I was expelled my mom said cause I’m a pastor and so on that’s why she wants to take me to Brazil and train to be a pastor next year

But as you know I don’t want that so I continued searching seeking more of Lucifer and so on weird things started happening I discovered my grandfather my mother’s father was a great musician and producer and my mom told that she knows he was a great illuminati wore a ring with snakes and died as one she hated him so much anyways days later I was in theta state and envisioned a big hole like the ground made a big hole and I fell inside it was deep and dark I could actually feel myself falling in with my physical Body
Then days later after that I dreamt I was at the mall , the owners of some shops where illuminati they were looking at me and I asked them am in already and they looked back and said not yet but I will soon and i saw the luxurious life they lived and saw my granddad then after that I just fell in love with Lucifer did meditations of him watched YouTube videos that showed me EA Koetting teachings and fell in love with that and landed here which has now been my substitute if I don’t WhatsApp and just be where I truly feel free did some Lucifer invocations and for a long time didn’t feel anything then recently opened up the sigil with my blood on it since then on top of my head and at the back even at my third eye crazy flows are happening there Everytime I’ll listen to Lucifer’s renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer meditations and Everytime I touch the sigil the power I receive on top of my head to point I feel dizzy that I’m even scared

So questions if anyone read that long and is Willing to help thanks

  1. What do I do to talk to Lucifer I need his direction on a lot of things cause I’m stuck right now

  2. Why are there crazy vibrations in my head and third eye and back head it’s like a headache but it’s not it’s like someone moving my head back and forth

  3. I know I’m here for a reason like there’s Satan there’s Lucifer like what do I do I keep having dreams of me rapping

  4. I know some don’t like the illuminati and so on so you pass or answer much appreciated but to those that can does my grandfather want me in or what

Ok, first of all, what kind of school is that??

Now to your questions.

It’s quite normal to feel unusual things, like energy flows you never experienced before.
I advice you to go through some threads here in this forum about energy work, sharpening your astral senses and cleansing.

About your last two questions: Become aware of the fact that YOU choose your own path. Nobody else. Satan does not want to lure you to hell, don’t worry. Empower yourself and realize that you don’t need to worship anyone if you don’t want to. You can work with Lucifer without worshipping him like a god. This is not a religion, it is a path you can chose for yourself.


Thank you so much.
Great help you can find here thanks
I needed this

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