I don't know what I am doing wrong, need an outside perspective

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, since I posted. I hope you’re all doing great!

I’ve been actively manifesting and using magic for 4-5 years now, yet never had any success.

I first started with demons. I was very inexperienced and thought the demon just snaps his fingers and voìla, there’s what you asked for :upside_down_face:. But that’s obviously not how that works.

It was a great lesson, though. I wanted a girlfriend, yet I acted like a pathetic loser, kind of insecure, unmanly weasel lol. I’m still pretty young so I am in a phase of getting to know me/building up my character.

After about 2 years, my life was boring, always the same stuff. Get up, go to school, come back home, play a game, go back to sleep, wake up …

I wanted my life to change drastically. And since magic did not yield any results, I moved on from it and started diving into the Law of Attraction, oh boy, what a nightmare that was.

So basically the law of attraction is: think positively, don’t have doubts/don’t think about it. It’s basically reprogramming your mind becuase we as a society have been programmed to think a certain way. It seemed pretty legit. Growing up as a muslim I was kinda trained to eat everything my mother put on the plate and well I got very fat, very quickly.

So I felt that it was correct in some areas and I tried it out. After a few weeks nothing had changed. Nothing. Still the same boring life, no friends, no girlfriend, nothing.

During that time I was entering a new school, 11th grade. I was sooo excited. I visualized having friends, girlfriend, a lot of fun, basically the perfect school life that is being portrayed in the movies. Bruh that failed so hard lmao.

I didn’t really like my class, so I was alone most of the time and the friends I garnered quickly started talking behind my back. God I am now in 12th grade and it still didn’t get better.

This really bothered me because when people tend to dislike me, especially like 10 people, I believe there’s something wrong with me. I thought maybe I am a narcissist asshole, who steps over people or something. So I tested it out, being as nice and sweet as possible. Results were the same.

I shared my experiences on the LoA subreddit and it was all telling me that I was attracting these feelings and bad things because I am a negative person and the post was prove of my “Toxicity”

So I blatantly asked someone: “If a woman were to get raped, did she attract that?”

They basically said that I am very toxic and I couldn’t possibly compare that. I read up on it and in Esther Hicks’s book, she basically said that the victim and the attacker are both “co-creators” of that situation and the victim attracted that, just as much as the attacker did. Nice victim blaming.

I really don’t wanna pull a Tim Pool and be like: “You know I am so great, it’s everyone elses fault”, but I have no idea what the hell is going on.

So one day I stumbled across a YouTube channel that talked about the Law of Assumption, basically everything you assume, will turn out to be true. The woman in the video told me to ignore my reality and when people insult me, for example, imagine that they complement me.

That already is a very delusion way of living life, but nonetheless I gave it a shot and for a few months I lived the life of a delusional nutjob. One day, I completely broke down and realized that this whole Law Of This, Law of that, is just total nonsense.

So I returned to demons. I wanted to punish someone, who had hurt me pretty badly. Didn’t work either.

So now I am here. Asking for some advice. Maybe I am so utterly delusional or psychotic that I don’t see what’s going on.

If the “law” of attraction or whatever, was really a law, it would always work, just like the law of gravity, but it doesn’t. So it’s not a law. Not to mention the people who promoted the LOA are complete scammers. These videos expose them pretty well

Anyways I need some assistance, advice, insults, anything that will light the bulb in my small head and make me realize how to turn my boring life into something worth living.

Thanks for reading :pray::pray:

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Have you ever tried to just be your total self, and stop thinking about what people think of you? Of course being yourself within the boundaries of morality… I think It is wise you let everything go, and not force a different reality on your life now and be disappointed but first really get to know yourself and who you are from within. Reach a level of consciousness that is of such quality, that you will have an easier time shaping your reality. You said you wanted a new/more exciting life. Besides doing the magic and attraction for it, what steps have you made to get closer to this ideal life you have in your head, or are you just waiting for it to happen? Being overly nice will never help. People respond best to authenticity mostly, often times even better to people who are on the edge of indifference, not rude but also not particularly nice but funny when needed, serious when needed, not actively trying to source friends. So yeah, I think instead of doing magick, you better let everything go and start getting to know yourself better and to strengthen your energy field. Do other type of work to prepare you for magick later on in life. Empowering your energy field, getting good at meditation, find a hobby or outlet like a sport/ martial arts then when you are more in touch with your self, things will start to flow easier.

the law of attraction does always work, the only issue is here that you need to be a powerful conductor of energy that can do the attraction.

I think the main, general, issue is that a lot of people seldom consider mediocrity in their lives and focus on the excessiveness as something to strive for.

There’s no measure to someone’s success, and sometimes mediocrity isn’t bad at all. Good grades, a job that cover the bills with enough to save each month, roof over your head should be a good start.

If you have that and are totally fine with that, that’s when other things happen by itself. When the basics are covered, attraction will be drawn to you.


Have you seen Lady Eva’s post about this? I might have some explanation.

I don’t follow the formal methods for LOA, I think of this as simply “like attracts like”.

This seems largely correct, so I’m ok calling it a “law”, but, magnets attract each other and you can still pull them apart. Attraction does not equate to having. It just makes things a bit more likely to come together as long as they’re not stopped.

Other forces, energy flows and people are a huge factor that need to be considered.
Some of these opposing forces are inside us, in our psyches. We have to know ourselves as well as understand the flows around us to know what magic works and why.


Correct. It can take up to a year, sometimes more than a year, to get results.

If you are still in school then yes you are young, and it’s a good time to get to know yourself and who you will become, or, if insightful, are becoming.

When I hear people say “I want(ed) a girlfriend”… maybe it’s just the phrasing, but it doesn’t sound good. It sounds like you believe you have a girlfriend-shaped hole in your life and basically any woman will do if she gets the “girlfriend” title. Human interaction is a bit more complex than that, which you have probably figured out. It sounds different to, e.g., “I am seeking a serious/committed relationship”.

What do you bring to the table in a relationship, apart from your desire for a girlfriend? Are you looking critically and calmly for a partner who matches you, or are you desperately seeking ANY woman, as long as you can call her your girlfriend?

I personally agree that the Law of Attraction is misappropriated garbage.

They don’t call it a Law for nothing. In saying that… a few weeks is absolutely nothing when it comes to the actual Law (of Assumption). It can take just as long as petition/evocation of demons or other entities.

To be brutally honest, if that is true, then there probably is something wrong with you – something you need to reflect on and change. Refer to previous “girlfriend” point above. Are you desperate for people to like you, maybe?

Or alternatively, is this all in your head? Do you know for certain that X amount of people actively dislike you?

I think this may be a recurring theme. It’s easy for “nice and sweet” to be interpreted as “subservient and compliant”. Maybe a good thing in a job but not for personal relationships.

And the Law doesn’t work that way. It’s not the westernised idea of karma. You can treat people however you wish, but if your assumptions about yourself don’t change, that is not the Law of Assumption in action

Law of Attraction becomes ‘toxic positivity’ very quickly.

Yeah, regardless of intention, that is a very extreme stance, even if just asking a hypothetical question. This might be the best indicator that introspection and self-examination is needed.

Also, Esther Hicks is the poster child for toxic positivity.

This delusion works consistently for me. Although it is not quite living in delusion; it’s just existing right on the border between subjectivity and consensus reality, but giving more importance to the former.

What kind of advice? Everything you have tried, you have considered a failure, and so you’ve built an innate assumption of failure. I’m afraid there is no more advice to give except “be patient” and “keep trying”. Start small. Read the book Liber Null & Psychonaut.

Except… the Law hinges on faith/belief that your subjective experiences are as real as, or more real than, consensus reality. You use the Law to reinforce your idea that people don’t like you. You’ve made up your mind that the law/magic doesn’t work, so your assumption is that the Law does not work for you, and so the Law never works for you… and the cycle continues.

What do YOU think your problem is? Do you ask for too much? Do you put deadlines on your results?


I would suggest going to the source of it. Think and Grow Rich book

Find the original text from 1937

It’s were stuff like The Secret came from, but it’s a lot better in my humble opinion.

You have to change your mindset

You need to see your own pattern or loop you are caught in. Reread your post to find it.

This about building up positive daily habits

I already know my strengths and weaknesses, also have plans for the future. I know who I am and I do like myself.

Oh no. I have a pretty specific person in mind. Her appearance, characteristics etc. I don’t settle for less, since I do value myself and I can’t really do stuff that hurt my pride/values, such as dating someone I dislike, because my heart, would hurt. Idk how to explain it.

I used to want a specific person, but that never seemed to work for me and it would drive me mad and would strengthen my love for that person. But anyways I do know what I want in a life partner.

I also don’t “need” a girlfriend. It just something interesting that I’ve never experienced before and it would be interesting to feel/experience what it’s like. In the beginning it was about the fact that I needed validation, but now it’s more like a science project. My life is boring as hell and that would spice things up.

Like I said I do know myself and I am not a simp thirsty guy lol. I have a very specific type of woman in mind and some women will have those characteristics, wether it be physically or mentally, I’ll be attracted to them and use my “magic” on them.

I am pretty confident, good looking guy. I am currently a little chubby but eating once a day will get rid off that just like a year ago where I did that. So no problem with that. I also wanna work out because I want to see what a jacked version of me would look like, but first I want to move out of Germany.

Very fair points, thanks for bringing that up.

My mother tells me that all the time, that not everyone really hates me and I am basically creating some boogeyman. I don’t really believe her because she’s my mom and I expect her to kinda be lenient on me.

When I entered 11th grade for the first time, yes definitely I really wanted friends etc, and I still do have that little feeling in my heart that says “Wow you’re alone, being alone is bad and pathetic/loser-like”, because it is kinda weird to hang alone in the breaks, idk I can’t seem to get rid off that feeling, it makes me really sad.

But when I am in my class, sharing my opinion, I really couldn’t care less what people think of me, but when it comes to hanging out, or being alone in the breaks I would really like to chill with others.

In school I never really hung around with people I genuinely liked. It was just so people wouldn’t laugh at me for being alone, which was common in my school and also something that I did.

No not like that. I was just not making jokes with people and treating them like friends. For example, guy has stinky feet or something, I’d make fun of that. I just stopped doing that and also stopped being so arrogant, but not only did it feels fake and bad, it didn’t yield any results, which is fine because people should like me for who I am, not for who I can be.

My assumption or the way I see myself is pretty high. I really like myself, have very great things to offer in debates, love debating people, I’m very confident, proud of my ancestors and the place I come from and very proud of myself in general. I even laugh at my own jokes because, to me, I am the funniest guy ever :joy: bruh what a weird sentence.

I think the problem is my environment. I really dislike Germany and want to move to Bulgaria. Maybe it’s not the environment idk, but school isn’t fun, I don’t learn anything here. Germany is a shithole, it’s not the way it used to be. People have sticks up their asses all day, even fellow turks, who are usually pretty conservative, funny, charming can’t take jokes and are just culturally completely disconnected from Turkey and more like the germans/westeners, who have been completely “cucked”, so to speak.

Maybe I speak too soon and when moving to Bulgaria I’ll face the same problems, I don’t know. I just know that I hate the environment, I hate the people, they’re all annoying and I just want to move someplace else. Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia. Amazing countries that I’d like to live in.

Maybe it’s the school. I’ve been talking with a few of my russian friends and we all agree on the fact that our school is a propaganda filled shithole. Just like Germany. I’ve been enjoying the talks I have with them and we agree on most things.

But I’d also like to mention that when it pertains to work/career stuff, I am very successful lol. I never study, nor do I care to, yet get Cs, Bs maybe even something As. I also met a random dude who, conveniently, knows a programm where I can move to Bulgaria for 6 months.

So yeah it’s strange. When it comes to social stuff I am a “loser”. When it comes to career stuff everything is going fine. Hell today I met a random dude who gave me 10 Euros for writing an email for him. Very nice dude too. Gave me a cola too lol.

Maybe I have these issues because I care too much about the presitige, thus I am currently alone. I may put too much care into “Omg I need friends or I am a loser, Omg where is my girlfriend It’s getting embarrassing…”

What do you think about it?

Here’s some resources you might like:
Demons of Magick: Three Practical Rituals for Working with The 72 Demons (The Gallery of Magick) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07122HYS3/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_09FXCR8BCDM6HTCYPZD5

The 72 Angels of Magick: Instant Access to the Angels of Power (The Gallery of Magick) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BPT9VT0/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_CXZWHVDSH09ZS6SRC317

Based on what you said and how urgently you want help and to change your ENTIRE life towards maybe success, adventure, etc. I’d recommend you start with the angelic book.

I gave this book to two close friends and both of them change their ENTIRE LIVES.

One was working at McDonald’s going to school and hated life, saving up for his car In like a year later he has a car, is a certified peroneal trainer, lost his virginity, is well paid and has a job he enjoys. Now he’s going for a gym internship and after he’s a trainer and moves up to coach he’ll make like $80/hour.

My other friend didn’t even think magick was real or work, he tried it out and had a spiritual experience that changed his life.
He told me he did a ritual to stop procrastination (very powerful ritual) and he had an intense dream/nightmare where he saw what happens if he keeps procrastinating.
The dream scared the shit out of him and he doesn’t procrastinate anymore, at least not like how he used to be. He’s really disciplined and has plans to be VERY WEALTH.

The group (The gallery of magick) has a lot of other books including, wealth magick, success magick, angels of alchemy, angels of wraith, and even one for sex and seduction.

The main advantage to working with angels is they don’t require any offerings and the ritual is to change your fate or entire reality.

I have most of their books and I do magick daily. I have no doubt in my mind I’ll be wealthy, successful, and more.

Best of luck man :call_me_hand::blush:

Example of an angelic ritual sigil:

My Jewish female friend knows Hebrew used to live Israel and studied under rabbis. She also studies astrology, she was really impressed with the sigils and depth and details of the groups books. She said they were extremely knowledgeable about magick and that it seemed really powerful.

Demonic journal:


I tried a lot of things in magick too, even very simple and small things and nothing is working.
I’m being very skeptical too but i will give it a last chance by aksing from someone else to do some work for me, just because in case it is my fault.
But if it’s working generally, sometime it should work so I’ll give it some last chances.
The Law Of Attraction is not a Law but it can be real, believe me i have a lot of experiences.
My advise is to act completely like the thing you wish to happen, already happened and take it also 1 step forward. For example, if i want a girl, i act like i had her already and now I’m also tired of her and want to get rid of her. Whatever that means. If that means that you have to leave the party without saying a word to her, find the courage to do it. This mindset worked for me.

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Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll definitely be checking them out.

I usually don’t work with angels, since they’re soldiers, who almost act like robots. At least that’s how I view them, never came across one, so those are just my feelings/thoughts towards them.

On working with Angels:
That’s a weird way to look at it they’re like powerful employees they do what you want. They also have an archangel book which includes invocation, divinations, banishing, and evocation. The invocations is EXTREMELY powerful I did one with Gabriel I think for the quality of discipline (relating to learning or producing creative work), I did it for music and it honestly changed my life, I think I did it a few months ago and I’ve freestyled nearly everyday without fail.
I’ve also watched countless lectures on evolutionary biology, psychology, and philosophy. I’ve also been pretty consistent putting out videos for my YouTube channel. 43 videos in two months that’s like a video every other day.
As I already stated Angels changed my friends lives for the better, and my friend who I gave the book to did a ritual for me when I was in the hospital (with face fractures and more) they thought my face was gonna be forever fucked up, I don’t think I have any physical scars.
I’ve used the angels to help me heal and even find a therapist, usually I CANNOT STAND therapist, I won’t get too deep into it but I’ve dealt with depression for like 6 years and bi-polar and PTSD the last 3 years or so. The therapist I had before this gave me tap water advice, maybe even dog water. I watch Jordan Peterson a clinical psychologist A LOT and he’s extremely good at what he does, even though he gives lectures (as a professor) he gives a lot of clinicals based advice to the class or in one on one lectures.

Power is a weird thing and you have to scale it within a given time or with a goal in mind.

From my understanding angels can manifest most things a demon can but in the sense that it’s for changing your whole life and working with future in mind. It’s also said that angels work faster than demons.

The power of demons comes from HOW they manifest and the type of powers they offer. For example you can curse using angels of wraith and that’s going to work on a longer time scale and judge them.
Whereas you can call a demon to cause destruction and wreak havoc on anybody or thing you want. Demons also manipulate the hearts of men/women to bring about the manifestation and the power you gain through them is material in nature “if these are workings of darkness they bring great light”.

Previously before using the gallery of magick book “Demons of magick” I would call on demons by themselves, usually I was calling on gatekeepers or the ones that were said to be former ancient Gods, so really the top. My experience (about a year and a half) working with the goetia WITHOUT Angelic emissaries was very underwhelming and I nearly worshipped demons.
People have their own philosophy to things. But in my experience (you can check my journal, but keep in mind that only takes into account demonic rituals which I promised a public offering), the demons work FAR better dare I say superior to my previous method.

The book says the angels constraint and guide the demons. People have a problem with the word constraint IN MY EXPERIENCE Demons can and have been rather chaotic or uncontrollable with me in the past. Even if I “acted” as God as I commanded them it didn’t go well.

Two examples:

Ba’al - Belial: I asked for an insane spiritual awakening and found myself in jail for 5 days, this was easily some of the worst days of my life and part of the reason I have PTSD, did I have a insane and powerful spiritual awakening? Yes, but the WAY in which they manifested it was undesirable. I really don’t like demons thinking they get to decide MY FATE. I was also homeless as result of what happened with this in combination with Lilith.

Lilith: So this is rather confusing since I went through MK ultra brainwashing/conditioning from a bunch of illegal YouTube videos (at the time they were legal and no one took them down) the entire channel was a SADISTIC fuck show and I honestly hope nobody ever goes through anything remotely close to what I’ve seen and been through (major cause from PTSD). The videos were basically like living curses, they would bind demons to you and speak Latin possession rituals, who knows how many demons actually entered my vessel. I distinctly remember a video sadistically trying to force listeners to sell their soul to Lilith or write out a forced contract deal. Obviously this isn’t inherently Lilith’s fault but I was basically worshipping her and believed she controlled my entire life. Because of this I gave her blood (something I will never do again) and semen (big no no, especially for Lilith). I entered an pact and basically wanted to become a sex God and (gender bend - I can thank the sadistic videos for that). When I was in jail something real bad was about to happen to me and in my moment of unbearable fear I asked Lilith to possess me, she fully possessed me and I lost control of my body and blacked out, I only remember parts of everything as I was entering and leaving my body. The possession only made my time in jail 10x worse, I don’t know if you have ever been to jail but having Lilith possess you is definitely up there with worse options possible.

She humiliated me and took advantage of the situation without and regard to my safety or my sovereignty as a human, I guess that’s to be expected from a chaotic or evil experience.

Anyways, after I got out of Jail to my surprise I found myself wanting to be gender fluid, pansexual, and I was hyper sexual (partly due to the trauma, MK ultra, and type of things Lilith used to humiliate me) I lost my girlfriend and had multiple encounters with people taking advantage of the fact I was basically in a constant state of experimenting with my sexuality.

Demons are very powerful but I really hate this lie that they’re somehow benevolent beings that only want the best for you and garbage like that.

If you’re asking me use both angels and demons, the book uses 9 angels 5 archangels and 4 angels to guide and hold the demon accountable.

I believe in the importance of a dominance hierarchy especially when it comes to magick.
I am at the top, with MAYBE God above me, that is extremely debatable as Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is used within the Demonic ritual (Demon of magick by Gordon Winterfield)

I Am that I Am" is a common English translation of the Hebrew phrase אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה‎ – also “I am who I am”, “I will become what I choose to become”, “I am what I am”, “I will be what I will be”, “I create what I create”, or “I am the Existing One”

Ehyeh asher ehyeh
The King James Version of the Bible translates the Hebrew as “I Am that I Am” and uses it as a proper name for God

I don’t really have the time or energy to explain why we’re calling ourselves the God of The Bible within the context of the ritual but the easiest way to put it - you are assuming the role of a Godform or (you are literally) God. I leave that for you to decide. But the assumption of Godform within ritual has been used for centuries especially in ceremonial magick (including ancient Egypt, maybe sumer, and mesopotamia).

When I command these angels and demons I am not doing so as a magician I am doing so as God itself. So they must listen to me.

For context the name YHWH comes from the word in Hebrew - being and a few other things, but basically YHWH is to create being or bring being our of existence. A Jewish girl who knows Hebrew explained that to me (although I already knew based on my magick and research) she confirmed things.

If you’re asking me use angels and demon and and the actual magickal words of power passed down through centuries to assume a God form.

You can do whatever the fuck you want, but for me I’ve come a far way from worshiping demons to commanding them and angels together to create my life.

Here’s context about why (Biblical and Jewish) God - YHWH justifies doing whatever he wants, the myth or story is very similar to the ancient God Marduk who destroys the God of chaos Tiamat, some people believe YHWH to be an amalgamation and evolved for of the God Marduk (you can research videos on him if you want) but a common trait within the both stories/myths is the God is able to form order (his will and civilization) out of chaos:

They TRIED To Dream Up The SPIRIT Of Civilization | Jordan Peterson on The Book of Job - YouTube


So I’m not a nutritionist or doctor or anything but if you don’t eat very much your metabolism apparently slows down a lot and so you just starve for no reason. If you just exercise a good amount and eat healthy that should do it. Diet + exercise. If you exercise a lot you’ll burn so much energy it doesn’t matter, just don’t pound back ice cream. I’ve known people who ate ungodly amounts of food that wasn’t even healthy and still had abs because of so much effective exercise, done with regards to long- and short-term sustainability.

I hear people like this book for Goetia, maybe give it a wirl and get some results. I’ve always had good results from Corwin Hargrove books. Lots of demon books out there are either really vague or just blatantly rip from more popular books and slam every possible spirit and word into a ritual and laugh as they cash their check from book sales.

People won’t like you, and you seem to not give a fuck, so that’s good. When people give me dirty looks because some ignorant fuck spread lies about me, I’m just amused. Try out that book and manifest some shit. Curse a fucker. Acquire wisdom. Whatever. Once you stop wallowing around with shitty magick your life changes forever.

I would also back you up on the idea that it’s good to go where you’re treated best. If you don’t vibe with the people around you, then fuck off. It really is that easy. You mentioned you recently got an opportunity to go where you’re wanting to go. I don’t see what the problem is then.

You probably don’t have friends or a girlfriend because you say you’re surrounded by people who are shitfucks to you. I absolutely get it, been there, done that. Well there you go. Now you know how to target your magick.

That’s good. It is pretty nice to have sex a lot though, and to have someone to hang out with who is emotionally compelled to generally like you because you fuck each other. If it feels like a project or a struggle, it’s probably not worth it anyways and is just your biology trying to get you to reproduce. There are also demons who can bring you someone who isn’t a goddamn terrible human being. Maybe she’ll even be a reasonably decent human being, who knows.

You don’t have to commit to the sacred sacrament of holy matrimony and start picking out the cake to engage in mutual pleasure, comfort, and support giving.

Shit just comes to me pretty easily for the most part now cause I have so much magick power exploding out my eyeballs and knocking things over when I sneeze, massively intense vibrations booming out from my finger snaps, but I sure do like me summoning some demons anyways.

Everyone’s toxic, some people are just, like, really toxic. If you can accept that you have weaknesses, then I’d say you’re more “wholesome” or powerful or whatever than people who assume real hard and project nonsense onto you and try to make you the bad guy. I assure you, just from reading what you say, you’re not that bad. I know some minds that would be the envy of Olympian competitors, such is the level of mental gymnastics that goes on to avoid the deep pits of self-hatred these people have for themselves. It’s really not that complicated, actually. Self-hatred → (subtle underlying fear weakness) → avoidance of reality → projection of hatred onto others → narcissistic inflictions of hate onto usually easy targets → relief of hatred into pleasure → self-hatred arises again after a bit → avoidance of reality, etc. This literally never ends, unless some outside force makes them more afraid than hateful, but either way, they’ll end up with hate again as there is no self-awareness going on and they’re just too deep in their self-hatred to change. These people live in fantasy lands of delusions of grandeur and absolute denial of accountability while completely lacking any and all integrity, which makes them very easy to control. You seem much stronger than that, as I know these types of people all too well, but really dude, get a good grimoire, shit’s amazing.


Here is what I believe regarding the LoA:

The Soul can cause changes in the external world at times when it is in a strong and free position to do so, so the “LoA” can appear to work, but it is not a ‘Law’ like they say. Otherwise, we would never experience the phenomenon of a ‘surprise’ for example.

People cannot say a rape victim manifested that, it is extremely harmful to say things like that honestly.
Since this power is in the Soul, it is rare that any harmful thing happens to the individual. This is often times external influences (and there are a lot, both spiritual and material). But no doubt the Soul can cause changes in the external world but this is often under the will of the individual.

Of course, there are some states that bind Spirit more closely to the Body, so the Soul cannot powerfully affect the external world at all times. There are varying degrees of power.

As for what you can do, it sounds like Venus was likely afflicted by essential dignity when you were born (She was in either Aries, Scorpio, or Virgo), so of you do want love and friends, one thing you could try is a more devotional approach. Find a Spirit or a Deity who can grant you love and friendship, and begin praying to them daily. For the first prayer, I would suggest giving a gift to them without giving your request to strengthen your relationship to them. You could do this once a week, and the rest of the prayers you give your request to them.

Do this while developing admiration with the spirit, and with a will to devlop a friendship with them. Let this be the higher priority, in a way that your goal of friendship and love is almost secondary to developing a relationship with the spirit, that it feels like it doesn’t matter if you get your goal or not, if possible.

I would recommend praying to a deity for this.

Wow I am surprised that you had really bad experiences with Lilith.

Lilith is probably the only demon I genuinely respect. I remember being very afraid of her and reading that she is an evil spirit that kills kids and she’s basically out to get you.

Well I tried to avoid her as much as possible, but she kept reappearing in my dreams. I had a dream of working with her, she was guiding me.

After I summoned her I saw myself in a completely different light. I was a guy who never appreciated or acknowledged his beauty, but after evoking her and going to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I looked in the mirror and loved what I was seeing. I strarted appreciating my beauty and I knew exactly the things I liked about my appearance. My entire energy shifted and I’d say inviting Lilith into my life probably was a very good decision and something that impacted me in a very positive way.

I once had a very bad experience working with Mars. During my time with him I was constantly angry and wanted to smash things, until one day I lost a game of Tennis and completely lost it. I punched so hard against a wall that I broke 2 of my fingers. I am lucky I am still in a phase of growth, otherwise I would’ve needed an operation for that to get fixed.

Anyways I am very sorry you had to go through that. I cannot imagine what that must’ve been like, I also never went to jail, nor had any legal problems.

Thanks for the information. I am seeing a lot of hate towards Yahweh here and other Magick related forums, I get why, but isn’t Yahweh basically a representation of us?

Well I am in the same boat, except I am a grown ass 30 year old virgin man. Imagine that!

In my opinion yes, and in ritual I assume that.

The spirit of the father is have tyrannical and half wise king. In these post modernist days we like to focus in all the bad and do away with all the wisdom and tradition that was helpful

Law of Attraction isn’t really something I think of as working very well for a lot of people. Toxic Positivity is rampant in law of attraction circles and that makes it a real turn off.

The whole “getting a girlfriend” isn’t about trying to be a certain way, it is imagining you already have a girl friend and don’t need one. It helps if you imagined girlfriend has some imperfections. (ie, stuff you might not actually want in a real girlfriend.)

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