Journal detailing demonic workings and more

This is a thread for me to keep all my public recognition offerings to demons and to talk about general magick stuff. If you’re a fan of me I hope you enjoy, if you’re just passing by enjoy your stay. With that being said let’s get started!


Oct 12, 2021

“Titan has power and dignity in all areas of life, and his friends and enemies sense it in awe”.

Offering: Public Recognition

If you haven’t had the pleasure to work with this demon I highly recommend you work with them.

I used the connective evocation out of Gordon Winterfield’s “Demons of magick”.

I do not believe this ritual has fully manifested but I have noticed my life has been aligned to create great awe for my friends and enemies.

I’ve been going through “Success magick” and on week 20. That will play a role in my success as well as my other angelic rituals but they do not require an offering.

Plus demons are more materialistic and manipulate people. So that’s how I’m expecting this to manifest.

I am very open to how it will manifest. My other demonic rituals have manifested in very creative ways. So I’m excited to see how this goes. Especially considering Belial is one of my favorite to evoke.

Praise Belial!


Sometime September 2021
26. Bime

Offering: Public Recognition

"Chris (my friend) has money to start a business

This manifested within a couple of months. My friend is a rapper and his friend recently put him onto a platinum (million sold) producer who has worked with Beyonce.

He got a bunch of beats for a discount and tomorrow he’s going to Miami to meet an A list photographer (Lil Wayne’s). He’s also going to record with the producer.
I am very close to this friend me and him freestyle all the time.
It’ll cost him some money but it’s well worth it!

Praise Bime, I highly recommend him for something like this.
Bime was creative and acted very swiftly. My friend has a opportunity of a life time. His verses are extremely good he just needed an opportunity to show what he’s made of.

This was a connective ritual using Demons of magick by Gordon Winterfield



  1. Bime

“Titan has the money to move out”

I’ll be honest I don’t have all the money necessary to move out. Well my family does. We’ll be moving soon so in a way this worked. But for me to move out independently it’s still in the works. But I’ve been able to keep this job longer than any other job and my mom is helping me save money and reduce spending.

Method: connective evocation, Gordon Winterfield’s “Demons of magick”

September 2021

  1. Sitri
    Offering: Public Recognition
    “Joanna (my ex) is enflamed with passion for Titan”

Well I haven’t seen any obvious signs of this manifesting. We have eachother blocked on social media and we don’t talk much but she talks to my mom a little.

My mom said she said something about my birth number 8. Basically it said that I’m materialistic and driven. She also wished me happy birthday (I wished her happy birthday earlier too).

Sitri is very powerful and came through with helping me develop a lustful aura so I’m certain when she comes back around she’ll be enflamed with passion.
I’m so much more interesting and I know how to fuck her mind up.

Method: connective evocation Gordon Winterfield’s “Demons of magick”.

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September 2021

  1. Gaap
    “Joanna is lustful for Titan”

Again I have no proof of this manifestation yet (like with Sitri) but I believe it’s in the works. Usually the results become more apparent after a offering as well.

I now know how to use her lust to my advantage. I’ve been doing extensive work and working on myself so there’s plenty for her to be lustful about.

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September 2021
48. Haagenti

“Titan lives up to his potential”

This is something that has become more apparent. I’m currently reading books about pimping and it’s so vital. The P’s say it’s gotta be in you not on you. They also say “pimps are born not sworn”. Me and my ex girlfriend broke up because I wanted to be open, she agreed and when she did I tried to get her to fuck my friend for money. I’ve always been into the ladies and learning about the IZM goes way beyond just women and females. It goes deep within society and what it means to work.
The philosophy is absolutely vital to who I am. I was born a pimp and I will die a pimp god.
Outside of this I’ve been freestyling (rap) more as well as studying business and philosophy. I’ve also been doing a lot more magick. Way more magick than I’ve ever done in my life.

Recently I got really high but I wrote in my magick journal that I wanted to be sober. This was after contemplating my magick. When I was high I asked “what’s one of the differences between angelic workings and demonic?”. I use Gordon Winterfield’s “Demons of magick” and in it he says to not do the rituals drunk or high. When I asked the question I got the answer. “It requires more discipline”. I also saw a flash of the potential of using the book.
In the book he says a demon cannot bring a manifestation faster or better than an angel. I believe the part about the speed of the manifestation. But the better part always rubbed me the wrong way. Then I realized I was a sort of trick he’s trying to get you to do more angelic magick. But here’s the kicker when you use the book and follow the method you use angels for the demonic ritual. You actually use more angels than there are demons. So although the book is “Demons of magick” most of the magick is angelic with a demon at the center. Each ritual you do a circle of power ritual. This contains 5 Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Metatron. But along with that each demon has 4 angelic emissaries to go with the ritual. So very interesting stuff. Im naturally drawn towards demons and it just so happens that it maybe the most powerful magick The gallery of magick puts out. I say this as the author of the book Gordon Winterfield is the oldest and most experience in the Gallery of Magick. So very interesting stuff. Anyways enough of my rant.

I recently went through two of Jordan Peterson’s “self authoring” programs, I plan to go through the rest as its very helpful, but it definitely helped me realize my potential.

Pair this with the magick I’ve been consistent with as well as all the effort im doing to become the best version of myself. I really am living up to my potential

Along with keeping this job I’m going back to school for to certification that interest me and will not feel like work.
I also just got a job today. I was interviewing and had done rituals to get a job and to perform well at an interview from Adam Blackthorne’s “Sigils of Power and Transformation”.
I was going to do either ritual again before these interviews but I trusted that the magick would come through. The job seems perfect for me, small company and sales. They are really big on building up their employees its like a trade or sales college. So perfect since I wanna be an Entrepreneur.
Interestingly enough the person who interviewed me three times was the president and owner of the company. From my understanding I thought he was the manager. But I found out today he was the president. Someone else was supposed to interview me for my second round but they got caught up with something and he did the interview again. He had said it was a pleasure to talk to me and that I seemed like the perfect candidate for the role. We had connected on literally every level, even some stories and jokes that were a little edgy and unprofessional. I had told a story about adversity and sports. I basically explained how I was the usually the only white skilled position player and the two positions I played in football running back and corner back were predominantly black athlete dominated. He really resonated with that and told me how he had the same experience playing football but being the minority and underdog made him all that much more stronger.

So yeah magick is awesome and I got 3 really cool things going for me that give me money and improve me. My boss at my other job also said that as long as he works their I will have a job. So that was awesome to hear.

September 2021
66. Cimeries
Offering: Public Recognition
“Titan has no subconscious fears”

This ritual has definitely come to fruition quite well. Very happy with the results. I honestly couldn’t tell you what subconscious fears I have anymore. Glad to say I am no longer bound by fear.

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September 2021
50. Furcus
Offering: Public recognition
“Titan has profound psychic abilities”

I have definitely developed these abilities, today for example I was helping customers at work and I knew the perfect items for helping people with gifts. I also upsold a lot of people and knew what to say to them to get them to buy them. Multiple times I was able to guess if the person needed a gift receipts or a bag. It’s small stuff but it was working.

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September 2021
56. Gremori
Offering: Public Recognition
“Titan receives, gifts, money and valuables without seeking them”
So this manifested today, my buddy from the gym came into work and I helped them up. I didnt scan some items and I also gave them 3 punches in their T-shirt card so they can buy one shirt and get one for free. I gave them their change and they told me to keep it.
That’s the only thing I can think of currently but it still worked.

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  1. Asmodai
    Offering: Public Recognition
    “Titan’s Self Discipline is Elevated”
    This was a big one. I was able to keep a 388 day semen retention streak, recently I’ve been reading way more and now Im getting started on freestyle rapping more.
    All very powerful stuff. I have also gotten a lot of time in the gym, and I also initiated into the Golden Dawn soon after doing this ritual. That’s a couple books, plus daily practice, plus whatever extra curriculum was added.

Praise Asmodai

68. Belial
Offering: Public recognition and invocation.

Praise Belial


45. Vine
“Titan’s ability to work with all forms of magick is improved”

This worked so well, I’ve begun working with angels and it has been such a pleasure to add variety to my seemingly narrow practice. Before I only worked with demons. Then I did “wealth magick” and that was my first time working with angels and other spirits. Soon I did “magickal protection” which uses geneii. I have also done the Golden dawn LBRP and middle pillar and had success. I also have done sigil magick with no entities with great success.

Praise Vine, I highly recommend doing this work with them.

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So usually when people ask about getting their ex back I almost always tell them to focus on themselves and if they’re for you they’ll come back. I might be a hypocrite (to a degree) I’ve done a few rituals to enact passion and lust in my ex.

Just a couple minutes ago I did a ritual to give her visions of my love, but specifically my pimping love.

Then it hit me. I used to love this girl, I wanted to marry her and have kids with her. And here I am almost 3 years later working with demons to manipulate her back into my life but on my terms. I used to do everything for this girl, I loved her so much.

She hurt me so much I’ve vowed I’ll never fall in love again. I’ll have that universal love again but I’ll never give myself over to someone again.

“Marry the game can’t trust none of these bitches”

I felt weak and useless after our break up, she was popular and could get any guy easily at the snap of her fingers. Some of my “friends” even got at her after we broke up. I was alone and hurting bad. Soon enough I was homeless because my mom wanted to have her on her cancer support team. I tried to express to both of them the pain I was in and that I was extremely uncomfortable with the situation. At some point I made an ultimatum my mom ignored it so I left the house. I remember being dead broke, going into debt to eat addicted to porn, weed, homeless, and cursed.
I would image her fucking other guys and it would ruin me.
At some point I began to go numb, I had already attempted to kill myself but I couldn’t go through with it.

But something she said haunted me towards the end of our relationship. I was a mess. I had lost my purpose in life football (I got a really bad concussion and my coaches were extremely biased towards the other players).
She would say I needed to get it together and she’d say she didn’t want no scrub (a reference to the TLC song). Soon enough I started to hear that songs and imaging my ex leaving me cuss I was scrub. Well soon enough we broke up and I felt like a scrub. I was out of shape, broke, lonely, and overall down bad. She could love me when I was a football star and on top of the world but when I’m going manic and my life is falling apart she can’t be there to support me and build me up. I would’ve built her up from any point. A woman who was wife material would’ve stuck it out, but no we broke up and she didn’t take me back even when I begged, showed I had changed, taken my meds, and was willing to go to therapy.

So yeah I will manipulate you with demons and when you come back in my life you’ll be a working woman cashing me out cuss I’m no longer a simp. I’m a motherfucker macaroni tony, and pimp with a story.


did you have any progress with her?

I tried to friend her on snapchat but she didn’t bite the demonic workings seem to take more time, if I really want to get her back I’ll use a specific angel form 72 angel of magick - by damon brand. But I’ve already done a ritual of loved for multiple women. The angel and ritual to get someone back says it will not fix the problems for splitting but it will bring them back. But one of the reasons we split was my pursuit of magick as well as wanting to have multiple women, I might do the ritual but for now im chilling with what I have. I did a demonic working for another girl and she seems interested despite the working taking a year but we will see.

But i am working on myself and techniques to have multiple women in my life at a time.

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Brugh… I am literally on the edge of crying right now…
Your story hugely resembles mine with someone I used to love.
And the tory song jeeez I’m a fan. Didn’t know this one till now. Blessings and hope you pull it through finally!

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have you heard his PLAYBOY album, if not prepare for heartbreak all over again baby!!!

Also if you are dealing with women issues feel free to checkout my youtube channel :wink: I have stuff that I CANNOT talk about on Balg, if you know you know. Feel free to PM messages for advice or to make a video for you

poltically incorrect rap song <3

Yeah I got that south east game, you feel me? Cali girls are a different class yurrdme?