How to train your legion

A bit of both, possibly the beginnings were construct servitors than over time each batch had less construct servitor and more thoughtform servitor but currently it’s speculation and testing on my end. Either way, a person could convert the thoughtforms to legitimate entities through fragmentation if they so wanted.

…and where capable. Which I am not. I don’t know, I was in the second batch anyway, so I may have more constructs?

Anyone is capable if they know how to take a moment to meditate on their soul and do the method I mentioned earlier in the thread. However, assuming so yes construct servitors.

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Assuming you’re experienced with different people’s work enough to judge it’s quality, have you ever experienced someone who could provide what Qayos claims to? Even if the steps can be found in a book?

I’d love to experiment with the beings whilst growing in my own path, but the possibility of experimenting with what might be the equivalent of a snowman (initially just a small product turned into a collective whole, but still capable of melting down to that product under poor circumstances…) is a bit of a turn off, for what I believe to be understandable reasons.

No disrespect meant towards Qayos, I’m just interested in creating, being taught to create, and/or meeting someone who can create a very particular type of thing. As I want to cover as many bases and extend my reach as much as possible.

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You should tell us a little more about this point.

I have experienced a few people capable of making servitors that are able to learn, it’s a common practice within psionic communities. However, making them living beings isn’t as common.

Well, I’m not sure if I can without sounding foolish, but to put it in simple terms I want to create (or perfect through a master of sorts,) a clear, direct, and unbiased extension of my will in order to help myself and loved ones. Theoretically limitless, save for being more of a tool and less of a being. I don’t want to deal with emotional attachment or bias regarding goals.

Just something capable of adaptation and amplification, shielding, warding, and all sorts of other helpful things (of any arts) - though the main focus would be healing and bringing peace. I dislike seeing loved ones in distress, so something similar to a Reiki master in a bottle would be glorious. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would make long distance work so much easier and it would probably help to keep me from feeling drained 24/7 as well.

Could you message me a few recommendations regarding those practitioners? And do you have any books that would be good for Servitor creation…?

I can’t recommend any practitioners, mainly because getting in contact with them isn’t possible right now, as for books I only ever really read damon brand, other than that it’s mostly experience and reading random experiences and methods online.

Alright, thank you for your insight. :slight_smile:

Hi Velenos,

Does this mean that you got your legions scanned to see if the spirits actually existed.
Is my understanding correct?

I took it as Vel saying he himself scanned them, but if not I too am curious what the second opinion was…

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I scanned them as well as some people I know who scan yes.

Can I share my legion with you for scanning.
Not doubting or being disrespectful to Qayos but just a little inquisitive.

@Hysteria Perhaps you might be interested in this:

Thanks Dark, as per usual you find the coolest threads. I’ll take a look!

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A further update: My friend has told me that he is definitely feeling inspired to create, but finds himself lacking the motivation to take advantage of the urge.

I think I’m going to have to recall my legion and retask them, maybe split them so half inspire and half motivate.


Funny. I’m noticing a pattern of sorts. Last week I worked with Orias, he delivered, but it was short lived, because he did what I asked… and more was needed.

When trying to get something for other person, I see, there is where some issues arise.

In any event, it is cool that things are going well and the legions do work.


I’m a little curious because I did not call or create this. However I have been told I have a legion behind me. Who follows and helps me. Would that be the same without me even having to create it?

Bumping this. Is anyone still working with their legion?