How to train your legion

“You just have to keep the original programming intact with what Qyaos put when doing the fragmentation and as such it would all imbue within the fragment so betraying you will still be something they’re incapable of doing.”
@anon48079295 you said this. Are you able to implant memories and other commands in the soul?

No because it doesn’t start to develop until it has it’s own experiences, memories are fickle and very fallible.

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And if they incarnate physically and you incarnate with them, the command of obedience is gone?

Physically yes, as physically they have a choice to say no. Spiritually they may still be loyal to you, depends on a few factors.


Excellent, so happy for you, can’t wait for mine. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:

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Dreamwalking: I enlisted my friend @Ignited’s help to experiment. We’re on it.

Pocket dimension: @Yberion took a look and came back with one word: Zerachiel. This angel has already been contacted for further work. I think we will try again in a couple of days.

Occult Academy: yesterday I sent one of my guys to visit Satanachia, with the purpose of becoming her student. As it sounds. Tonight I contacted her (yes, I know, it should have been the other way around, I know, I know) for the same reason. She made feel a glimpse of happiness. Same Zerachiel. I take that as a yes. The word “Love” came in the middle of all of it. Which is weird. But I’m thinking that wasn’t really directed at me.

I’m planning on sending more of them to visit more heavy hitters out there.


i wonder where @Qayos has been?


I’m unsure too, but I can only assume he’s busy with day to day life.

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Anyone else waiting on their Legion Servitors? I wonder if i created a Servitor, could it be merged with the legion servitors when i receive them?? Anyone know??

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Yes it can.


On Wednesday, I tasked my elemental legion with bringing creative inspiration to a friend.

As of Thursday, the only effect reported so far has been a headache. However, as headaches can be caused by an influx of energy, it could be a possible sign of the servitors at work.

Time will tell.


@anon48079295 you wouldn’t happen to have any recent Legion stories would you? I’m always interested in experiences that you have to share due to the detail you put into things. Sorry if that comes off as a bit creepy, my curiosity is my best and worst trait haha.

I haven’t gotten any activity from them lately

Lately implies that you had a larger amount of activity beforehand. Did you task them with anything lately…?

No even before it wasn’t a large amount of activity, I had them scanned by people to see if they existed from time to time.

I did the same and they had dome some things for me. I totally ruin one (my fault, let’s be clear). I wonder what are you thinking about all of this.

what I’m thinking about all this?

Yeah, in general. I don’t know. I keep thinking about how all of this works, relative to their power.

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I have my doubts about them, but that’s normal for me when it comes to someone else’s work, in terms of servitors given there’s two types of them. I wanted to see if they are ones that require attention to exist and exist once the person believes they received them(thoughtform servitors) or exist regardless of belief (construct servitors)

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Due to several misshaps on my end, I think they’re this type. What do you believe?