How to repel angels /archangels

Lucifer loves both too :joy:


In case you don’t have any sulphur at hand and/or you don’t want your place to stink like rotten eggs for hours, and/or you don’t have any “God” to pray to, you can always use this.

It comes also with instructions specifically for those who suffer from angelic attacks… Who would thought!



Wilson, how many months or years did you took to have your level of clarividence and clariaudience?

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It took me about three years. I had experiences as a child randomly, but things were block off as I aged due to tramua I had to work through later on ontop of the actual meditation exercise I have shared here. I also did not have the resources many do now, which may have played a role in how long it took.


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Where can i find this meditation that you Shared brother???

They’re just entities that got on the wrong side of the JCI politics. They’re perfectly reasonable, in fact I find them more personable than those that are identified as “angels”. All of them preexisted the religious projections on them, they preexisted humans, so it’s best to just get to know them as individuals and not be assumptive.

Ea banished the archangels more than once in his workings, with some fairly elaborate techniques involving a gross biological admixture call demigorgons… exilir? I forgot. He called them in first, and then broke tablets with their sigils on them and such to banish them face to face, much more than just a warding. I think these were in the Book of Azazel and also in the Compendium series.

It was enormously effective, I attest to that as I was in his Temple afterwards, and was unable to evoke or invoke Raphael for guidance on a question. He wasn’t “allowed” in. I could talk to him but it was apparent that he was distant. I would have been able to gatecrash him though using myself as a portal, which is like turning an invocation into an evocation with you as the gate, (or so he said), but I wasn’t going to be so rude as to try as a guest under someone’s roof. However, it’s also fair to say Ea’s wards are ridiculously strong, as my qigong guide couldn’t even hear me, and he wasn’t personally exiled.

I’ve since emulated what I could sense of those wards for my temple, I like the idea that nothing should be there that isn’t specifically invited or given permission, doesn’t matter what it is. The protection level of a WWIII bunker is what I’m going for. :slight_smile: I wish he’d do a video on how he did it, it’s impressive for sure.


This is just the magical equivalent of “Don’t make me tell your dad on you!!!”
It works sure, but you’re just actin like a lil bitch.


Its ones own authority more than calling someones dad, but you do you.

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Eh, the praying to God part is where I got that interpretation.

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The way some people view angels is lowkey kind of shocking but not so much given the forum we’re on. Either it’s “reee Christian dogma!” Or “we’re powerful enough to just wish them away “ which false authority does nothing but make an entity laugh at you.

Authority means nothing without the energy to back it up an ant can’t make a giant back off simply by saying “leave” just like shielding is a necessity, like actual shields not saying “I’m shielded” and thinking your words actually do anything. That’s no different from mental masturbation.

Angels will always have some dogma on them because religion is just like mythology. There’s some truth and some fantasy to it. There’s angels of different cultures and personalities.

If you want to repel angels than get good and hope it’s good enough to combat them lol. Sure if you can find their creator you can see if that God can repel them but I find thinking words alone will do something is a lie and just going to get your ars kicked if the particular Angel doesn’t laugh into submission.


Well yeah me too… far more relatable despite me saying I don’t yet connect to work with and nothing happened for me. But I explained why I think that is.

Far more like me though

That’s what worries me :joy:

I don’t get the constant hate on Yahweh and the angels

It’s not like they personally came down to hurt you


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I’ve no beef with most entities, whether JCI label then angel or otherwise (I don’t see them as such myself) my issue with Jehova is based on it’s merit or distinct lack thereof, as exemplified in it’s behaviour, which is frankly despicable, that’s why.

Hmm I understand, but how can you be sure, that what is written about Jehovah is correct? Could be man made tbh, and Jehovah could be real chill in reality

I checked it out myself in person. It’s about as dismissive, psychopathy and human-hating as an entity can get. I personally believe it’s reptilian.

Nothing in the old testament is good or noble. You have Job, you have children being torn apart by a bear for making fun of a bald man, you have a guy literally “tested” by being asked to kill his own son, and the cretin was going to do it. You have slavery, the treatment of women as property, animal sacrifice, hideous torturous murders, hatred and defamation of any system not xtian.

But the real proof is in the action of the followers, that tells you everything about the energy in that religion, which comes from top down. Same as Muslims, convert or kill, destruction of entire peoples and cultures, which today I’ve never heard a single xtian mention or realise their religion, is responsible for.
Finally the cult-pushing, smug “I’ll pray for you” without consent, and insisting others must be “saved” while not realising how brain washed they sound. Judging nonxtians as “sinners”, when it’s not their right to do so, they assume jurisdiction over everyone, and that disgusts me.

Yes, the bible was rewritten by the romans and the churches infiltrated by this usurpers followers. which were changed and embellished into a cult of hate. The Jesus character tried to get people to find enlightenment and the god within, and they just twisted that lot as well to keep the “sheep”, which they openly call the followers, under control. I don’t think JCI, and now, the pseudo-xtian Satanism that adopts all xtianities weaknesses en masse inclusing sin, have ever had any goodness in them. They can’t because the root is rotten.

What does happen, is most people are inherently good, and they bring light into this evil. They’re bad JCI followers but good people.


In war its not about being on the winning side its about being so neutral that neither side takes you captive. I apply that to angels and demons, use both and get what you need from them, they are operating in your reality. Its like business you have ties in the conservative side of the market and the new booming industry.

Biblical Jehovah in the sense of the character who fundamentalist Xtians are thinking of when reading the OT … is utterly abhorrent

But then those people are also going with lumping different gods to make one … they don’t read their bible and think Jehovah is any different character to Yahweh or to Elohim or Adonai or El Shaddai or Jesus … you got the erasure of half their wives or prominent female characters going on too

Half the time these characters are just later versions of another in religion or cultures past

It all just gets meshed to the point then you got sweet old grannies who will go “if they King James Bible was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me” :rofl:… errr??? Jesus wasn’t reading any KJV bible… that came FAR later :joy: long after when men got together and decided this is what we gonna keep and throw out and let be in the hands of the masses

Half the time the later christians had no idea what prior Jews meant with what they wrote- they were interpreting a text through their own lens and culture. You even got scribes running with it going :thinking: “ oh this is the point they are making, ill add in this to make the point” sometimes probably missing what the point was to begin with again bringing in their own ideas or just not having a spell checker and completely changing the whole meaning of a word :joy:

It makes no sense to me when people go oh Christianity is responsible for this or that … on one level it does, the way we’ve come to believe as a broader culture in concepts is influenced by our understanding of mythology

On another - we… humans…, were the ones who bloody developed the religions

May as well go all the way back to messopatamia and get annoyed with Enlil … long before we get to Jehovah

But there always has been some who knew what they really meant - the esoteric understanding of myth… rather than the exoteric understanding we don’t give to those unresponsible … it’s just something we like to do as humans - make people work and prove themselves able to handle secrets or inner knowledge. I personally think we are rather wise and wouldn’t still be in existence having fun with it all if we didn’t!