How to repel angels /archangels

sulphur , they cant stand the stuff! i know many people think why would angels attack?! well you are lucky then .
dealing with angelic possessions you must break them down just like they broke down the host and stare them in the eyes standing strong while saying only “i command you ( name ) to leave now simultaneously praying to God in ur head . you must know their name for this to work


Most here know angels aren’t all love and light and aren’t above harming others. However, never heard the sulphur idea.


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Yeah…no. That is ridiculous :joy:

So…pray to God to protect you from his angels? That…doesn’t seem right lol

While I’ve never heard of an angel possessing someone against their will, like you seem to be suggesting, praying to “God” in such an instant seems inadvisable and counterproductive.


Yeah agreed angels are not huggy and kissy beings that said I bet sulphur would work just like frankincense works. It would adjust the rooms energetic vibe and make it repellent for the angelic.

Here’s another they don’t like wormwood. It’s like an alcohol for them. They get confused and crazy. Also camphor or mothballs in the corner of a room.


Well. It doesn’t seem right but it reminds me of like calling a truce or asking your opponent to stop attacking/a treaty.


I am going to disagree with you on this one. If we look at systems such as Kingdoms of Flame and some systems involving Djinn, one can approach the ruler of the spirit that is acting up to step in. I believe we had a case of someone having issues with Disodioria and one of the recommendations was involving her ruler Pendralion. Not always guaranteed to work but it is a possible solution. My big question would be whether or not the angel in question is really one under “God’s” domain. There are many different angels from different systems.

For example, I do not see involving God with banishment of Melek Taus, as the God that usually comes to mind is not the same in the Yazidism faith where that angel emerged from, taking the beliefs at face value of course.

As far as the sulfur, I cannot say one way or another. I have yet to have much of an issue with angels to warrant the need for banishment. So far, the biggest issue was Michael and I throwing shade at eachother. Not exactly something that needs a full on banishment.


If that was the case. 1) Astaroth would be immune to angels. 2) you could light a match to repel. 3) you could shoot angels, gunpowder contains sulfur and it’s the main scent.


I love the smell of sulpher demon time :joy:

I honestly don’t know why I like sulpher so much


Actually, I agree with you, and considered that point of view. However, my take on the OP’s post was that he seems very anti-angel (sulphur, being the mythical stench of Hell and its demons, repelling angels seems a bit far fetched when you consider the lore has the angels fighting and putting down demons so I find them being repelled by the smell unlikely) so praying to God to release someone from possession by an angel is at odds with the idea of angels being God’s messengers and his soldiers and therefore under his direct command, meaning an angel would not possess someone unless it was commanded to.

True, though most of the lore comes from the Judaic and Christian religions, so when people talk about angels, that is what they are generally referring to, and that is what I assumed the OP was talking about.


touché, although I think it would depend on the angel being possessed. Remaining in the Judeo-Christian thought, the watchers who fell would be the rough line between angel and demon (angel in Judaism and demon in Christianity). In that case, the watcher would not technically be under the direct command of God and possibly could be banished by involving him, although it would not be following the same boss to subordinate logic i illustrated. However, outside of that example, I see your point being correct as long as angels do not have free will (which is a whole other debate).

The problem I am seeing here is that the thread is very anti-angel and it does seem situational based. As I stated either, getting the “boss spirit” involved is not always guaranteed to work even if it is the case, as they could be involved on the same side as the problem spirit as you pointed out.


An Archangel is not an ant or a moth.
They may not like some smells, but it’s not like they will get burned like vampires in the sunlight in a trash movie.
It’s like saying just hang a cross on the wall and demons will never be able to harm you.



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Lol they still don’t like it though


Depending on the individual Angel certain smells are nice some aren’t. Just like some humans like the smell of mugwort while others hate it.

However, I don’t think it’s enough to send them running off.


It’s just the opposite of burning something they do like like frankincense and myrrh. It makes the vibes not good for them. Fb wrote alot about this in his second book the one on summoning

I’m willing to bet that there are demons that hate the smell of sulfur too.

There are demons that like frankincense and myrrh though.


I think demons are going to be more rebellious/rogue than angels in general

I can see the point made that you can ask the top of command and they might order the being to stand down even

But it makes less sense to me that an angel would go rogue and do it’s own thing

I mean, it’s happened… our mythology makes that clear

Just in general terms I think it’s far less likely an Angel is going rogue

Idk you sure it’s actually an angel and not a demon in disguise OP?

I think if I believed in a God to need to pray to one for help (I don’t not, just this sounds a little similar to a religion I left behind rather than how I currently understand things) … if it’s an Angel I would wanna know why things got to the point I needed to repel and was playing with sulphur as it’s probably acting on God’s orders

A Judeo Angel seems more “free” than say a Ma’ati Angel, while an erote seems way more free thinking than the previous too. Of course this is going off a black and white mentality and not an actuality.

Ma’ati angels from my experience are heavily devoted to Ma’at and her idea of order.

While erotes like many greek entities seem to do whatever they went whenever they want lol, and Judeo angels rest in the middle lol.

Again purely from a black and white point of view in a manner of entertaining the idea.


I really don’t find too much of anything listed research wise to repel angels. Probably because most of the world lives in black and white and usually assigned angels as the good guys and demons as the bad guys.
Puke… Blahhh… Makes me sick lol
buuuuut remember everything only had as much power as you give it. I’m not suggesting it as a first line of defense but if you have to, know your value know yourself and repel them in the name of YOU. Just recognise your God self and make sure anything threatening you comes to know your Godself too.


I’m with velenos on this one I doubt it would make them run away they’d probably just think eew man you stink lol.