How To Make Seals For Spirits

I’m getting asked how I make my seals frequently so here is a step by step guide for the forum.

How to make attractive seals for spirits 101

Step one gather your materials.

Paper of appropriate color ( entirely your discretion)
Pens and markers ( I prefer liquid chalk pens)
A standard size CD
A standard size coffee mug ( mine actually has coffee in it now :laughing::laughing::laughing:)

Step two
Take your CD and trace a circle with your bold marker.

Step three
Place your coffee mug centered as best you can inside your circle and use your bold marker to trace a circle inside the first circle.

Step four
Using a picture of your original seal (on your phone or computer) add the border letters of your spirits name. To do this easier start at top of of the circle and rotate the seal clockwise as you inscribe the letters to make sure they line up properly and don’t look cattywampus.


Step five
The seals most prominent feature. Use the lettering around the circle for reference points and inscribe the most dominant central feature of the seal. This will provide you another set of reference points to finish the seal.

Step six
Fill in the remaining portions of the seal using the dominant feature and the lettering.

Step seven
Cut the seal clockwise around the border and …voila. elapsed time 15-30 minutes depending on the seals complexity.

There you have it.

Special thanks to @Dragon_Empress20 for teaching me how to do this with some style. :smiley::+1:.

@Lady_Eva can this be made into a tutorial thread please?


Soon we will be seeing Mike on YOUTUBE


Hahahaha no I’m staying on balg. I’m not that awesome bro lol. I’m not an occult influencer or great messiah of any kind. I’m sharing some techniques I use in my practice with our community in the hopes that others find it useful or find inspiration to develop thier own better methods as it were.


Do you store the used sigils in container or dispose them

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No I used to store them in a box face down but I recently moved them into a jewelry box.



i store them in a file …


Whatever works bro you know.:smiley::+1:


Yeah but that box looks damm beautiful

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Nothing but the best for my Goetic royalty and Planetary and Elemental spirits…:smiley::+1::racehorse:


Thank you @Lady_Eva


It’s really great. Thanks for creating this topic I am sure it will be a great help to everyone… :smiley:

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This is a tutorial because you said so.
The Unofficial Tutorial Directory doesn’t have special functionality - it’s just a thread to which we collectively post links to tutorials we like.

Here: click this link, click reply, and add away:


This thread was originally a post on another thread. @anon25000386 was asking Lady Eva to move to its own thread I believe, but that is also helpful, @anon25000386 you should post the links to your two tutorials in that thread.


Thanks, just did it. :+1:

Cool man. I’ve actually got blue sharpie marks around half my dishware from making Loa veves and pentacles.

I like to use my big plates for an outer circle, and my smaller ones for the inner circle with pentacles, and the big one alone for the veves. The size is perfect for 12”x12” poster board, which I have a stack of.

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That’s cool, I bet you get a looking durable seal that way.

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Oh this is awesom for sure! Never really though of usin or makin sigils or seals that size be for - I’ll give it a whirl thank much

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I actually made these seals this size because I made a triangle of art that fits them perfectly.

This whole method wasn’t my creation either. @Dragon_Empress20 taught me how to do it right. Before my seals were sloppy and looked like amateur garbage.

Also of note it helped me connect with the spirit taking such care in preparation of the seal.

Using good paper and inks hav given me 72 fine seals that I can work with for years to come also.


I recently got a compass circle tool which I don’t like because it creates a hole in the middle.

Thanks for posting this mike. I’ll be using this method from now on.


Great work bro, I want to learn magic

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