Seal he just made up? or just the best way to copy it?

In reference to this post:

Is this just the easiest way to copy a seal or did he make this seal up (like a sigil) and if he made it up, how did he know which symbols to use.

If he made it up, this should make the connection much stronger. I would think. because the person would need to know what correspondences the spirit was associated with.

What was happening in this thread, please explain. It was very cool.

(I copy shit by using Inkscape and crating a bitmap, then I print it lightly and go over it by hand, but this could be the next level for me, if I understood it)

That is the seal of Decarabia, one of the Goetic spirits, so I would say the tutorial is OP explaining the best way to copy tidy-looking seals by hand for irl use (rather than printing them out).

You could always create your own sigil/seal, although for an entity, it is probably recommended that you get them to oversee it or ‘channel’ a sigil to you, so you are sure you’re connecting with the intended spirit. :slight_smile: