How to make effective contract to sell soul?

how exactly does one go about making their contract effective (are there technicalities to what one may not ask for?) and how does one go about selling one´s soul exactly? i have my contract readily written and well thought out.

Can you communicate with spirits?

havent tried, long way from it. will meditate before doing so. dont want soul to get hacked.

So you want to sell yourself into eternal servitude to beings you can’t communicate with?

And you may end up with any old imposter taking the offer, and then, wew.

You originally posted this in a topic that was about warning people away from the concept of selling your soul, it’s Hollyweird bullshit and you can attain goals with real magick, whereas this way the best thing that will happen is nothing at all.

This is like selling yourself online to “some guys” who you don’t know, and they’ll own you to do whatever they like. Forever.


Try this first:

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sorry about that, im an idiot, didn’t mean to. thank you for your guidance.

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I’m only too happy to help. PM me your plastic card details, full name and address, DOB and stuff like that. This will allow me sufficient access to your funds to facilitate my august advice as an Infernal Attorney to you regarding the most important contract of your life. Just think of it! And you’re prepared to proceed without legal advice?

Anyway, you send your bank details and a copy of your contract, then await my solemn, Latin-ridden advice full of pithy, memorable aphorisms. For obvious reasons I’ll dispense with forwarding an invoice.


P.s. Sorry.


You can’t actually sell your Self because there is only Self. However, you can experience such illusions of reality but be cautious of how you structure the illusion in consciousness because it is done unto you according to your faith/conviction. Set it up unpleasantly and you might struggle, albeit temporarily, at some point.

Wait, you already asked about this in a thread that explained it was bs but didn’t listen and made a new post?

Why should anyone help you?
Have you bothered to do any real reading on this site and use the search feature?

FYI if you can’t communicate with Spirits you can’t make proper Pacts unless you just want to F yourself up.
Do some reading, working with Spirits takes work, you can’t just snap your fingers and get what you want for “a soul”.

I moved the post and split it into a new topic, because I didn’t want “why not to make pacts” to turn into a discussion about … making pacts! :rofl so it’s cool. :+1:


The idea you can’t sell your soul is a moronic and idiotic one almost as much as the modern conception of what selling your soul actually means. Start out reading books by Franz Bardon. He explains quite well how it works and the benefits behind it but it deals with the resonance of your energy falling into the realm of the spirit and this under its power by association. Like two tuning forks aligning.


That does explain where the Hollywood idea came from.
I forgot about Bardon.

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