How to have a bigger penis

Let’s get one thing out the way right now lol. I do not have a small penis. I am young though so my penis is potentially still growing and developing. It is above the average size of an American man. However, recently I saw a comment on one of my posts that Orobas and/or belial can make your penis larger when I was asking if they can change your dna. much like what the subliminals on YouTube say. You know the videos that say get green eyes, or grow an inch taller. Get a defined jawline etc. What do you guys think of This. Do you know any methods that work to increase your penis size. Can you request this from belial and/or orobas? I’m sure there are many other demons that can do this. I was thinking haagenti since he is a demon of alchemy.


Maybe even an increase in testerone would help achieve your desired result. I made this post to discuss if it is possible doing magick or through subliminals. I am sure it can be done by using demons to help you.


If you do ask a demon to do this, I’d be very specific on HOW you want it done. Because torn muscles/ligaments will make it longer, especially if they don’t reattach correctly. That’s how penis enlargement surgery works, they surgically snip things and then have you use a series of weights to keep it stretched while it heals.


Very true…

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I’m just gonna go with yes it is possible. Someone should try it out to see how it goes so we can all learn

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I’d advice against asking Belial to tug on your dick to make it longer.
Just in case.



Look into the penis enlargement forums.
My dick is 7.5 inches long, I started at 7 inches. Within a few months i’ll be 8 inches long…
My erect girth is 5.7 inches, I started at 5.5 inches.

I feel small, I want to grow until i’m a solid 9 inch in length and 7 inches girth… I have a really large body frame (6 foot 3 ) and big hands so if I look in a mirror it’s seems small dick to me lol.

Jelqing, stretching, bathmate hydropump, hanging etc, those are the exercises you will want to do in order to grow safely !

So you need to ask help like faster growth, be specific and say to the spirit that you are doing PE and if he can help you grow faster and bigger through the exercises. And faster healing etc etc.

Remember this won’t happen overnight, i’m in for a few weeks now and you can easily gain 2 inches of length in one year if you stay consistent. And atleast 1-2 inches in girth.

This shit is legit and you can really grow, BUT it takes hard work, time and dedication. 5 days on, 2 days off, or 6 days on 1 day off.

The past 3 days I didn’t train, because I was sad, had some depressing feelings, but you really have to push through… Sometimes I really feel like I want to drop everything and say: Fuck it, i’m done with it… but yea your higher self is testing you I guess…

It can be very tough mentally.

If you want to know more, just PM me.


I am not personally sure which spirits would be the best, but a scorpio moon would be good for that and the planet jupiter to expand.
As far as practical methods I recommend TCM (Chinese medicine)

Kidney yang is mostly the libido itself and the liver is length.
However its limitations are genetics, so I think some work with a spirit would be necessary to for that going beyond natural limits


I have issues due to meds etc, I am going to Lucifer this weekend about it…
Either get the cash to get the treatment ( Gainswave) or Pshot etc , or supernatural healing…
I just can not take the meds any longer, the side effects are unlivable…

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I made a deal with Prince orobas that if he helps my penis get 2 inches bigger from 6-8 I’ll stop masturbating . So far it’s at 7 but I can’t remember the day I asked him so I’ll give him until the end of this month .


I wouldn’t even dare doing that the genitals are a source of extreme power and life force trusting a entity to fuck about with your sexual power your life force and raw primal forces is foolish just for sexual gratification.

Who knows give it a while it could become a demonic serpent haha


Get good at using your tongue is my advice if its a problem. Probably isnt but as long as u can get the job done :wink:



There is no need to stop masturbating…

Learn to stirr your own sexual energies. Learn to become multi orgasmic. You can have orgasms, without the ejaculation part. It will elevate your energy levels and brainpower immensely.

The trick is to circulate your sexual energy into your brain and the rest of your body for cognitive / psychic horsepower…

I am on nofap and I do specific breathing / meditation exercises in preparation for multiple male orgasms.

This means I will orgasm without ejaculation, if you have this under control you can go forever

Ejaculation is only for concieving a child :smiley:
Full body orgasms is the way to go!

Ps: you could achieve this all by yourself! There is NO need to ask a demon/god or whatever for help!


Yeah but he told me I need to . It’s my end of the deal .

He told me I need to stop masturbating . I said if you grow my penis 2 inches longer I will stop masturbating . He said okay . So I can’t back out

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If I do my penis might go all the way down to 0.6 inches or all the way up to 50 inches

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Are you putting in the work aswell? Because I think it will take a very very long time and a tremendous amount of energy by the demon in order to grow your dick…

Will you do the enlargement exercises?


Yeah I’ve been jelquing for the past month

It’s really working because before I use to this and I would see no growth at allll and now it’s at seven inches

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What kind of meds are they?

Losinapril 40 mg… Carvedilol 12.5 mg… Furosimide (lasix) and Spironolactone… All of them either kill your libido or cause ed… Or fatigue