How to get my ex back

Red candles are fine and sallos is fine too. Did you want to use a Sigil for a more tangible connection?

And sure I thought I would just draw it on a piece of paper?

Perfect just do it, think about what it is you want while drawing it put that energy into the Sigil.

And keep it every day after and keep repeating what I want?

If you want to make it a daily ritual then go for it. This is your spell and ritual.

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Do I keep the same one or burn it every time I’m done because the link you sent says something completely different.

Keep it no need to create new one that way you ca build energies in it

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The link you sent said like you summon him then burn the paper after.

Everyday, when you can (I prefer the night, but if you’re in a pinch really anytime of day or night is fine).

Draw an 8 pointed star onto paper. I find she likes purple and red, but if you’re limited in supplies then don’t worry. Its your intention that counts. Around this piece of paper, I would place some offerings and other symbols of Ishtar.

  1. Wine. Ishtar in my experience loves a red wine. Spirits and entities can feed off of energy from food and drink. If you’re short on money or resources though, whatever you have is fine as long as its offered with respect.

  2. Lapis lazuli. This is a relatively cheap gemstone, easily acquired at any new age store. If you can’t get it, then any blue stone would work. Again, as long as its offered with respect, that’s all the matters.

  3. Sexual Energy, You can’t obviously physically place that next to the paper. Get yourself horny and enter the ritual like that, she loves that kind of thing

  4. Something that belongs to your ex, or something that symbolises your relationship. It can be a photo, a gift she gave you, a love note, whatever you got. That gives Ishtar something to connect to and helps provide focus.

  5. Candles: Blue, red, purple are ideal, but again, work with what you have and remember your intention.

  6. Some people find it helpful to have a picture of her in addition to the 8 pointed star. I certainly do. I have a small statue of her. But again, not necessary.

So light your candles, put your items around the 8 pointed star and focus on the star. Take slow, deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. If you do that for a few minutes it will change your consciousness and put you in a better state to communicate.
When you’re ready, invite her into your space. Focus on feeling her energy in the room with you. You’ll know it when she’s there, trust me. I often find the room gets kind of warm and sexual.

Then make your case. Tell her everything. Tell her how much you love this girl, that you would like to become a better person for her, that you want her back. Really focus on your feelings in that moment.

Then tell her what you will give her when she comes through. This is crucial. If and when she comes through for you, you need to make a sacrifice of thanks. I don’t mean kill a chicken or something crazy, but something that reflects your gratitude. That could be more wine, it could be your sexual fluids, it could be that you commit yourself to working with her. Whatever you offer, it has to feel, to you, a wee bit painful to give up. I once gave her a lock of my ridiculously long hair, which to me, was a big sacrifice. What a “sacrifice” is varies from person to person. But its gotta hurt a bit.

Then listen and feel. You will get an impression, an emotion, a phrase popping into your head, a sense of knowing. It’s different for everyone. Reflect on your relationship in this time, not in fear, but like a neutrally detached observer. Be still for at least 15 minutes, take your time with it.

When you’re done, thank her and blow your candles out.

Then, and this is also crucial: Stop worrying about it. Don’t even think about it. Trust that Ishtar is going to come through, that the problem is resolved. If you dwell too much on it, or keep repeating it, you’ll blow your results.

You can then, daily if you like, repeat that ritual, but instead of pleading your case to her, light your candles and tell her you’re open to hear her guidance and wisdom. She will instruct you from there.

Here’s some sources to help you research her:

And she’s helped you? If you don’t mind me asking what did they help you with? I’ve seen sallos, and she’s someone imma take a look at now but It’s not guaranteed my ex is gonna come back right? To be honest I find it slim to none her coming back. I’m honestly emotionally lost/confused.

I have worked with Ishtar for almost 15 years now. The only tattoo I currently have on my body is her 8 pointed star, so my relationship with her is significant.

She’s helped me with literally every single aspect of my love life, my sexuality, my finances, my confidence and self esteem, my magick, my ego. I vouch for her 110%.

Its not guaranteed your ex will come back. But guaranteed if you ask Ishtar for help with love, if you are sincere, she’ll help. And that may be in the form of making you realise its time to move on, it may be she drops a new girl into your life, or she may even fix this.

But depending on a god isn’t enough, you gotta do the mundane work too, you know, the whole looking at yourself and deciding where you need to grow. Mundane+Magick= result.

Is there any spell I can use to get her back and continue to practice everyday?

Proof I’m not BS’in ya

Very tough to get a pic of your own back. I took that from an etching when I visited one of her destroyed temples. She’s the real deal

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Wow thank you, sorry it’s just i don’t know haha you know just want her back scared she won’t come back I’m confused.

Everything you need to get started my friend, best of luck.

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I think you got the right answers above and good luck with your spell work

so my ex unblocked me and i have been researching and communicating with prince Amon and duke sallos and so far were talking and growing from there so yea they’ve helped out a lot so far. i know i shouldn’t rush because patients is key what could i do tho in the meantime to continue to grow and rekindle that flame i know is still there, even tho she says sher doesnt want too shes hesitant tho and scared to get back but shows she still cares tho so its at the same time confusing haha


Orias? Dantalion? Foras? Just some ideas from Demons of Magick.

Well she unblocked me, and today we agreed that we’ll give this week one last chance but if we don’t feel anything after this week we’re done done she just wants to text and doesn’t want to see each other in person or whatever. So now I’m kinda in a bind haha it’ll be easier to see her in person or call yet all she wants to do is text. So at this point I gotta have faith and trust the spirits I’ve called to help me :blush:, and haha any advice?