How to get my ex back

Hi I’m looked some stuff up and I heard sallos might be someone to help me get my ex back. How would I ask/summon him to help me? I don’t wish to enrage him since I’m new to all this. I just want to know the process of asking him for his help to get my ex back.

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Interesting name. How did you come up with it>

What do you mean?

Ao4001 just wondering it’s significance or if you just pushed buttons randomly to join?

Oh well it’s something I came home with when I was a kid and it’s always stuck with me since then. It’s my initials and the 4001 to be honest I liked the number haha

Cool, so how does a person go from non practicing to joining an occult forum and want to summon demons LOL, I like you already btw.

There are plenty of posts here on evocations, simple ones too or you could just start having a conversation, no special tools required.


Well I’ve been with my ex for 4 years honestly I’m at the lowest point in my life and I’m only 21 haha. I like to learn new things and try to experience things at least once in my life, you know. To be honest I’m kinda weary because I don’t want my desperation for her to ruin me or if I try to learn more about this something major backfiring on me. But like I said I’m interested in a lot of things and since I have some time now, why not. And something is also telling me to do this idk I’ve never had something like that happen to me so here I am.

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Thank you, umm is it normal and ok for me to be scared throughout this process? Haha

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Yes it’s normal, I have found that as time progresses that fear just disappears as your relationship grows.


So if I specifically want to ask sallos for help to get my ex, I see he likes red candles, should I use that and what type of candles? Sorry just have questions you know haha.

No its cool, I actually speak my intention over the candle and spiralling my fingernail in the wax as I twist it. This way I visualize my words becoming part of the wax

Well I have a tan one in a glass jar, would that’s work? And would the color of the candle affect it as well?

There’s plenty you can do spell wise to get your ex back. But here’s my questions in return: Is it actually worth your effort and time? Or is this throwing good time after bad?

You can do a love spell, drive this girl crazy over you and maybe even have her come back. But if it’s not of her own free will…you are going to have to put ALOT (I mean ALOT ALOT ALOT) of your energy and effort into maintaining the spellwork to keep her. Because you’re not just projecting your Will in this instance- you’re now also having to fight against the Will of someone else who doesn’t want to be with you. That’s hard work. And more often than not, it isn’t successful long term.

I’m personally of the opinion that it’s gross to force someone to be with you against their Will. That’s not love that’s slavery. Just my opinion, I know there’s plenty of thoughts on the subject.

Secondly: If you’re here to learn magick, you should know that an alternative solution to your problem is to work a ritual to attract someone better suited to you into your life. Someone more compatible. It’s easier to attract a like mind than it is to manipulate one against its Will.

Now say you get yourself into a great, new relationship with a new girl. You could definitely work some love magick to aid the mutual and consensual relationship you have with hypothetical new GF. Which, again, much, much easier than trying to essentially force someone back into a relationship which has dissolved.

Love Magick, I have found in my practice, works a lot better when both parties consent to the relationship.

Again, my opinions based on my own experiences. Good luck.

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Well she says she still loves me and is confused and wants time alone it’s honestly a really long story. And I do deeply still love her and it’s all confusing right now to be honest but I know I’m willing to make things work and show her what sparked our fire in the first place.

It’s always a long story.

Your problem sounds more mundane than it does magickal. Which is not to say its invalid-love hurts like a mother &^%$#@ at times. I think we’ve all been where you are at least once in our lives. It hurts and it sucks.

What I mean by “mundane” is that it is something that been solved non magically. If she says she wants space, then the answer isn’t to throw a love spell on her. The answer is respect her needs and give her the space she asked you for.

I’m going to offer one perspective on this: you throwing spells to get her back when she’s asked for space, when she’s made a need of hers clear, is disrespectful to the woman you love. Instead of respecting her need, you’re basically doing the opposite by trying to force her back when she asked for space. Now why would she want to be with you if you cannot respect her needs and limits? If you really love her, then you’re gonna respect her needs and treat them as valid. If you’re just rushing to get her back into a relationship without taking time to reflect on what went wrong and what exactly your part in it going wrong was, then even if she does give you a second chance, it’ll be damned from the get go. You owe her that respect.

This is not to say you can’t use magick to help out-but direct toward yourself. Much of magick is self growth and development. I think if I was you, I would do the following:

  1. Ask for guidance from a love spirit or entity. I do a lot of work with Ishtar, and have for most of my life. She’s who I do basically the vast majority of my magick with.She’s the greatest with love and sex, I cannot love or recommend her enough for matters like this.

  2. You could ask for clarity on what your contributions to the demise of the relationship are. You could ask how you need to grow and mature in order for this to work.

  3. You could cast spells on yourself to make yourself more desirable and attractive

  4. Cast a spell to improve your self confidence. When I read your post, I picked up on your sadness and confusion and declining confidence. Which is totally normal considering what’s happening. I’m just saying, getting your “mojo” and confidence back is going to do wonders. Everyone likes confident people. Realise that you are enough and that whatever happens, you will be ok. That one revelation alone would do wonders for tipping the odds in your favour.

If you do these things, then it is critical to follow up with them in the “mundane” world.


Ishtar? How do I communicate with them or anything I’m willing to do some research, and it’s just everyone in her ear telling her what to do I’m afraid I’m pushing her away because of that and so if her family controlling her I just honestly want her back because I fucked up but I’m willing to do what I can to grow as a person tho.

What should I do after that thing tho? Like the days after?

Ishtar is a Mesopotamian Goddess of Love, War, Sex and Death. I call her the Mother of all Love Goddesses, because it is from her that many other love goddesses (Aphrodite, Astarte etc…) came from. Her stone is Lapis Lazuli. Her animals are owls and lions. Her symbol is the 8 pointed star. I find her to be a patient goddess, unless you don’t do as she instructs. The simplest way to communicate is to draw her 8 pointed star, stare at it and meditate and see what messages you get. Quiet yourself and listen, you’ll be amazed what you hear. Offer her something as thanks. She likes red wine, fine foods, sexual energy.

As for her family and everyone else whispering in her ear: Tough. She can listen to anyone she wants. You say her family is controlling, but essentially what you’re looking to do is to control her for your own selfish ends. So who is really controlling her, hmm?

Nothing, and I really mean nothing, will push someone away like feeling like they’re being suffocated by their partner, like they’re being disrespected. If you are willing to do the work, it needs to be done whether you get her back or not.

Also: If you’re only here to get her back, and not to pursue magick, you’re gonna have a bad time result wise. Commitment to magick is key, and so is belief. If you have neither, then no spell is going to help you.

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So what do I do everyday then? Like an 8 star on a piece of paper and just communicate with her and talk to them? How do I do that? Do I need anything or? Like every day meditating talking to her? I’m sorry I’m willing to try all this but pursuing magic how would I continue to practice every day?