How To Delight Belial 🖤

We discovered a form of offering he delights in that I’ve not seen mentioned on here before - the desecration of items relating to law enforcement.

I did some work with a friend and we purchased (legally) some used police uniform items on Ebay, and ritually desecrated these, leaving them on our altars for several days so he could enjoy the sight of them.

Simple and effective, and he was absolutely thrilled by this offering, so since I’m very grateful to the big guy, I’m sharing in hopes others will add this to their repertoire. :smiling_imp:

How you do the desecration is a matter of personal choice, simply writing “fuck the police” in red paint on them may suffice.

You can also treat them as a kind of poppet/sympathetic magick link, and bind them with wire or chains, etc., bound in the name of Belial, and offered to him.

(Lest this bothers anyone, I don’t support most forms of crime such as robbery and murder, but individual police officers and regional departments are sometimes corrupt, and they’re often the front-line enforcers for corrupt regimes.)

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, my main post on Belial to date: My "Belial Files" : 2017 Update. :fire: :black_heart:


He also likes it when you show back bone and be honest about your feelings regardless of the other party. Not the “passive aggressive” kind of way either; just straight up aggressive.

EDIT: @Lady_Eva Any chance you’re going to make a 2019 update on the Belial Files?


Well, this is the most significant new thing I have discovered that I think adds to usable knowledge for people, and one of the reasons I linked the other topic is so System will automatically place a link to this topic in there, and I made this its own new topic because replies sometimes get buried. :smiley:

I will be doing some other things for him in the next month to say THANK YOU for some assistance, so stay tuned. :black_heart:


Beat me to it, damn it. :joy::joy::joy:


Wow :flushed: this is exactly what last saturday my friends started to scream on the terasse, the evening of 23 of march at around 23:00 pm :thinking: synchronicities…

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:joy::joy::joy:I love Rick & Morty!

Thank you for sharing this information with us @Lady_Eva ACAB :yum:


Thank you. I owe King Belial a lot and I would love to offer him something pleasing. I heard of someone else mention Anarchy symbols on here too.

I had just finished talking to him and saying I was stuck for another offering and I saw this thread 5 mins later. I think it is a message!


Brilliant! :black_heart:


Wait why tho

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Totally I met this SWAT guy and he interrogated aggressively

He was married tho:(

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I had just logged on to check a word he had said to me. he said he would ‘scourge’ my target and I did not understand what this meant. I checked, I then saw this post, offering problem solved.:+1:

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Because FOOK THE RULES! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::smiling_imp:

RULES are pointless, we break the chains that bind, sometimes that means rejecting everything we’ve been given!


According to you, if a lawyer or judge is working with Belial, would it be fine if s/he desecrate his/her own court dress?


Belial’s not a fan of “the Man.”

I think that would bring the energy home to much, so I would say no, get something that represents an external authority and not one’s own power.

I mean maybe if someone totally dedicated their life to Belial they could offer their mundane work to him, but that would be excessive if it was for anything less.

Also, I had this experience, which, again, you may want to watch out for unexpected influences… :laughing:


He just become creepier (?) to me day by day. :sweat_smile::wine_glass:

2-3 months and I’ll wear His tattoo on my chest, I bet. God damn it.


Oh, seems like he, erm, likes you?! :wink:

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Hail King belial, and fuck these corrupt bastards of authority… in the past they hurt me a lot… when i was innocent… they abuse of there authority a lot of time… i know that a lot of them doing there job and not every body is evil… but i like that, for the evils one… :kissing_heart: :+1:


How about asking Him to possess you, work through you as He wishes, ( his secret, on what he is doing, unless He wants to reveal anything ),

No, it can’t be real. But if it is…

…I must working on my (false) resistance. :roll_eyes::wine_glass: