Complaining demon?

If i give belial a offering Something of importance to me will he refuse?

He might. It’s always an option a spirit has, to accept an offering or not. However, if the offering truly is important to you, and giving it up would be a sacrifice for you, then it is unlikely to be refused.

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Yes, he will refuse for questioning such things. lol. Just give it to him already. just kidding. I don’t think they care for such offerings. The offering is just a commitment thing to show your serious. If your sincere and show you care about your request. then the offer they take.

Just like real life. It feels insulting when you help someone who isn’t serious.

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Complaining demon

When I saw that title I immediately thought of a post a girl here made saying Beelzebub was sitting in her living room demanding she make him a sandwich. That gave me a little chuckle.

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she don’t want sandwich. she want a fruit sponge cake with ice cream in the middle. =oP

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Do these spirits actually eat foods and stuff? What do you do with food after you’ve offered and they accept it? Do you end up throwing it in the garbage? Does the person who offers it eat it?

I usually let my patron Deity eat food through me. As for drink, I usually put a small amount in a cup. Interestingly enough, drink seems to “evaporate” faster when you offer it to an entity. I believe this may be how they ingest liquids but this is just a theory of mine.

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Offer it and see, they are individuals who depending on the person chooses what to do.

Try asking first if he’d like it, if so, either give it as an unconditional offering, or promise it to him on the successful completion of the mission or task.

He’s not usually shy about showing he wants something. :+1:

This may be useful: How To Delight Belial 🖤

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Thank you