Cursing a work place

So I have minor cerebral palsy and this fast food joint fired me on the second day of training cause I was too slow…number 1, due to my cerebral palsy it takes me longer to gain muscle memory then most and they knew that I wrote it on there application, from what I hear I can sue them for this which is probably what I will do. Number 2 it was on the second day of training for fuck sake, SECOND DAY🤣 not many people will understand what’s going on even on the second whole day of training, number 3 everyone who worked there treated me like absolute shit they acted like I worked there for a year and was still making mistakes…so aside from me suing them I have the fattest itch to bring revenge on my own so that is what I will do…now I read this interesting post:

He gives a list of spirits he used but I didn’t really see which ones to make a petition for those specific things like:

Bring illness to the workplace which will most likely cause health department issues ect

Causing Mass exodus of employees and more;

So my question is what spirits (demonic entities specifically I don’t like working with archangels) can help with specific incidents of chaos around the restaurant or even whole company, and if there is one that can do it all that would be helpful too

Thanks guys!

Oh and belial also wants to help with suing them as well FYI☺️


You want Andras.


So he can pretty much cause the all around chaos in that restaurant I’m looking for?

I mean I know he causes mistrust and hatred so I feel he’d be great, what if I also want some sickness to play cause I want the health department to knock them on there ass cause that’ll get on the news…I’m guessing I’d have to look for a spirit good for illness? Idek if a spirit can cause mass illness like that


That’s exactly what he does. Just don’t do it if you live within say, a mile of the place. :smiley:


I agree with Andras.


They sure can. That’s why you had all the hubbub about plague spirits in places like Mesopotamia.

You make a petition to the spirits that align with each thing you’re doing. For example for illness and destruction spirits like Nergal and Andras you petition.

For manipulation, spirits like King Paimon and Belial. So on so forth.

Feel free to reach out with questions.

~N.M. Ginnarr


I’m also thinking if I’m gonna do this probably stop eating there food or at least that specific restaurant :rofl::rofl:probably a good idea

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Also it’s 1.1 to 1.2 miles away so what do you recommend lol

Well, don’t eat that shit anyway. :smiley: But no, if you go with Andras, he’s a grand dollop of destructive chaos, stay far away, and make sure they have no mirror shields and put up your own protections.

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It’s McDonald’s for Christ sake :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: we are talking about McDonald’s here​:rofl::rofl:

Also it’s 1.1 to 1.2 miles away so you think I’d be fine in that case?

Youll be fine, just have absolutely nothing to do with that place,

The food, the property or the workers.
Set it an forget.

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So like:

Stop going there
Don’t associate with the employees or boss that type of thing?

Belial recommends if I’m going to do this I sue them first since he wants to help me with that first

He and my dad recommends I double check on the law anyway just to make sure but from what I hear I can sue them for this

As I put cerebral palsy RIGHT on the application :rofl: tells me they didn’t look at it or they skimmed it.

I guess I’ll work on seeing if I can sue them first then move on to my revenge

Well to each their own,
Your workings are YOUR workings, Im just saying I wouldnt take a road trip riding shotgun with a person I used baneful works on.

That sounds like the start of a whole new path to a new life, I cant speak legal information but I hope you pursue what makes you happy, an as always Hail Belial!

I mean yeah if the employees are getting sick probably not a good idea to eat there food🤣

I’d have to give a hard third with recommending Andras. I have a high level of respect and admiration for him. I’ve called him on many occasions and he never ceases to amaze me with how far he is willing to go to fuck some shit up. Just make sure you’re ready to deal with his energy. Once you successfully send him to your target, get some popcorn & sit back and watch the inferno, because it will be quite the show.