How to create a permanent shield against all spirits/ghosts

Hi, i am new here, this is my first post, i created this account specificaly for this topic.

A ghost has been pestering me for 5 years now and i want to get rid of it forever. I will tell you a few abilities she has, she can basicly feel anything i feel all my senses in fact so: touch, smell, vision, hearing, taste…she can hear all my thoughts infact i changed the way i think and most of the time i dont even think because at the time there were many more spirits pestering me and this was one of my ways of adaptation against them so they didnt know what the hell i am thinking and i started to hide my thoughs and think “without thinking” basicly i started to live in present moment…

anyway this spirit is the only one left and by saying it can hear my thoughts i must also add it can sense my way of thinking there are few ways i know my mind is thinking for example to remember something you have a few ways for me i can rember visualy or by hearing or smell or numbers and so on…this ghost senses everyting it knows in real time what i am thinking not to even mention talking which she knows all the the time what i say

i dont even have privacy in between there were other spirits as well and i didnt jack off for a year and a half at once because there were male spirits as well, shit i cant even take a shit in peace or shower and so on i shit you not it senes what i am eating, drinking smoking, if i have an urge to fart…everything

i think this ghost fucked up in a mayor way sometime in her life and basicly by accident sold her soul and then someone sended her to me so she pesters me all the time, she got a mission to kill me or somehow fuck me over that i acidently sell my soul or something like that

anyway we talk everday when i am in private and she talks in my languge and she is a huge liar she lies all the time, but because i know her for so long i know some things she said were true

keep in mind because this is happening for five fucking years those spirits fucked me over and my parents saw i wasnt acting the same, and they heard i am talking “to myself” and make some gestures with my hands and so on that i ended up in mental hospital for 4 times for periods long between 1 and 3 months

right before i ended up in mental hospital for the first time this ghost turned all the classmates that were working with me on a group project in collage against me, its like they were against me and i wasnt against them if you know what i mean and before the project i was neutral with all of them and just one of the guys was cool with me of about 10 people

later i found out that guy had some sort of shield against spirits, as far as i could tell he was a regular dude he didnt dable in occult so somebody probably protected him, this ghost confesed to me that she couldnt go in that guy and told me herself that about 5% people have this type of shield

which brings me to the point: WHERE AND HOW TO GAIN A SHIELD AGAINST SPIRITS

i know this was long, thank you for reading, i could go on and on and on what happend in all these 5 years but i needed to type at least the basic info


Have you tried using the search function? There should be plenty threads on shielding. Best of luck.

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Thank you for taking your time, i will look up the book that you recomended. If you remember any other methods please post in this thread,

That thing with farts was a stupid example, but you get the point she can feel everything i feel, for example pain, hunger, thirst, temparature. If i let her for a short time she moves my head as well but if i want and mostly i do i am in complete control of my body. I cant explain everything because i need to withold information from her, she can read everything i wrote here and as is said before i adapted so i mostly dont think and i do stuff in real time, which was good for a lot of time but sometimes it sucks because it happens i think of something a lot later than i would before.

Quite a conspiracy theory, are you into gaming?

Its not a theory, this is happening to me for the last 5 years…i play battlefield 5 here and there

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I have a spirit who also is very questionable as it lied to me big time aswell…
It can control parts of my body if I let. I don’t interact with it anymore because of all it’s lies… I can’t figure out what it wants. I can communicate with this being by letting it move my finger for yes/no answers.

i talk with the spirit in my head if i need to be quiet, as i said she hears my thoughts and i hear her thoughts, but if i am alone and no one can hear me (keep in mind i need to be careful because i already went to mental hospital 4 times because of all this, if my parents would hear how i talk to her and see me doing gestures with my hands and so on, they would think i have “psyhosis” again) , i often talk to her the same as to anyone else, through my mouth and she talks through my mouth but her voice sounds the same as mine because it comes from my mouth,

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Sheesh, how aren’t you a moderator yet?


I’ve only ever talked to my spirit in my head and it would respond through finger movement
so I never got caught

I cant talk it out with her, believe me i tried lots of times, she just wont go away. I asked her just for fun today if i give her flowers and chocolate and candles like you did with your spirit, she said i would just waste money and she wont go away. I think she is around 25 year old. As i said before she fucked up when she was stil alive and accidentally sold her soul i think. Someone sended her and she needs to eather kill me somehow or fuck me over so i accidentally sell my soul or something like that and then she redeemes herself.


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I am not afraid of her (the spirit), never was. And the abilities i told you she has are true i know because i figured that out in all this time its not bullshit she realy has them. I dont want to try and call demons or angels, i had beef with demons before as well in this 5 years when i said other spirits i meant demons and few other spirits i cant tell you how it happend…lets just say demons wont bother me anymore.

I dont trust angels eather…If you ask me god and devil are both scum infact god and devil are both responsible for world wars 1 and 2 and both are guilty of atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki, they are the worst and they do everyting just for money, they are basicly money whores. They dont care about anything else and they watch how people kill each other for fun they watch for fun like its some fucking show to them. Thats just one of a lot of shit i learned in this 5 years.

So i think angels are scum too i dont want to do anything with them.I just want to be left alone.
I just need to aquire this shield, who knows about this stuff hmm.

I call her black cat, long story. I dont know her real name.

Has this demon shown itself to you in visions perhaps as a black cat. Is that why use that name?

She isnt a demon. Actually in my first “psyhosis” there were a lot of stuff happening, anyway i found on wikipedia the character black cat from comic book , at the time i was dating this older chick and somehow i knew instantly that was her. I though the chick was black cat but in fact it was this spirit that was misleading me and was presenting like it was her (the chick) but it was this spirit. In fact she just liked the character black cat probably because she is cool and badass and she claimed that name. I said its a long story, i thought at the moment i would need to explain a lot more background and all the other things that were happening.

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I was sent him a message to thoroughly fuck up the spirit’s’ “mind” then, gave him instructions on how to defeat her (I’m not new to spirits like these). His lil girlfriend actually came at me while I was typing it, that’s how I know how to defeat her, but the OP isn’t listening!

The message is written in a specific manner that is used to confuse beings it was written to do 3 things

  1. help the magician
  2. fuck up the parasite
  3. bridge the gap between the two for better understanding and communication of their wants, needs, and desires.
    The magician is still thoroughly set on worshiping the entity and continues to let it feed off him despite my efforts lol

Mate…you’re kidding right lmao!? You made a new account and posted because YOU are too weak to handle her on your own! You are not willing to listen to a me a fellow magician who has suffered from the same thing or seek help from entities you don’t understand. It’s rather sad. Maybe try re-reading the confusing message again. She came after me and I handled her in class and at school, within an hour. But enjoy your living hell and continue worshipping an enitity and her abilities. Ig you want to ruin your life lol