How to create a permanent shield against all spirits/ghosts


Has this demon shown itself to you in visions perhaps as a black cat. Is that why use that name?


She isnt a demon. Actually in my first “psyhosis” there were a lot of stuff happening, anyway i found on wikipedia the character black cat from comic book , at the time i was dating this older chick and somehow i knew instantly that was her. I though the chick was black cat but in fact it was this spirit that was misleading me and was presenting like it was her (the chick) but it was this spirit. In fact she just liked the character black cat probably because she is cool and badass and she claimed that name. I said its a long story, i thought at the moment i would need to explain a lot more background and all the other things that were happening.


I was sent him a message to thoroughly fuck up the spirit’s’ “mind” then, gave him instructions on how to defeat her (I’m not new to spirits like these). His lil girlfriend actually came at me while I was typing it, that’s how I know how to defeat her, but the OP isn’t listening!

The message is written in a specific manner that is used to confuse beings it was written to do 3 things

  1. help the magician
  2. fuck up the parasite
  3. bridge the gap between the two for better understanding and communication of their wants, needs, and desires.
    The magician is still thoroughly set on worshiping the entity and continues to let it feed off him despite my efforts lol


Mate…you’re kidding right lmao!? You made a new account and posted because YOU are too weak to handle her on your own! You are not willing to listen to a me a fellow magician who has suffered from the same thing or seek help from entities you don’t understand. It’s rather sad. Maybe try re-reading the confusing message again. She came after me and I handled her in class and at school, within an hour. But enjoy your living hell and continue worshipping an enitity and her abilities. Ig you want to ruin your life lol


From what I can tell from what you’ve said, the spirit is attached to you. Shielding, at this point, won’t help you. What I recommend is getting a copy of Robert Bruce’s book Psychic Self Defense and applying relevant countermeasures. Also, it might be worth summoning Pazuzu to drive the spirit out. If not, then try Suhn’tal’ock as he can also exorcise. It might be worth asking Azazel about the Gatekeeper ritual to kill off your false self, which may, or may not, be necessary. Most importantly, you’ll need to get your attention off what’s going on with the spirit, be less aware of it, and don’t respond/communicate with it.

After you get rid of the spirit, you can shield and banish. A permanent way to protect yourself is to ask a spirit to lend you some familiars which are to be bound to you for life. These familiars will protect you, as long as you’re able to remain within a vibrational frequency range that they can operate in too, so that you don’t attract more unwanted spirits. I say this because no spirit within this Universe can violate or defy the Universal laws (of attraction and momentum - this is an attraction-based Universe we dwell in!). Your vibrational frequency is your best protection, quite literally. So get happy and carefree - you become virtually untouchable at the higher vibrational frequencies.

All of this, I know through personal experience.

Best of luck.


She didnt come to you, i know for a fact she is here all the time and i know as well even if she would want, she cant travel that far, she can only travel close distances from a person to person, it would take a long time that she goes even just 100km far away.

I am not worshiping her haha, i am just providing here facts so the users of this forum get better idea whats going on and can posibly easier help me.


You are not that dude from collage man and he didnt have problems with her at all, the thing with this shield is she just cant get into those people that have them, those people dont even realise a spirit wants to go in them, its like nothing happend at all.


Yeah, “facts” provided by a cunt spirit who knows how to manipulate humans. Just becaus she lied and deceived you doesn’t mean she didnt attack me, if you knew this spirit inside and out you would’ve already been done with her lmao. You DO worship her because you have FAITH in everything she tells you!

You right lmao, I know how to do more than shielding lmao

You are just too set in your ways lmao, enjoy your spirit gf mate


Your saying she attacked you…when, how? what did you do to make her go away?


Yesterday as I wrote my post to help you and confuse her, she manifested as irrational thoughts and kept trying to get me to move from my main message, both I and my succubus caught on quickly once I decided to help you I felt her parasitic presence come. She doesn’t like you having free will and is working desperately for your attention. She didn’t realize that its impossible for her to literally sell her soul either, but this did not change her mind and she continues to haunt you. I embedded my message with love and specifically typed it to confuse her and help you as you read it (since you said she reads all that you do) the videos I sent you were also specifically selected to piss her off, I only know they pissed her off from my experience with her. She did not do well in my mind as I already have plenty of my own mental problems, I also have the consciousness of many gods high-level demons who make easy work for a low level ghost like her!


Its impossible for her to be at a same time in 2 different places that are so far away from each other, 100s of kilomiters apart. She cant somehow travel through internet she can just travel from one person to another that is quite close. But if for example i am in a pub with my mates, she can almost instantly switch and go from me in them and then again in me but she cant be in 2 people at the exact same time. And most of the time she is just in me. Maybe that succubus of yours is messing with you. I know this type of thing yea irrational thoughts, i will list a couple things how this ghost and probably your succubus can mess with you:

she can read yours memories without you thinking of them and uses those memories against you Memories from years before she was here! she digs up memories i havent thought of in years.

she knows the way you think and tries to pull of shit like you thought of something not her

she eather starts or ends sentences in your mind by using yours exact words

she uses yours emotions against you

she uses your ego against you or against others as she pleases

She cant do any of that shit to me even if she tries it wont work because i know all of this and yes i had problems with many others in these 5 years and for my own self defence i learned to not think at all and just live in present moment and some other stuff as well its not at all that fucking simple as it sounds.

That bitch (the ghost) learned all that information in this 5 years because she is here from day 1, when i had problems with many demons and other spirits, thats why she is so though to get rid of.