Assortment of Magical Techniques

Here I am going to be putting a list with instructions on a variety of rather simple and effective magical techniques. Now a bit of a notice is that these techniques I will not be going over all of the base skills involved in them as those you should have already learned this will be about useful mixes and applications of those skills that might not be immediately obvious or apparent how to do. If you do not know those basic skills then I recommend you start reading Initiation into Hermetics which goes over most of them very well or a similar book.

Basic Mesmers:
Here I will go over a few techniques that can be used to various levels of effect to meserize and persuade others or otherwise manipulate their perception and thoughts passively and actively in regards to yourself.
There are a few very basic ways to do this for general or specific effects and audience.

The first basic technique for a general presence is to breathe energy directly into yourself with the focus towards the kind of aura you want to have. Some good selections are angelic, innocent, persuasive, attractive, etc. You build up a nice strong charge of energy while imprinting it with the purest concept of what you want to project and then let it radiate out in waves from you as long as it is to be maintained.

Another technique that is good for a very specific thought or influence on an individual or a small group is to condense the energy into your eyes. The eyes being the best physical path for projection of psychic energy from the third eye are naturally suited to this and you can as before imprint a concept or thought you want to instill in those you look at. It is most effective if you can meet their gaze briefly. This is not so good for a general presence but when you need to quickly subvert someone or give them a strong impression this is pretty good. Some good things to put in this are specific commands or emotions and then you just project the energy from your eyes into their mind.

You can combine both techniques together for a very strong effect once well practiced. This can also be applied for infusing your body in ways to make you inconspicuous and invisible to normal perception. In this case imagine the energy shrouding you and cutting off all mental, astral, and physical light and perception from leaving you.

Another good way to augment this is to mentally condense the element of water within their mind and with its calming properties it can quickly leave them vulnerable to further influence.

Basic Healing:
This will cover some very basic methods to do with energetic and physical healing. Do note it is possible to adapt these to mental and emotional levels of healing but I have no skill or experience in that area so you are best seeking extra sources for healing the mind and emotions.

To stop bleeding and cleanse a wound condensing and running energy from the water element along with general energy will dull the pain along with reducing inflammation, bleeding, and chance of infection. Combine it with earth energy and a strong visualization and command of the wound healing will drastically speed up how quickly it heals.

Using the water element can help with fever as well. Fire can be applied to help promote better blood flow and circulation in an area as well as an aid in clearing congestion. Earth is good at mending in general while air is useful for the nervous system especially when it is under performing.
To use any of these prepare the area with basic energy and then send the elemental energy with the intent into what is to be affected. It is best to know what the problem is and where it is located and place your awareness into the cells and tissue to be healed.

This all generally applies to repairing the astral body as well and its connection to the physical body. Earth is largely used to reseal the connection to the physical body in this case while water reforms and fire recharges. Air usually helps when there is too strong a connection to the body.

Banishing and Cleansing:
This is pretty self explanatory. These two methods do not entail a lot but are quite effective for frequent casual use or specific directed use.

The first which is good to use fairly frequently is a very cut down version of the LBRP. In this you are not formally calling on any beings or elements but simply condensing a mass of energy in your hand as you draw trace the pentagram and evoke each element in succession through the process. It helps at first to condense the elements in yourself with the vital energy and release them as each of their points on the pentagram are reached and once complete should be projected out in a wave from you which you will drag into each direction and trace the pentagrams as normal. At first this won’t amount to much but with daily practice it will become very powerful in cleansing an area and can be focused through a single pentagram towards an unwanted entity or an object that needs cleansed though this is a more nuclear method of totally wiping an object so might not be best to focus it specifically on a ritual tool unless you want a blank slate.

The next method is more appropriate to cleansing an object without erasing everything from it. This is fairly simply condensing a large amount of energy in your hands and then projecting it out as a penetrating ray of astral light that burns away and cleanses any undesired energies from the object or location it is focused. This can also be used to effectively burn and paralyze and in some cases outright destroy lesser negative entities on the astral and set up more powerful ones for more suitable banishings. It has a similar effect on physical pests and can be applied with the intention of repelling pests like mosquitoes or fleas or other such and killing them when enough energy is projected like this. It has been helping the rather nasty invasion of such pests around the house and helps keep them at bay.

I will probably be adding more things to this list that can serve a generally useful purpose and utility as time goes along.


A continuation of the last post today I will go over today shields, wards, and a few techniques with the mental aspects of elements as well as enhanced sleep.

Shield and Wards:
I will give only one all purpose personal shield here and a couple of for wards as they are fairly similar.
The shield here is a basic elemental shield that protects the mind, astral, and physical body.
You first start by focusing an accumulation of mental light in a matrix around you forming the skeleton of your shield which the rest will be built on and impressing on it its directive to provide unfailing protection and be instantly obedient to any changes you make on the fly (The reason I will explain further on) . Fill in the rest of the shield with a further accumulation of mental light with the command that it will protect you mentally.
Then focus on the astral and accumulate the astral light and vitality binding it to the mental matrix that is in place and commanding it to protect you astrally and reach into the physical to protect you there.
Bring a second layer of astral energy but this time condense and lower its vibration to a near physical state that should be very palpable and command it to protect you physically.
Then you will starting from the mental and descending in the same order bring the appropriate aspect of the earth element to bear in the same fashion seeing it as the solid manifestation and foundation built upon the light.
Follow this with water giving it the properties of absorption and condensation upon the foundation of earth.
Next is air which will make your shield exist simultaneously around you but also free to stretch out and react beyond your presence as well as the transition of projection for its power.
Finally you bring fire as the burning purifying power that will burn away all threats. See yourself as a figure surrounded by the manifesting power of the elements with all opposition and foes burning to ash and being scattered away.
With each layer it is important to form it mentally, astrally, and bring it as close to physical form as possible and give it mutability to adapt to your commands. The reason you want it to adapt to your commands is that you can use this shield as an amplifier to pour your projections of energy through to give them the benefits of all the elements accumulated in it. This makes things such as the mesmer fields and eye projections incredibly powerful as the shield is built up. This shield is one you should work on everyday as part of your daily routine. I recommend about ten breaths of accumulating the energy with each element and the light. With each breath resonating on all three planes. Over time I am fairly certain this shield will extend to impressive levels of protection and is more than sufficient to catch things that might slip through other protections you have in place as well as its amplification capacity. The key is to build it up slowly and surely each day. At first its power will likely be negligible but that will very quickly change.

Now onto wards. The above shield can be extended to an object or location. Care must be taken when extending it to magically charged objects to insure they do not conflict however. There is a good chance it will serve to amplify the objects power but it is best to be certain before firmly establishing it. This will protect against invasion and harm but might not repel those of a pesky curious nature though it can be made to do that. It is truthfully overkill for all but the most private of sanctuaries in the effort to maintain it. Now if you have a lockbox in which you tend to store more dangerous items such as materials for very powerful curses this is pretty good to ensure nothing bleeds out into your environment.

The first true ward will be one that simply repels people through various means and is the base for all the others.
This is simply the accumulation of mental and astral energy in a selected location with a specific intent of warding. Depending on the location you can do this a number of ways or place them in layers. The simplest way is simply misdirection. Impress on the energy that it will make the location it is in invisible and direct away anyone that strays across it and those seeking it other than yourself will forget their purpose and leave. This is easiest and requires the least effort as it is quite often people can be misdirected or forget why they were going to disturb you in the first place.
You can also include other concepts to keep them out as you see fit.

A more substantial and difficult ward is one that forces a person to leave usually through fear or dread or a strong unresistable command. This requires a very heavy accumulation of power and you must be able to somewhat create the emotional state needed in part so think of the worst most dreadful and terrifying thing you can that will elicit that emotional response and imprint on the energy with the command to paralyze and send away anyone but you and those you allow with that terror and know it will amplify it according to the amount of power accumulated. Adding in water or earth helps in this as these can reach the subconscious levels of the mind.
For the unresistable command you simply state the command to be given with the direction that intruders be forced to follow. Leave is a good general one.
Many general wards can be thought of and placed in locations and objects you simply need to decide the intent that is to be given.

Now a few hints for the wards.
Most people might think you need to fill the whole room for the ward to be effective but for many you only need to place it on the door extending outside and into the room slightly. In the case of misdirection it should surround the area and effect any that look upon it. You can save a lot of time and energy but strategically limiting the scale of the field to only where it is needed to effect.
If you know who is most likely to disturb you or trespass you can form the intent specifically with that person and your knowledge of them in mind. To keep out astral entities that might not be affected simply condense the energy along all thresholds such as the walls, floor, and ceiling with the intent of sealing it away from stray beings.

Mental uses of Elements:
I will give one technique for mentally applying each element in an useful fashion.

Fire: Starting with fire the most obvious use is passion and drive even where you might lack it. This is useful especially when dealing with long days to give you the motivation and drive to keep at something and make it through the day. To do this you simply focus on the mental aspect of fire corresponding with specifically passion and driving force and carefully apply it to the situation you need it in. I say carefully because this also can correspond with anger, rage, and frustration if not intentionally applied otherwise.

Air: My personal favorite air can have a very unique effect on the mind that by what I have researched seems to be very similar to adderall without any of the negative drawbacks. The simplest way to accomplish this use is to condense a sphere of the element around your head. This can have other effects with the influence of the element so it is best to focus on mental enlightenment and inspiration when you do this and fill it with a strong charge of the element. I recommend limiting this to only an hour at first to let it take full effect and then working up the time scale.

Water: Beyond the obvious calming of emotions and use in mesmers this can be applied to oneself to induce a trance state and so is useful if you have trouble reaching a certain mental state in meditation especially for channeling or medium like abilities as well as just aid in sleep.

Earth: This element is good for a sense of fortitude and determination which is different from passion and good for activities where a calm patient hand is needed. It can also fortify the mind in awareness of the other three elements and can be used to quickly center and put your thoughts aright if they become too chaotic. This is also useful for psychometric practices along with water.

Enhanced Sleep:
Enhancing ones sleep is a rather easy affair to manage in you simple accumulate a large mass of vital energy and earth energy for repair and rejuvenation of the physical body as well as water if you have trouble falling asleep and tell this mass to put you into a sound sleep in which every hour is akin to two hours normal restful sleep. You can form this ahead of time when well rested over your bed and reload it when it starts to run low on energy. Do be aware that this will not keep you from sleeping in but simply make all sleep you do get more restful and healing. A simple enough use of energy but easy to overlook or over think when trying to figure out how to accomplish this.