Hi, new member here

You can call me apache, i registered on this forum yesterday, because i need help with obtaining some sort of shield against ghosts and spirits.
This is the thread where i posted my question:

I dont have any experience with witchcraft, but because of this ghost a few months ago i downloded all the packages of witchcraft books on torrents all together that was probably around 15gb of books or more. Because there are so many books i just looked into tables of contents and searched for “baneful magic” and “shields” and i didnt find anything useful, it took me 2 weeks to search through them. In one book i found out about this forum. If for some reason i cant aquire this shield the other option is i kill this ghost somehow.

I will just add this,the ghost herself confesed that around 5% of people have this shield and she cant get into them.

Thank you for doing the introduction as requested, and welcome.

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