How to copy someone else's Personality

Is there magick to take or copy someone else target’s personality and experiences with possibly temporary possession or something

Invoke them as you would with any spirit.

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Uuuuuuh can you give a bit more details I’m still not that knowledgeable In the world of magick invoking like any spirit?

Try this tutorial… just insert the name of the person while thinking of what you like about their energy instead of the decarnate entity.


Wait there is no catch or something that sounds pretty powerful for just invoking spirits enz and just sucking the traits or knowledge like a milkshake into your own body while meditating if that’s everything I can understand people get addicted and stuff to that

It could take a few days or so to wear off, but once you stop the invocation or banish the energy, you will naturally and elastically reform back into your base personality.

We kind of do this in a mild way just hanging out with people, our energy fields are much larger than our bodies and overlap when in company, so through resonance we naturally pick up each others traits. It’s part of being a social animal I believe and is beneficial to relationships.

If you keep it going too long you can start to feel like you lost yourself in it a bit, like some people do in relationships, especially if they have codependent tendencies. But again being alone again causes your system to conform back to it’s natural state.

I don’t know about the addiction thing or why you’d get addicted to it. I don’t think it gets you any kind of high or conversely a low when you stop. Maybe it’s different if you’re an extrovert, who is someone who really needs a lot of social interaction to be happy, and I’m highly introverted and find the levels of interaction that an extrovert wants to be way too much and quite tiring, so it’s hard for me to relate to the idea of taking on other people’s energy as addictive.

In Egyptian magick it’s a thing that deities were Invoked to gain their powers and knowledge for personal use, and I’m not aware of that being an addictive process either. I’m having to get over my aversion to taking on others energy to practice with this and I’m finding it actually kind of amazing and eye opening. But not in a way that makes me crave it. I figure it’s the same with another human, that is essentially an incarnate spirit anyway.

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I’m a introvert too I saw this in the post you’ve send Remember this is a shared experience, the entity is now directly influencing you and your comprehension do not be surprised if you find invocation addicting , or extremely rewarding

I didn’t say that, you mean from the article I linked? … well, that’s the OPs opinion. I don’t think I’d put it quite that dramatically myself, but I think I get the point. I don’t find this addicting but yes it’s rewarding: all ways of gaining good quality information are rewarding imo.

So, in my mind this happens through resonance. You know how if you pluck a guitar string, the one next to it also vibrates even though you didn’t touch it? That’s resonance happening through sound waves causing the 2nd string to physically change it’s energetic state and so manifest physical movement in response.

Using that as an analogy, I think of invocation to be similar, you bring in the entities energy into your energy system, and it’s still separate but now close to you, and so your own energy system starts to vibrate the same way that theirs does. You must be still and quiet (in deep meditative state aka trance) and allow this to happen and not create so much energy (noise) of your own that you drown out the incoming vibrations.

Why would you want to go through the hassle? If you want similar personality traits, then look into NLP and the process of mirroring and modeling, where you basically act in the same way as someone else to take on their traits and characteristics. It’s far easier for someone with little to no magical experience to work with that modality than what Mulberry is describing and you don’t run the same risks.


And how can I best use NLP for my goal?

Yeah, what he said.

Ok first I’m going to be that guy I don’t know that much about magick but I know a lot about psychology one mirroring is only body language second NLP is to get you in a emotional state with certain triggers and modeling is from what I’ve read also body language related and for this to you need to see the person pretty much daily because it takes a lot of time to completely change your personality so what you said conflicts a bit with my 2 year or so googling this stuff so a bit more detail would be appreciated

There is a technique that could make you smarter, basically I could use someone else brain and transfer the information to your brain, it requires several sessions, I don’t know if that could change part of your personality as a secondary effect.

Very interesting does the technique have a name or can you tell how to do that because I’m intrigued

Synapse change [the junctions between neurons that allow them to communicate]

I’ve tried to Google any more details about how to use Synapse change but I can’t find it

I am interested in this technique, also. I’m already smart, I just want to be smarter by enhancing my memory and finally getting over my trouble with math, which has plagued me all my life since elementary school. And being in the IT industry, it has limited my options in learning programming (how to code).

Let me guess you don’t know what you talk about because the synapse change is not the same as what you’ve talked about first or you just can’t find where you’ve read it is also possible

The books and radio shows by Sorceress Cagliastro often discuss possessing people and also in her terms “mimicking” someone living or dead.

…but I sense that she has an innate talent for hypnosis so she can manipulate people or even herself easily, so such a thing isn’t easy for a lot of people to do. It’s a really good looking and personable person just telling you to be confident and cheer up.

Like others suggested, would mediate or focus on the specific person and the qualities you want while looking into a mirror or even a bowl of water, and then visualize yourself with those traits. All the glamour books basically have you do that.

I appreciate all the reactions but I must confess I don’t actually know what character trait he has last time I saw him in person he was pretty much a asshole I started talking to him again he’s now a nice person who I admire I don’t know what traits makes him succesful I don’t want to take his traits just copy because I’m not jealous or vindictive I just have a bit of a friendly rivalry I like to one-up him