How to become famous?

I want to be famous . So is magick helful for that? Which demons can help me? How can i do that?
Thank you


Hard work and perseverance, anything Metaphysical can only put in as much as you do. A celebrity won’t just randomly have your number lying around and present you with a once in a lifetime opportunity.

That said, glamor Magick and demons having to do with good relationships may be your best bet imo. That’s assuming you’re putting in effort realistically. If not, no Magick in the world can help you.

To put simply, Magick isn’t for the lazy lol. That said, may I ask what your goal is when it comes to fame? Do you want to be admired or just get rich?


Both plus i am a good singer

Ah in that case working with a demon that has a talent of music would be good as well. Going out to preform small time gigs with magic and whatever demon you choose (I’d suggest Dantallion since he is good at forging relationships and has a love for all of the arts) would be good. Basically just use basic magic, work with your friendly neighborhood demon of choice, and start climbing. The more things you have on your resume the more likely a chance you have at making it big. This coming from someone who has been close friends & lived with a “famous” industrial band member who I won’t name out of respect.

If you are looking into the music career be prepared to spend a lot money. Paying for lights, renting stage, selling tickets, and paying your own band members who more often than not have kiddos to feed can become hard. Especially for an up and coming group.

If you’re aiming for TV shows, I have no experience there so uh…read some articles?


1 more question how can i be charming? Like by taking a demons help. To attract people girls tbh .

Can i make circle of many demons of love around me?

You’re better off studying body language and social tricks. Charisma is 90% research and 10% practice. If you wanted to you could ask a demon for help but I don’t think you’d really need to. Especially if your a good singer. Girls love guys that can sing or dance well.


You can work with as many demons as you feel you need.

Can u name them? I know 2 sitri and astaroth

I’m not going to name all of the demons that could possibly help you, especially since many demons who don’t specifically state that they can help with love can still indeed aid you. Just go to a Wikipedia and read. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok thank you

Learning conversation skills is also essential. People who don’t put much energy into a conversation don’t fare too well generally.
I’m sure some demons can help with that aspect.
Botis is also said to be able to increase your ability to get secrets from people through conversation, you would need to know how to use those secrets to help charm your target though, so that comes from more knowledge in seduction.
In learning seduction, I’ve actually found Archangel Metatron to be a great help, to learn the things behind it (especially the esoteric) and the more subtle things to human interaction, which can be a major game changer.


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I assume demons and spirits that influence tech would be good as well

What do you mean? Pls elaborate

Any spirit/god/angel/demon for creative arts (there are specifically for music, if I remember right).
I believe there is a goetic demon who can help you to meet the right people.
There is one avatar-of-sorts of the internet, could be usefull for networking.

And sing. Sing a lot. Sing the best you can. And then keep singing.


You want to become famous as what exacty? Singer, actor? Or just “famous” in general. I hate to break it to you, but so-called fame means that someone (let’s assume you want to be a famous singer, so in that case, that someone would be a record company) finds you marketable enough to invest their money in you. Let’s stick to the singer case: In order to break into the music industry, you will need a certain amount of talent, ideally combined with good (enough) looks (but Ed Sheeran isn’t exactly “hot”, you’ll say? No, but he’s insanely marketable and smart enough to know that). Next, you will need a nice sum of money not only for the professional production of your music, but for promotion. Anyone can record and produce their own music nowadays, that’s true. But I doubt that you can match the quality of a professional recording studio (don’t forget mastering!) in the comfort of your own bedroom. And not anyone can promote their music so that a great number of people will actually get to hear it. The algorithms of Youtube, Facebook or Instagram don’t exactly work in your favor. Nowadays, you need to pay them to get exposure, because “organic reach” is ridiculously small. And getting your song on the radio isn’t that easy, either. Here, you pay people to promote your music. The romantic notion of a young artist “making it big” just by hard, dedicated work and sheer talent is just that, a romantic notion. You need contacts within the industry. Either you’re related/ connected to someone in the industry, or you buy your way into it. Lana Del Rey did that. She had the money AND a very clearly defined artistic vision before even stepping into the studio, which she has perfected and polished consistently and voilà, paired with a great team of marketing experts who knew she was onto something that could become very lucrative, she is now a multi-millionaire in her own right. I chose her as an example because I happen to know someone who knew her producer etc., which means I’m not just talking out of my ass here. If you dig a little deeper, many if not most people in the entertainment industry either had prior connections through family or friends (in some cases a different kind of “family”, if you catch my drift), and/ or they come from a wealthy (enough) background.

Nobody, no matter in which industry, is going to work with you purely based on your talent if you cannot provide them with an incentive to do so (money, not just for services rendered, like a producer or something, but in the case of a company, potential future profit that they think is very likely). Nobody “develops” artists anymore, you must do that yourself.

As for spirits - they can help you improve your attitude, discipline, and some may even be able to influence people in your favor. But they cannot make you famous just like that. If that’s what you really want, do whatever is realistic in your specific, personal case, try to find mentors in the industry you’re trying to break into, and do your homework. Then you can use magic to enhance yourself, but only if you’ve actually been working on yourself and continue to do so.

Good luck. You might want to change the title of your topic, though, because it’s misleading. It says How to become famous? when it should say “How to become famous so I can fck a celebrity?”. I typed that long-ass reply that probably isn’t even relevant to you, based on the title, and only read that little addition you made later. @Lady_Eva


This initial question got some great replies which will probably be useful to others who use the search engine (I heard a rumour that hapoens sometimes) so, I’m going to leave these here in this topic, @Morningstar_666 please take any stuff which is just about chasing after the e-celeb here: Becoming famous to date an internet celebrity?

This is now a topic for just discussing becoming famous for your own sake, I’ll link something I posted a while go about that:


Wow lady! I am a musician, and was a professional one. I sing and play several instruments. I can tell you that you can have all the talent in the world, and still a practically tone deaf jerk who knows the right ppl will have more of a chance at getting signed haha. I’ve met ppl who sing karaoke who have better voices than some of these famous ppl. To hook up with a person who is famous on the internet, hmmmm…that would require some demonic magick that would need to be repeated on a regular basis, and a serious attraction spell or a love spell.( Which I refuse to do, have my reasons) I was offered a contract but backed out because of family reasons, happened out of the blue. To become famous will take some maneuvering, because not only would he need to keep up the magick and work on it, he will need to have just the right opportunity. That is a random occurrence, once in a lifetime thing, or he could do magick to influence ppl who are hard as hell to deal with in the music biz.

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I don’t mean to sound discouraging, but that’s the reality of it. Sometimes just being your best self is the right magick.

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