Becoming famous to date an internet celebrity?

Is there the charm like shown in Lucifer series? Might sound funny but am curious

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I’ve never watched it so I’m not sure what you mean?

You should try watching it its great

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There it is showed he can seduce any girl and have sex with them or make them tell their inner desire

You probably won’t find such extraordinary results like in that show, but you can definitely find some pretty surreal results… It all takes at least some work though.

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The best way would be able to read peoples mind to make a good impression on people

Chup ban ya gyaan nachad muji

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Such a great blessing!!!

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I know that

Look up/about spirits that influence tech and people. That’s how you get famous


Ok i wont lie to u guys there a girl that is very famous and i want to make her love me so for this even i need to be famous

I don’t know if celebrity-fucking is realistic. Also… if you don’t know her… yeah, I think it would be better to just move on.


U know what main problem is i cant fuckin move on

Who is it?

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Love always doesnt relate to fuck someone. You know

I had no clue who she was so I looked her up and she’s only like 17. And based off her followers and stuff I really highly doubt that she would conform to a regular person who doesn’t already have wealth or a high social standing. The odds in favor for you are to attract a regular person with the same stance and input as you.

Talking about wealth mine is more. And i am also like same age. And the only problem is fame. I really like her.

I dont want to sound harsh but you need to move on. You can achieve a lot on the path but you or any entity isnt going to break reality and have her drop out of the sky any time soon, no less over a silly crush. Besides, celebs are usually putting on a facade and you have no idea what they are actually like.

I don’t have any doubt. If you have the money, then use it. You don’t need magic.

Hear this guy here. That’s all you need.

If after everything Lux and the others have said you still think you can’t move on, then there is nothing we can do for you.


You have more wealth at 17 than a girl who is the most followed person on TikTok and 18m on instagram and has sponsors? Okay bud.

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