How I tore down my targets life - Worse Than Death

This is a wise post.

A multi-faceted approach is needed against somebody like this. I believe one of the facets should be exposing their inner ugliness to public view.

What do you think is the best way to achieve that?

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Great question, I would like to know and answer to that myself! a method for exposing the narcissist who pulls the wool over peoples eyes.

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Well, this person deserved it! Well done!

Thanks for putting that sick fuck in his place!

High five

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now i am interested in killing my horrible family members who deserves death and all i need is how to do it step by step i really want to kill them by the way they deserve death without mercy

“Attack every possible thing” Like a boss drug kingpin , u thought of everything ! Well Done btw !!!

Well, being crucifixed is nothing compared to this. :smile:

I keep rereading this post every time it bumps, it’s just that good.
Excellent inspiration for anyone on the path of transformation.

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