How I tore down my targets life - Worse Than Death

This is a wise post.

A multi-faceted approach is needed against somebody like this. I believe one of the facets should be exposing their inner ugliness to public view.

What do you think is the best way to achieve that?

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Great question, I would like to know and answer to that myself! a method for exposing the narcissist who pulls the wool over peoples eyes.

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Well, this person deserved it! Well done!

Thanks for putting that sick fuck in his place!

High five

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now i am interested in killing my horrible family members who deserves death and all i need is how to do it step by step i really want to kill them by the way they deserve death without mercy


“Attack every possible thing” Like a boss drug kingpin , u thought of everything ! Well Done btw !!!

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Well, being crucifixed is nothing compared to this. :smile:

I keep rereading this post every time it bumps, it’s just that good.
Excellent inspiration for anyone on the path of transformation.


Can you publish this ceremony? I really need it. Thank you

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How do you do all of this ? This sounds terrifyingly amazing and I need it done to a child abuser and someone else really bad I’m a baby witch though so I need help


baby witch like this? you so cute. haha. you too young to cast spells. just stay cute. lol.

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There’s a few years of study in that lot. There’s a few how-to books out there, Baneful Magick by E.A. Koetting, Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield are popular. Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove if you want to get more creative.

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Baby witch as in Beginner but yes like that too im very young XD

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read up the blogs, comments and article on galleryofmagick site. then decide which methods you want to do. it would be unwise to cast spells without any solid foundation understanding of basics. they got all kinds of magick books.

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Your so true, I feel like you just put my life out there without even knowing me.

So true, especially the part abt you live with confusion in your head and the blaming yourself for the suffering, wen it was really them.

Takes time to realise it, sometimes years, because dats how deep the damage dey did to you can be.