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Pendulum attunement

Candle flame reading during a working.

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Common experiences among magicians, from seeing eyes to time loops.

If I could pass this on to my younger self: tips

Why isn’t my magick working?

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Energy Working Techniques including making Energy Constructs

How to do a scan

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Hot off the press.

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Invocation tutorial / guide

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A post was split to a new topic: What does “vibrate” a mantra mean?

:clinking_glasses: :1st_place_medal:

How to do preparatory immersion prior to spirit work with a known entity such as a god, jinni, large egregore, or goetic spirit.

Spirit work: How to identify messages from the spiirts:

Someone reminded me this exists… a thread to share good meditation/ritual music.

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Another entity recommendation for building astral / psychic senses: Sastan, with instructions and reasoning for a pact level engagement even for beginners.

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Tutorial to hurry a spell with Dynamis: The Spirit of Fast Results

Also added to the Urgent Things tutorial collection.

An effective and well detailed ‘Contact Me’ ritual:

Also added to the Love and Lust Tutorials Collection thread.

Belial’s Gateways Symbols to help open psychic senses.