How effective Jupiter for money?

Have you ever tried working with Jupiter for money? has given you good results? If so, have you used, candles, sigils invocations…?


Jupiter is very effective. Jason Miller wrote an entire book on it.


Can confirm you this ! But I will pm you tomorrow more details and a photo with the sigil I used
It helped me when I didn’t had a home and gived me ideas to improve my finances


Jupiter ♃ is Totally effective!

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Last year did a hybrid ritual to Jupiter concerning my job. Got around $350 in work clothing about 2-3 weeks later. 2nd ritual got a raise less than 2 weeks later that I wasn’t working long enough to get on my birthday.

Jupiter is fuckin awesome just do yourself a favor:

Jupiter: “if I come through for you, show an act of humility/charity like a donation or giving back. It will be much appreciated. Wealth isn’t just about receiving, it’s also about taking care of the communities around you. Humility and charity helps breed character and social status. Over n out”


So I came back to tell you what I did .
I will not show my actual work as I put a lot of energy in it and don’t like to show it :pray:

On the Day and Hour of Jupiter I made this Pentacle with blue ink

Written from right to left !!! Or normally in English " Wealth and riches be in his house , and his righteousess endureth forever"
On the back of the Pentacle I did Jupiter Kamea

Each letter of your name corresponds with a number ( search on internet for correspondences) and trace your name on the Kamea
Then I did the sigil of Jupiter Intelligence “Yophiel” and written my GOAL in the form of a circle . Random example in picture

When I was done I meditated with it and I still meditate
Hope it will help


Very excellent work! I am very familiar with the Seals of Soloman. I have made each one of them and consecrated them in the proper ritualistic ceremony.

The seal you made is the:

Second Pentacle of Jupiter
The Magical Seal for acquiring glory, honors, riches, and tranquility of mind.

It is activated by reading:
Psalm cxii. 3:–‘Wealth and Riches are in his house, and his righteousness endureth for ever.’

I made a beautiful, enchanted chakra balancing charm with this seal.
I hope your Jupiter kamea combined with the seal works well for you!


Thank you very much

If possible I would love to exchange some ideas/ experience with the Pentacles with you :pleading_face::pray:
It’s actually my 2 Pentacle that I did :pleading_face: so I didn’t know how accurate I was

It worked very well it gived ways to improve myself in business

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You’re welcome :blush:

Below is a link to one of my posts on making Solomans Seals. And with in that post is a link to another one of my posts about the seals; and that post contains a link to an offsite webpage that gives even more detailed instructions on how to craft them properly.

If you have any other questions or need clarification, you are more then welcome to PM me.

Hope this helps!


Wow this is perfect !
Thank you for sharing !

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@Single_Seed_In_Hell helped me remember something important as in the place I keep the sigil I put “gifts” as Jupiter herbs/ crystals/metals


I usually worked with spirits associated with Jupiter and had results


I would like that too if you will let me have it? Thank you.

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Thats nice, i also want to study and work with Angels and Spirits associated with Jupiter, Any help plss. am actually a beginner.

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Jupiter happens to be the first spirit I worked with as a magician and also the first i got results from.Other money spells didn’t work for me.

I drew his sigil( it is similar to “4” wrote my petition demanding for $100) .

While I read out my petition I said “Jupiter,you need to help me.i was born on a thursday-your day,so help me, please (I was actually born on a Thursday)”

Barely seven hours later I received a $100.

1)I worked on a Thursday.
2)I didn’t work during the hour of Jupiter,but some swear it is more effective.
3)I worked with him together with archangel Tzadkiel.


When I work with Jupiter,I work with archangel Tzadkiel as well.

Jason Miller’s “financial sorcery” can assist you