What is a must have grimoire that every magician should have?

Making your own is great but what’s the use if you don’t know how to get magick working in the first place… plus, it’s potentially very dangerous. I used to take a more freeform approach when I started and used energy work but that shit fucked me up for a few months because I didn’t know the proper way it should be done at first, so shit got trapped in my head. Not to mention some other magicians eventually get sent to mental institutions because they literally got psychosis from the freeform energy work and other risky shit they did.


I was just joking to Rungr lol.But hey thank you for telling me your experiences, I appreciate it.


Yes you might be right. It can put people into a modern asylum if you’re not careful.

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Do you get to see signs like the Star of David and other unknown digits?

Do you need materials for this book?

Hmm no nothing mystical in the book, it just focuses on practical magick that works and works well.

Depends on what you want to do. For spirits no materials are needed. For a Chaos Magick Sigil only a pen and paper is needed.
But there is some other magick in there that requires some materials, like there is one in there where you sort of birth a spirit… or whatever it is, by creating an effigy over the coarse of a month or so, so you’ll need clay or anything else that you can use to make an effigy, but that’s pretty much as far as it goes and it’s your choice if you even want to do that in the first place. But for a lot of the magick in there no serious materials are needed.

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Is that link the book of the Law? I don’t understand what it all says. I’m not seeing the advice and spells?


Did you read the three chapters and you didn’t find the advice and the spells?

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He overestimated you :grin::grin::grin::grin:


This hasn’t got “find three dead beetles, grind together under a full moon, wipe cum all over everything, and you will find GOLD” type spells, more a manual of metaphysical principles in the causal realms: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


HAHAHA. But yeah thanks for sharing.

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The OP is asking about the grimoires they should own.

Bardon’s evocation book is one I recommend.

They did not ask which ones they are ready to work with or should work with at this time.

All they have to do is read the grimoire themselves and Bardon will tell them pretty much the same thing you just did. :sunglasses:

Regardless, I have had some of those spirits contact me and express interest in working with me, as well as give me personal sigils to make it easier to evoke them later.

This is without getting anywhere close to step 8 in IIH.

Bardon ime is overly cautious because of the time he was in, and wary of people abusing this information/power.

Let’s try and keep this focused on the op’s question of grimoires only, without debating what they are ready for or not huh?


Just trying not to let him fall a possible trap here.

I agree with every point you said here but x person who has practices IIH before reading second book>same x person in an alternate universe who jumped into it.

Dont give fish to a hungry man, teach him how to hunt fish.But again, everything you said is, that I can agree with.

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There. I fixed it for you. :wink:


That too! Lol

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I say that the best grimoire is the one that you make yourself after you immerse yourself studying all you can about the magick process.from different books… I compile all the spells and processes into binders that interest me. make one binder demons spells and another angels. Have one binder for cursing type and another for blessing or cultivation type. Have the process summary of casting/evocaiton/invocation methods for each magick use. One might want to use candles or burn paper or petition etc… There’s different ways to cast so have them in binder form allow you to choose how to cast.

Granted most of the books i have are from GOM, gallery of magick. When they are organized into binders they become useful encyclopedia reference tool. I even made large plastic cards that list out all the 72 demons with their powers/info and sigils on the back side. Put them on a 5x7 photo binder so that i can flip through them. So i say that the best grimoire is the one you make yourself.

I’m only interested in the method of casting/evocation/invocation. Lots of books overlap. I remove the fluff info or repeated info. So far my focus is using the 72 goetia demons and 44 solomon planet seal. The 44 seal is easy. Since i have a deck cards of it. That is my grimoire for the 44 planet pentacle seal of solomon magick… That’s plenty magick resource from these 72demons /44 seals that can cover all my needs.

How do you make/activate the seals? Does it matter when you make them, what kind of ink you use, etc ?


u talking about the 44 planet seal? I don’t make them. I bought a deck of magick cards that have those seal and the words you have to say to activate them. prepare by getting into magick casting state. think about your purpose or consecrate the card to your purpose. You hold it in your hand and say the words to activate and just feel the energy. Place it in your home if it’s for bettering your life. The energy come from the seal. FOr the healing health I seal card place it on my table above my head when i sleep. I place the one for riches on the table. I also bought few pendant of 3 seals. I got rid of the chain to pendent and use it as a coin and put it on a coin holder.

I don’t follow time factor when to make or what material. I don’t know if that matters since time factor is different from when the book written. Matters is the seal and intent i think. Testing it out so it’s still trial and error. When i first did the word activation of the psalms with the card. I did feel energy of sorts coming from the seal.

If your talking about goetia seal. There is one method where you draw it out while chanting demon or chant it’s enn.


It’s Crowley. An interesting but vague read.

LMAO :speak_no_evil::joy::skull:

Yeah all these factors are important. Here is a link to one of my posts with a ton of information on how to properly construct them. Making them is a bit time consuming but fun. Plus they are REALLY powerful.

Good luck! :blush:

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