Making a planetary talisman

There are various metals that align with planetary energies other than the expensive precious ones like gold. Bronze is a pretty good substitute for the sun if your trying to use the metal for the sympathetic magic element that the metals add. It also aligns with fire magic.

Same with tin for jupiter, copper for venus, iron for mars. If ya dig around you can find similar references. Also another alternative it making wood or stone talismans that can be carved and then lined or leafed with the metal so you don’t need as much.

For example for a sun or moon talisman you could use a stone or wooden disc carve the symbols aligned to your goal into it then apply the appropriate gold or silver leafing to it and then charge it.

Regardie has a good book on talismans that give a few different methods on making and charging them.

If you are trying to use for example the planetary talismans from the golden dawn or solomanic formulas there are shops that sale the metal talismans on base metals that can then be charged with the appropriate rituals but the more work you put into it the more of your energies are invested into the work.

The main point of metals in most talismans is to align it with the specific energies of the planet, element or spirit it is to be consecrated or connected with but there are alternatives to this such as using crystals, oils and incense that align with that specific force.

These elements are generally used as both a tool to help the mind focus and atune to specific energies and for the sympathetic element they provide. Kinda like adjusting a radio to a specific station, the station in this case being the force you want the talisman linked with.


I see in the back of the book planetary minerals. For Mercury, I see Agate, Emerald, Marcasite, Mercury, Red Marble, Tin, and Topaz. I could wrap a stone in light blue fabric and paint in orange the spirit’s seal.

Which of these is the best in your view?

For the greatest result It’s best if you spend some time meditating on each and see which feels like it aligns best with the cause your creating the talisman for and go from there. Each sympathetic element has different subtle reactions with each person.

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see my photo - that is the lamen from Dennings and Philips Planetary Magic Book.

Slick candle magic imo.



As material you can use wax mixed with rosin, it will be quite durable, and you can add to this other stuff linked with planets.

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I have that book. It’s updide down

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Question to others- has anyone tried to make multiplanetary talisman? I have plan to make talisman with Sun symbols on one side and Mars symbols on other side. What do you think about that idea, how it can work?

As said above, you can use wax, wood, stones and many other materials. If you want to have some ideias, check Agrippa’s book 1 and the Picatrix.

It all depends on what your making the talisman for. There are specific aspects of the mars - sun Sun - mars paradigm( yes, i know what i typed ad yes, there is a pragmatic and practical difference between the two :v::alien:) that are very useful for some situations or could be volatile for others.

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I want it more like in Israel Regardie book, to strengthen planetary energies of this planets in my life for more general purpose. I know that there are aspects that you mentioned but in this case it is not my goal to make it that way, and hence my question.

This is what I’ve done in the past- I’ve used a few of them. I simply printed them large- one per page I labeled them at the bottom- one so I would know which they were till I was familiar, and two so I knew where the bottom was. On the right hand side, in the margin I wrote the general one- two sentence description of what the seal was to be used for.

The flip side of this, is I’m in a hotel this week and I’ve used several of them. I don’t have access to a printer and I disposed of my old ones months ago. I simply took a screen shot, with the description above each seal, Of the ones I wanted to work with.

I did it this way so I couldn’t forget which was which. When I employed each seal I cropped the description out so that I could Only see the seal and off I went.

No it’s not really the right way, I’m just saying if the proper tools are not available- don’t be afraid to do what you need to in the meantime, while following the tried and true practices to the best of your abilities.

Edit- this post is old as Fck. Oops thought it was at the top and we were talking to the op. Sorry @Seraph I don’t have a contribution for your question.

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I make Solomans seals often. These are considered be planetary seals. Generally they should be made in the correct color and on the correct day, hour and under the proper moon phase. And yes, if possible use the correct metal. This is not always possible since lead and mercury are poison and iron is hard and difficult to use.

The readings also say you need to get the blood from the vein of the right wing of bat and a dove feather for a quill or something along those lines. (Used to inscribe the seals with) And we obviously omit doing this one!

I print my seals on paper. Then I make the pentacles of the Sun but just sprinkling some actual gold leaf on and then laminating it. I have also used silver leaf in making the pentacles of the Moon and tin for the pentacles of Jupiter. I had some fine, hair-like copper that I used for my pentacles of Venus.

As for the remaining pentacles, I just make them under all of the other correct corresponding elements and just leave out the metal. But jsyk, there are various herbs that are associated with lead, mercury and iron, etc. You can always infuse some of the herbal “metallic” energy into the talisman, for completeness.

And btw, if all you have is paper and pen then that is all you really need. Use the the elements and put your energy into it. You will, many times, be summoning Angels when making these pentacles and they understand if you don’t have access to all the supplies. Just do your best.

Below is a link to my post on Solomans Seals and a link on how to make them proper.

Goodluck @davethebarbarian


If that is all your tryin to do you may be better served by just invoking the energies you want to work with for a week or so.

I want this to be more permanent effect, so i thought about talisman.

Even with a talisman you would need to reapply a charge of energy after a decent amount of time has passed. Though you may wanna consider an alchemical working with the raw energies to integrate it into your own energies.

Essentially a period of invocation and evocation of the specific energies to flood your life with them. The most basic time frame most use is between 7-13 days for a ritual spell working. The basic alchemical timeframe being 40 days for long term change or you could adopt the recommended time frame for some of the golden dawn alchemical grade work minimum of 6 months.

Just depends on how much you want that energy in your life. I usually work with single energies like this for a period of understanding the various manifestations, emotional conditions and other uses. After which a more indepth understands of how mixing them may manifest under various conditions.


That’s interesting, can you describe the proces or give some book titles about it?

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The golden dawn text has a ritual for it with the pentagram and hexagram rituals. Also frater xavier from the mindandmagick channel on youtube offers a program on it as well as several other subjects in the same branch.

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