How do you resist an energy vampire attack that uses MBTI Fi as an attack vector?

I had this vulnerability since I can remember. The attack pretty much takes the form of a performance, a conversation. I get told I am being helped, then I get told I am a bad person for immutable personality traits I need to make more effort to mutate. When I ask for evidence and clarification, the whole conversation switches to gaslighting and splitting.

I been dealing with it by evasion. Mostly not being available to be dragged into it. I would really appreciate some better tactics because I haven’t figured out a strategy around it. Plus I have the deal with the psychiatry academy that supports the tactic by magically modifying the appearance of systemic problems appear as personal problems. It really gets in the way of sociologists who would normally troubleshoot issues like these.


Is there any reason you have to interact with this person? If not, cut them off.

It is my family, and I am tying to live frugally by polling resources together. If I had a reliable way to avoid it, I probably only talk to them monthly.

I used to have a manager that acted like that too, but I was able to counter write up until an option was open to transfer away. Their shift have been having a hard time sense, but I am not around enough for the issue to come up again, and they are desperate for help so I am treated with the upmost respect each and every time I do go to their shift to give them a boost because higher ups requested it.

I would probably be happy living out of a trailer on a commune, but it is really hard for me to find like minded people, so I have to keeping finding ways to get enough green paper from other people to give it back to them to keep my personal computers working, my body fed, and the outside out.

Speaking from a purely mundane perspective, look up the “grey rock” method. Essentially if someone tries to engage you in conversation, you avoid engaging with them by giving short, emotionless, neutral answers that don’t encourage further engagement, and don’t make eye contact with them or otherwise stop any activity you’re in the middle of. “Mm-hmm”, “nuh-uh”, “eh”. In effect, make yourself a boring target by refusing to converse with toxic people until they give up and leave you alone.

Might want to look it up online and read more about it, including potential risks.


So Introverted Feeling but weaponised? Is it faked concern, because they don’t sound to be doing it well?

I second “grey rock” and I might consider a binding, as well as taking back my energy double so that on a subliminal level they start to associate feeding off you with feeling bad, and that should put them off.


So are you saying that your family treats you like shit? I’ve dealt with my fair share of this if that’s what you are saying. There are many malicious narcissists in my family. Some binding spells did a lot more than I was expecting. There are plenty of curses out there too if more aggressive measures are required. Dealing with an unequal mundane power dynamic can be tricky, but with magick you can do many things.

Toxic narc parents and other family members do shit like what you are saying all the time (if I’m understanding you correctly). Pretty much every word that comes out of their mouth is a lie, particularly if it’s about you. What they want is to feed off of your suffering. It doesn’t matter if you get pissed off or afraid, that just makes them more angry or feeds their pleasure they get from seeing you suffer. They are not on your side.

If you want to use them for something then it helps to make them feel like they are in control. Put your ego aside and let them believe their own bullshit while you control them. Summon some demons. When they try their usual shit, take control of the situation. Don’t feed them the light of your true self. If you actively direct conversations and provide them with someone else to feed off of, you can get them at least partially off your back. You can spew some nonsense that appeals to their “values” to get them to shut the fuck up about something if they keep bringing it up. Basically, don’t show them any emotion aside from a fake (but convincing) sense of agreement with whatever their dumb shit is. Just remember that you hate them so you don’t become like them or lose yourself in the disguise.

If you really want my advice (this isn’t financial, legal, medical, etc don’t sue me), curse them until they are gone. Use them as the training grounds for your “social skills.” How kind of them, to acquire some resources, oh so ripe for the taking. Feasts often taste even better on conquered lands. It is understandable if you’d rather them drop immediately, but perhaps you may wish to consider the pleasure you will feel when you see them cowering before you, pleading for you to spare their pathetic egos, their voices dripping with weakness, while you know that you stand as you do because of your own actions, your own will to fight, standing despite the adversity thrown at you from day one. Why would I spit on their graves when I can relieve myself of their memory forever? Maybe just one quick shit, for my own indulgence.

By the way, if you use normal people words it’d be easier to help you out. Not trying to be that dude, and maybe I shouldn’t say this in a support thread, but MBTI is pseudo-science. Jung had some nifty ideas, but he wasn’t a psychologist in the modern sense of the word, meaning someone who uses rigorous empirical methods to study psychology stuff. I studied psychology in university and the only time I saw the words Freud and Jung were in intro, in the beginning history bit, next to the structuralists and gestalts and whatnot. If a “psychology” book mentions Freud or Jung, it’s probably not a very good book. I’m not throwing shade at these intellectual pioneers, but they weren’t exactly scientists. The general public is extremely ignorant when it comes to modern psychological science, though, so I’m certainly not blaming you, just putting this out there so you don’t get confused by pseudo-science.

If you seek better self-understanding, this is a magick forum, right? Do some magick. I sometimes like to walk past the former homes of enemies I have defeated with baneful magick, and chuckle as I stroll by. One such home is now occupied by people bearing symbols of my power. It’s a nice little reminder that magick can make your enemies have a very bad time.

@shinri You said quite a lot so I will engage with you to clarify.

No, I am saying there are general group of people who treat me like shit, who sometimes may include my family.

I prefer they not feel like they are in control. They are far more tolerable in that state. It gives me room to act like I am in control, do my performance, and exit stage left.

My curses work too well to throw them out haphazardly.

I get type cast as a monster, so these reactions don’t feed my ego. What feeds my ego is how much I can get realities to conspire to meet my goals.

No one knows what normal people is. We can set a context and hit the mean, median, and mode average people.

In my doom bunker I have the explicit definition of pseudoscience I use and for contrast I will define a few other words.

universe : a set of objects that have physical presence with each other
science : the process for detecting invariance of a universe
religion : the process of manipulating variance of a universe
pseudoscience : the misapplication of processes used to manipulate variance of a universe on invariant parts of a universe

I am not sure if our definitions of pseudoscience is the same but currently under my framework MBTI is classified as a religion since it never claims to be scientific.

I know and I think it is a good thing because psychology does meet the definition of pseudoscience under my framework. I do not grant an appeal to popularity aka a cultural norm exception like DSM 5 does on page 14.

I agree, and the science communication from the psychiatry academy is not good, which is very awkward because they claim to be the “mind experts”.

I don’t need to do magic; I am magic.


Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying. I kinda dredged up my old nerd self on this one but the first bits are actually useful.

My style is usually to let people feel like they have at least some control. It tends to give people a sense of comfort believing they have agency in their life. Brutal oppression tends to make equally brutal rebels, I think, assuming you don’t just kill them all, which is probably counter-productive if you need them for something. Give someone a square off the chocolate bar and they may be quite satisfied with that while you get to keep the rest. They may even fight to defend their chocolate provider.

It sounds like you may have been concerned about how to specifically apply baneful magick, given that you are confident in the effectiveness of your curses. Not every ritual needs to be a death curse. You do not break a butterfly on the wheel. If all you need is a strategic moment of weakness so that you can accomplish some goal, then you can ask for that. I think that one aspect of becoming a skilled occultist and dark magician is learning how to control and limit your curses.

Perhaps curses aren’t what you lack, but influence magick. Influence is perhaps the most useful thing magick has taught me. I knew a thing or two before, but magick opened my eyes to levels I couldn’t have possibly imagined before. If you understand how emotions influence human behavior, and are able to accurately and reliably sense emotions in yourself and others, and are able to execute the behaviors you need to exhibit to cause the appropriate emotional states to arise in others, then there yah go.

If it is indeed true that you derive the most pleasure from the manipulation of reality according to your design, then may I again suggest influence magick.

I am also not exactly the biggest fan of the psychiatric institution. The worst of them are frauds who think that a biology degree and a graduate education immersed in the paradigm of biomedicine somehow grants you an understanding of the mind and human behavior. No, I am not impressed by your few years of psychologically uncomprehensive residency. You can fix up my body, but I’m keeping you the hell away from my mind. Their reductionist materialism doesn’t even align with modern psychological findings by radical materialist scientists. Recent studies have made it clear that the mind influences the body, and the body influences the mind. Hell, your gut bacteria influences your mind, and placebo drugs are effective. If you really want to claim that all mental activity is directly 1:1 correlated and caused by underlying neural activity and that a sufficient understanding of neuroscience would allow us to observe a brain alone and tell exactly what is going on inside a mind, then you (not you the hypothetical reductionist materialist) best get to proving that cause right now there is no empirical evidence to defend this position. Sure, you can Occam’s Razor all you want, but if evidence arises that demands an expanded theory then you have to expand the theory. Try and shave first, but sometimes knowledge expands beyond previous boundaries. I don’t think Einstein was a fraud, and he certainly caused some theory expansion.

If I’m understanding you correctly, I also believe that labelling certain personality characteristics and patterns of behavior that do not conform with widely accepted cultural social norms as disordered and in need of correction to be problematic. The criteria that something have a significantly negative impact on one’s ability to function socially and professionally in society or have a significantly negative effect on one’s mental well-being as the benchmark for determining mental disorder (mental illness is not the term psychologists use these days because the mind does not catch diseases, it becomes disordered) are, I believe, reasonable enough, so long as you don’t impose too much of your own values onto people who function and enjoy good mental health just fine with different lifestyles than do the majority.

Society is plagued by ignorance when it comes to psychological topics. I can’t claim to know what psychology education is like for most universities, but it doesn’t seem great. I don’t say this as an ego thing, but I attended one of the best universities in the world with one of the best psychology departments. I think my education was pretty good, but this knowledge has yet to even trickle down to the state schools, let alone elementary or high school education and so the wider public. Reasons for this are many and varied, from funding to ignorant, stubborn egomaniacs who can’t handle the idea that an academic discipline with a women majority can provide knowledge, both general theories and useful knowledge that can be applied within other disciplines. Yeah, your teaching is dogshit. Let us show you how it’s fucking done. I wouldn’t need to be so aggressive if you weren’t so close-minded.

It is good that you recognize that you are magick.

It’s cool that you have some hypothetical constructs or whatever it is that philosophers call their version of that (the definition of science is a philosophical question, not a scientific one - I get plenty of flak from the STEMlords too philosophers don’t you worry (it’s a good thing that historically flak was laughably ineffective)). The thing with having philosophical arguments though is that you can’t expect anyone with some shred of philosophical training to take you seriously or even read your stuff if you keep your ideas inside a bunker and away from scrutiny. If your arguments are false or not valid, then they’re false or not valid, that is what it is.

Fuck it let’s just do it. Your definition of “universe” seems to exclude all metaphysical objects without a physical existence. So what about mental objects, or spiritual objects like spirits? Does your definition of “universe” intentionally include an implied strict materialism? If you start talking about set theory then I’ll start having cannabis-infused discussion flashbacks from college. Your definition of “science” excludes the study of all phenomena that occur in variable but statistically significant, reliably observed patterns. So by your definition of science, pretty much all of physics is not science (nor is psychology), especially when you consider quantum phenomena, which to my exceptionally limited understanding all exist as probability states that are reactive to human observation, to be the “lowest level” that underlies everything else in physical existence, including supposedly rock-solid “laws.” My college girlfriend was a physics major, and I remember “quantum weirdness” being an actual term that physicists use (and not just crackpot theoretical types), so there’s that, but presumably this is a thing that can be reliably observed over and over again under controlled conditions, so it’s like empirical and stuff. Maybe I’m partially doing this because she didn’t respect my work either. The rest of me just likes writing and I’m kind of in a life transition period, getting transported and whatnot. I probably should be writing my Loagaeth lines.

I could go on, but if you really want to argue on the internet, please address what I just said. You can use the quotes things if that helps you keep track of what’s going on. That’s a good learning principle. There’s no reason to introduce arbitrary difficulty that doesn’t facilitate the learning you are attempting. Bad teachers seem to just LOVE introducing arbitrary difficulty for no fucking reason, and my god is it annoying.

I’m all for people learning to be better intellectuals, but there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel. You aren’t exactly the first person to propose a philosophy of science, or religion. Be innovative, sure, and that means making something new, not trying to develop things that have already been done and thoroughly scrutinized and tested by other people. But then you have to accept the profundity of your own ignorance, and that you will be wrong a lot. Some people can’t handle that and so double-down ultra hard on their ideas over and over again and completely resist any change. At this point I just laugh at my old ignorant self and am comfortable with jokingly calling myself stupid cause I enjoy learning and realize that mistakes are inevitable and what make it interesting. It’s just the shitheads who insult you and demand immediate absolute perfection who ruin the fun.

Just to be clear, I don’t mean to attack you personally or anything like that. I sometimes miss talking philosophy is all. Not that I really know much of anything about philosophy. I mostly just listened and chimed in when I had something to say.

It isn’t like I don’t know enough curses, they are just not instrumental beyond the state they are currently in.

Correct, I am lacking influence magic.

Here is the major issue. I can not reliably sense emotions in myself or others. There is not enough untainted information on how emotions influence human behavior to compensate for it. In MBTI terms this is called Fe Trickster. I been working on solving this problem my whole life, but is just exploited as my weakness to abuse, so I usually gray rock to prevent the access and identification of the weakness.

Philosophy is just another word for religion in my framework. Stefan Molyneux is a crytocurrency millionaire from his philosophy show but clearly hasn’t mastered basic logic from reading his books. I don’t have a good reason to be worried about what philosophers say in that specific case.

Of course, my model doesn’t use metaphysical or supernatural because there is no point in talking about objects that have no interactions. Objects that have interactions are physical. You have to explicitly specify the context the object is relevant.

Patterns in the body that can be holographically projected as mental objects.

Extended objects linking agents together, aka egregore.

It is strict monism, not necessarily materialism. I have not figured out the difference between idealism and physicalism though.

For physics it isn’t an issue at all because the statistical distribution is static over a given set and either converges to a specific value or diverges. In the right context it isn’t an issue.

There is a point in re-inventing the wheel. Sometimes it is the best way to learn about the inner workings of the wheel.

I didn’t have a firm base and I don’t have the money to pay to be spoon fed by the best, so I have to make do.

I want to be wronger faster so I can make more progress in less time. I would have a wumbo data set of things to not do.

I won’t be one of those people unless it pays more.

Perfection is a spook.

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If you want my opinion on emotions, they’re in this ritual. I didn’t really come up with this. Some of it is based on others’ previous work and some of it I received. It helps with influence magick. I know some books with good influence magick as well if you are interested.

So you mean like the average or something? I mean I kinda get what you’re saying but that’s still variable. The whole point of statistics (kinda) is finding consistency in variance. It kinda sounds like you’re saying that more or less but your attitude is very off-putting. Maybe I sound like that sometimes. I’m not trying to prove that I’m smarter than you or something, just convey information and have a conversation. I get that it can be frustrating if you can’t have these sorts of conversations with the people around you right now, but not everyone isn’t an academic-type. I’m not anymore, but I used to be.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to use a political extremist as your prototypical philosopher, considering that he’s not a philosopher. That’s like saying you don’t respect biologists because a restauranteur with a business degree has some loud, ignorant opinions about evolution. They have nothing to do with each other. That’s not even apples and oranges, that’s apples and sawdust. Good for him for making some crypto bucks I guess though.

I don’t really know much about all the physicalism, idealism, whatever the psycho one is or whatever, but metaphysical objects do interact with each other if I’m remembering something correctly. I mean technically doesn’t “metaphysical” really mean like “what exists” or something like that in this context, so also physical stuff? Either way, emotions aren’t really physical, but I’d say they interact with things, like brain chemistry.

I don’t know what that means.

Yeah sure but presumably that means you studied the actual wheel. I mean calculus was developed independently by two different people, but they later converged. I think some people just like to use “their version” or “their words” because it makes them feel like they did something special. It’s like, this is how we all understand this, and we’re all trying to figure stuff out, why do you gotta insist on being different just to attract attention? No, the entire community isn’t going to suddenly drop all tradition and rally around you cause you arbitrarily changed some low-hanging, irrelevant fruit. Wow, I should be writing my lines.

If you are at a point where you can still attend a university, there are many scholarships available. Maybe do some money magick. Otherwise there is a growing collection of online resources produced by top university professors on pretty much every subject, from philosophy to business to programming to art, at very affordable prices. If everyone tried to do everything from 0, we’d be getting absolutely nowhere. I am more than happy to build off of other people’s contributions. That means I get to benefit from their dope shit.

You don’t have to sell-out to cash-in.

Yeah I can vibe with that.

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The problem is that the prototypical philosopher is also a political extremist so barely anyone can tell the difference between a philosopher and an extremist. It is actually more consistent for me to say they are the same thing than to distinguish them. After that, it is about preference.

I really can’t discuss metaphysics until someone defines it. The so called philosophers at Stanford hasn’t figured out what definition they are going to go with. Metaphysics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Even if you say metaphysics is anything related to first causes and universals, it can’t possibly be discussed until indetermism is disproved.

Mental objects are physical objects viewed in a certain way., like Software is bit patterns in secondary storage.

It doesn’t take the entire community, only a critical mass.

I can still attend university, but I want to use the scholarships to fill up my current scholastic debt hole before buying more college credits, if that makes sense.

That is true. You don’t get college credits that way, but I don’t value college credits because it is really hard to trade them for things.

I agree.

Maybe, but I won’t believe until I see the money.

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Visualise everyone you have ever respected in the past and visualise telling them to fuck off, in the most deranged and aggressive manner. This is to break your internal reaction to any authority figure, and later, break your mind’s conditioned reaction to authority at all.

It harnesses habit force so that certain input begins to create a different habitual reaction. No metaphysics needed.

At some point, this will happen:

… and the inner “Fuck off” will be so strong it loses its power.

If you want demonic aid:


You can use someone’s shadow to make them
Very angry and get super depressed as well , keep uses things buried in their subconious against them that bother them , someone more spiritually evolved is less prone to this but this individual does not seem to fit that

Yeah I don’t think college is worthless, but there is a lot of crap they make you do and if you don’t need to show the paper to someone else for a job or something then honestly you can learn pretty much anything online nowadays for hilariously less cost, and not even some lame half-assed version but the good shit. It’s a good way to meet people though and some careers you can really only access with university education. The core of my business education I did online, fun fact, and art school is really only good cause they force you to do what’s good for you (I learn from art professors, just not in school). I know people who barely made it through high school who learned web dev online and make $70k+ per year, with benefits.

Well it turns out that philosophy is complicated. People have been working on this for thousands of years at this point. That article you linked looks like a very broad overview of what people are up to right now and what questions they are trying to answer. Do you really think all the people who spent 4 years in undergrad and then like 6 or so in grad school (not to mention the post-doc) studying philosophy and then practicing philosophy as a professor, one of the most absurdly competitive jobs with very few new openings every year, who get paid to try and destroy (and create) logical arguments are all morons who should really read everything you’ve ever written? I’m not trying to be a jerk, that’s just the vibe I’m getting from you.

Saying that every philosopher is a political extremist is just not true. Granted, the humanities departments do seem to often be filled with very left-wing people, like about as far left as you can go (it’s the humanities department, not economics, clearly), but I don’t think you can say that philosophers are all political fanatics and that all they do is spew political rhetoric. Maybe the political philosophers and the undergrads when they get baked though so you got me there.

I don’t know if there’s much point to this, but I was not aware that indeterminism had captured the metaphysics world with such an iron grip, to the extent that all other arguments quiver in its presence.

This is an interesting discussion. It sounds like you are a reductionist, who perhaps believes that all mental phenomena can be directly reduced down to physical things like neurons, and that all mental experience is basically illusory and just some strange by-product of the brain doing biology stuff, but any sense of free will or agency is not actually true. I don’t personally agree but it’s an interesting discussion.

Well that’s about all I can really contribute when it comes to modern analytical philosophy. When you publish your papers and books and get all the philosophers to realize they’ve been wasting their time and should throw everything else away and burn their books and digital academic journals and start from scratch with your stuff then I’ll probably hear about it, given the magnitude of such an event. I suggest that you start a cult. It’s more fun to be in the cult, but more profitable to run it, I hear. Easy way to get worshippers too. A bit too much attention for me personally, but yah gotta love a good cult. Now personally, I would’ve had a dual-membership with the Dionysus and Jupiter cults, cause Sunday morning drunken orgies are much better with top-shelf wine and the finest linens.

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Yeah I know. For example the whole BALG catalog of courses (not factoring books that also have courses as an option) is only 5986.90 USD.

I listened to the The Will To Power Hour, which is a podcast that goes over philosophers, It seems to mostly same shit different century.

Nothing I wrote is worth reading. It is all past its chef life including this. Barely anything they wrote is worth reading either.

Metaphysics doesn’t even have a world to operate in. If it did, it would be physics.

I would go further than reductionist and say I am an eliminativeist but I would say the bran networks can’t explain all of the behavior and say we would have to factor in the agent networks too.

Until I have a financing plan I can implement, I am not going to bother. They can just keep wasting time, and the ones that get state funding can keep spending my tax dollars. I strongly don’t recommend throwing stuff away… It is way more efficient to fence off the stuff that we know is wrong so we can pattern match it later.

Cult about what? If you look at my BALG Blog, it is all over the map.

I been grinding on the edge of burnout for so many months I haven’t bothered to touch alcohol. It is probably not a good way to go about things, but it is stable. It is better to pay a shrink to tell me to go on vacation using the money and paid time off I don’t have to do it.

Sounds like you are being targeted by the War on Consciousness, probably because you are Awakening.

I have been diagnosed with this too, since Birth, not fun. You are probably doing exactly what you need to be doing or you wouldn’t be having this conversion.

What traits are being diminished in you, what exactly is being targeted in your personality and what are the specifics to the gaslighting? This is relevant information as it may actually hold clues for your release.

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What is being targeted is my analytics (called autism) and my habit to double check (called paranoia). The gaslighting is pretty much all criticisms of tone due to my reactions to untested hypotheses and or blatant lies.

You are the same as me then. I am very thorough in my approach to.learning Magicks, as I like to be able to accurately describe what it is that is happening, not only for myself, but for the sake of relaying that information to others. It is a more Scientific approach to Magicks than most are use to, so don’t feel bad or anything, you aren’t Autistic, you just require a greater depth of understanding than others.

The one key point I would address out of what you said is the “Paranoia” component. Is this something that is being told to you, or is it an internal thought, or maybe even feeling in your body itself?

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Autistic is just a label. It is a dumb label because it isn’t consistent or specific, but it is still a label.

It is being told to me. It begs the following question. Assuming I am paranoid, what can I do as a paranoid person to provide the most value? I can’t get a straight answer. I get told low level tips to reduce stress I already mastered because I work under higher stress then they do. They also don’t have knowledge to drill me either to make sure I can use the techniques properly.

For anyone to be able to access the stress of another becomes difficult, as it is all relative to interpretation. This becomes especially true over the internet, as I have no way of assessing your stress right now, as it seems as though you are very level headed and have a grasp on concept.

Stress in most cases, to give you a more “true” clinical definition that also applies to maicks, is internal turbulence, or an actual, physical disruption that actually effects your ability to think or control your body, which are intertwined.

My best suggestion, is ignore the mental assaults completely, and take it pure physical. Go for some jogs or take cold showers, learn to root your logical self into your body. Another great method is most recently referred to as “Wim Hof” breathing, but it has many other names. It is effectively Blood Doping using only your own body and force of will. Open your jaw, tilt your head back slightly and breath in real deep, as deep as you can, letting go of tension from your jaw and neck as you do that, then tilt back up as you do. This creates a “flow state” where you are getting use to relaxing your body at the same time as learning to take full command of your breathing. Do this, over and over, every time you exhale, immediately inhale again. Trust me, you will gain a new level of both physical and mental comfort as you practice this, to a point where psychic assaults become trivial.

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